Constituency Questions No 269
59 Parliament First Session
Asked: 15 August 2019


MR DAVIS — To ask the Minister for Roads (for the Minister for Transport Infrastructure): 

I will be very quick. My constituency question today is for the Minister for Transport Infrastructure, and it concerns the commitment of the Andrews Labor government to the $56 million high-capacity signalling trial on the Sandringham line. Now, that has been cancelled by the government. Four years ago the Sandringham line was chosen as the trial for this modern signalling, and there was a lot of fanfare and trumpeting by the government at the time. But it has abandoned the Sandringham line, and the state budget papers make it clear that the government has sneakily abandoned this project and poured the money into the Metro Tunnel, which as we know is already significantly behind time and over budget. So my question to the minister is: does the minister have any plans to restore the high-capacity signalling torn from the Sandringham line? And I say this because this is an important future-leading step and the government has taken the money and put it into the Metro project.

Answered: 27 August 2019

Ms ALLAN (Bendigo East—Leader of the House, Minister for Transport Infrastructure):

The decision to undertake the High Capacity Signalling Trial as part of the Metro Tunnel project was announced by the Andrews Labor Government in 2017 and widely reported.

The Metro Tunnel will create room for 72,000 more passengers every week on the Sandringham line during peak periods which is a 48 per cent peak capacity increase.

The announcement made by the Liberal Opposition in the lead up to the last election that they would renegotiate the Metro Tunnel project would have delayed the project and the benefits to the Sandringham line by up to two years.