Questions on Notice

Questions on Notice

Questions on Notice are written requests for information, asked by Members to Ministers.

Standing Orders 8.09–8.13 govern the procedure for asking and answering Questions on Notice.

Questions submitted by Members are published at the back of the online Notice Paper each sitting day. All answers to questions are published in the Questions Database.

Answers to questions on notice are due within 30 days of the question being published. 

A list of Council portfolios and portfolios represented by Council Ministers can be found here

Tracking the status of Questions and Answers

This spreadsheet lists all questions on notice asked in the Council. It also indicates whether a response has been tabled (and the date it was tabled). This is published after each sitting day.

Tracking Questions on Notice xlsxQuestions_on_Notice.xlsx5.67 MB


An Unanswered Questions on Notice booklet is also produced and published, listing the full text of all questions remaining unanswered at the end of each sitting week.

The Council is again using the Questions and Responses Database for Questions on Notice (see details below).

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Guidelines and Templates

These links provide some guidelines for Departments and Agencies for answers to questions on notice and a template for responses.

Guidelines  pdfAnswers to Questions on Notice - Guidelines for Departments and Agencies99.39 KB
Answer Template docxLC_Response_to_Question_on_Notice.docx21.39 KB


Questions on Notice Database

For the Council, the database is currently up to date as at:

17 March 2021 for Questions on notice asked.

17 March 2021 for Answers to Questions on notice.

Search the database of questions and answers

Please note that the Legislative Council did not input any data into the Questions on Notice database between 22 March 2016 and the end of the 58th Parliament (20 September 2018). For information about Questions and Answers from the 58th Parliament, please see the archived spreadsheet below.

Archived Questions on Notice

Questions on notice asked and responses provided for the 58th Parliament can be accessed below.

58th Parliament

Questions on Notice 

xlsQuestions_on_Notice_-_58th_Parliament.xls5.32 MB