New Parliamentary Papers Database

Searchable pdfs of all Victorian parliamentary papers are now available online. This is the first time that the 10,000+ documents are together online.

Documents back to 1851 are included.

The database will be useful for historical research, for following recent developments and for everything in between. For example:

Report of the Royal Mining Commission appointed to enquire into the condition and prospects of the gold fields of Victoria (1863)

Report upon an investigation into the desirability of the compulsory fitting and the compulsory wearing of seat belts by the Joint Select Committee on Road Safety (1969)

Royal Commission into Victoria's Bushfires (2010)

What is a parliamentary paper?

Some of the reports presented to (tabled in) Parliament are called parliamentary papers.

The Parliament orders these reports to be printed. This does not mean that Parliament organised the physical printing of the reports. It means that Parliament is the authority for their publication.

That authority gives the reports legal protection (absolute privilege). This means that the authors cannot be sued over the contents.

What reports are included?

This database includes all parliamentary papers presented to the Parliament of Victoria. Many parliamentary papers are about the workings of the executive government. They are very useful sources because they are readily accessible, provide a solid overview of their subjects and contain valuable pointers for further research.

Today parliamentary papers are those reports that might need legal protection or reports by organisations with a special relationship with the parliament.

Common parliamentary papers are:

  • parliamentary committee reports
  • Ombudsman’s reports
  • Auditor General’s reports
  • royal commissions.


However, in the past, any report considered to be important was made a parliamentary paper. For example annual reports of departments and agencies, and budget papers containing details about receipts and expenditure

The database therefore includes a wide range of reports presented to Parliament.

Use the parliamentary papers database.