Getting Involved

A central part of the committee inquiry process is gathering evidence from stakeholders – individuals and organisations – with information and particular knowledge about the matter being considered by the committee.

Evidence can be given in writing (a submission), and sometimes the committee will invite people to appear as witnesses to give verbal evidence at a public hearing. All non-confidential submissions are made public by the committee unless confidentiality is requested and granted by the committee. Similarly, all evidence received at a public hearing is heard in public unless the committee decides to hold a confidential session (ie in camera session).

Whether you are an expert in a relevant field, part of an interested organisation or simply an interested individual, there are a number of ways to get involved in committee activities:

  • Make a submission to a Committee
  • Give evidence at a public hearing
  • Attend a hearing as a member of the public
  • Write to the committee
  • Read a committee report

You can get details of submissions, public hearings and reports on each committee's page.

There is also information on how to prepare a written submission to a committee, how to prepare to give verbal evidence at a public hearing, and how to contact committees in this section.

To see how a typical committee hearing is set up, take an online stroll through a virtual tour of a committee room.

Virtual Tour - Committee Room

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