Tabled Documents

Access the tabled documents database.

Many documents are formally presented to Parliament. Presenting a document to Parliament is called ‘tabling’ and is a method of ensuring information is available to members of Parliament and the public.

Tabled documents include:

  • annual reports of public organisations
  • parliamentary committee reports
  • reports by independent officers of the parliament, like the Ombudsman
  • petitions
  • regulations and official notices

Documents are tabled every sitting day as part of formal business, at the start of the day's proceedings.

Use the tabled documents database to search for reports tabled from 2012 onwards.

For more information on tabled documents see Fact Sheet F1: Documents tabled in the Assembly.

Parliamentary papers

Some documents which are tabled are also ‘ordered to be published' as parliamentary papers. When a report becomes a parliamentary paper it attracts absolute privilege. This means that no legal action can be taken in relation to the contents of the report.

It does not mean that Parliament organised the physical printing or publishing of the report but that Parliament is the authority for its publication.

For the most recent parliamentary papers use the tabled documents database.

Use the parliamentary papers database to search for older parliamentary papers — it goes back to 1851. 

Parliamentary papers list

The parliamentary papers list lists all parliamentary papers tabled during the 58th Parliament. It is updated after each sitting week. The date tabled refers to tabling in the Legislative Assembly, unless otherwise indicated.

Recent parliamentary papers, including reports by the Ombudsman and Victorian Auditor-General, are available on our tabled documents database. Older parliamentary papers are available through the parliamentary papers database.

Download the parliamentary papers list for the 58th Parliament

Download the parliamentary papers list for the 57th Parliament

Download the parliamentary papers list for the 56th Parliament