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58th Parliament



23 December 2014

Question Nos 1 to 7

10 February 2015

Question Nos 8 to 30

24 February 2015

Question Nos 31 to 60

Question Nos 61 to 65

25 February 2015

Question Nos 66 to 81

26 February 2015

Question Nos 82 to 92

17 March 2015

Question Nos 93 to 102

18 March 2015

Question Nos 103 to 112

19 March 2015

Question Nos 113 to 126

14 April 2015

Question Nos 127 to 142

15 April 2015

Question Nos 143 to 155

16 April 2015

Question Nos 156 to 166

5 May 2015

Question Nos 167 to 178

6 May 2015

Question Nos 179 to 188

7 May 2015

Question Nos 189 to 201

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Guides for departments

This page includes guides for government department and agency staff. 


Second reading speeches and statements of compatibility — delivering to Parliamentpdf

When a minister moves that a bill be read a second time, the minister must have copies of the second reading speech and the statement of compatibility ready to circulate in the Chamber. This document explains how to deliver a second reading speech to Parliament and answers several frequently asked questions about the process.


See our tabling guides for departments page for infomation about tabling documents in Parliament — providing copies, tabling by leave, correcting errors etc.

Contact Details

Legislative Assembly Procedure Office 
Parliament House
Spring Street
East Melbourne Vic 3002
Ph: 03 9651 8563

Legislative Council Chamber Support Office
Parliament House
Spring Street
East Melbourne Vic 3002
Ph: 03 9651 8678

If you have any other suggestions for new guides, let us know.

Legislative Assembly Statistics 2017

Assembly Statistics 2017


12-14 December 2017 pdfPDF225.99 KB docxDOCX37.99 KB
28-30 November 2017 pdfPDF212.34 KB docxDOCX38.18 KB
14-16 November 2017 pdfPDF227.69 KB docxDOCX38.34 KB
31 October-2 November 2017 pdfPDF227.03 KB docxDOCX38.03 KB
17-19 October 2017 pdfPDF226.13 KB docxDOCX37.74 KB
19-21 September 2017 pdfPDF213.03 KB docxDOCX38.35 KB
5-7 September 2017 pdfPDF226.54 KB docxDOCX38.64 KB
22-24 August 2017 pdfPDF211.91 KB docxDOCX38.50 KB
8-10 August 2017 pdfPDF212.67 KB docxDOCX38.46 KB
20-22 June 2017 pdfPDF226.91 KB docxDOCX38.96 KB
6-8 June 2017 pdfPDF212.94 KB docxDOCX38.77 KB
24-25 May 2017 pdfPDF212.53 KB docxDOCX38.33 KB
9-11 May 2017 pdfPDF212.64 KB docxDOCX38.28 KB
2 May 2017 pdfPDF210.71 KB docxDOCX38.3 KB
21-23 March 2017 pdfPDF212.51 KB docxDOCX38.13 KB
7-9 March 2017 pdfPDF212.61 KB docxDOCX37.95 KB
21-23 February 2017 pdfPDF211.89 KB docxDOCX37.92 KB
 7-9 February 2017 pdfPDF212.55 KB docxDOCX37.79 KB


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Tabling guides for departments

Tabling guides for departments

This page includes guides for government department and agency staff on tabling documents in Parliament.

Members of the public may not table documents. However, members of the public can contact their local member if they would like a petition tabled in Parliament. For information on petitions, visit the Assembly petitions page and the Council petitions page.

2021 update

We have updated our Guide to tabling. Many of these ongoing ‘changes’ will be familiar as they are processes we set up in response to the COVID-19 restrictions. In particular:

Tabling letter
We will continue to accept tabling letters by email.
You can now send us one letter, addressed to both clerks. See sample in the updated Guide to tabling.
Email to tabling@parliament.vic.gov.au.

Pdf copy
We require a pdf copy of your document.
Email to tabling@parliament.vic.gov.au.

Hard copies
We will only require hard copies of your document if it:
• has more than 250 pages — we need 2 hard copies
• is a parliamentary paper produced by certain bodies (Auditor-General, Ombudsman, royal commission etc — see full list in the updated Guide to tabling) — we need 25 hard copies
• was ordered to be tabled by either House (production of documents) — we need 1 hard copy
Temporary COVID-19 arrangements: If you are unable to comply with these hard copy requirements due to COVID-19 restrictions, contact us to make other arrangements.

Guide to tablingpdf

Use this guide for an overview of tabling including what you need to provide to parliament to table a document — letters, copies etc.

Tabling by leavepdf  

If there is no Act requiring a document to be tabled, the document can still be tabled by leave. Use this guide for an explanation of ‘leave’ and the procedure for tabling by leave. 

Parliamentary paperspdf

Parliamentary papers are protected from legal action. Use this guide for an explanation of parliamentary privilege, a list of documents automatically accepted as parliamentary papers and how other documents can get parliamentary paper status. It also includes the text that must be printed in a parliamentary paper and the printing requirements.

Government responses to parliamentary committee reportspdf - updated guide June 2021

When a parliamentary committee report makes recommendations to the Government, a minister must table a government response addressing those recommendations. This guide sets out how to table the government response in Parliament. What you need to do depends on what type of committee it is.

Tabling when Parliament is not sittingpdf

Some documents can be tabled on a non-sitting day. Use this guide to help you work out if your document can be tabled on a non-sitting day and the procedure for tabling on a non-sitting day.

Errors in tabled documentspdf

Use this guide if you need to correct an error in a document after your minister/agency has tabled the document in Parliament. The guide sets out who to contact initially, the types of errors, and the process for correcting an error.

Lodging under the Interpretation of Legislation Act 1994pdf

Use this guide if you need to ‘lodge’ a document with the Clerk of the Parliaments under section 32(3) of the Interpretation of Legislation Act 1984.

Contact Details

Legislative Assembly Procedure Office 
Parliament House
Spring Street
East Melbourne Vic 3002
Ph: 03 9651 8563

Legislative Council Chamber Support Office
Parliament House
Spring Street
East Melbourne Vic 3002
Ph: 03 9651 8678

  *Send PDF copies of reports or documents to tabling@parliament.vic.gov.au



Legislative Assembly Statistics 2018

Assembly Statistics 2018


59th Parliament    
19 December 2018 pdfPDF489.36 KB docxDOCX39 KB
58th Parliament    
18-20 September 2018 pdfPDF229.33 KB docxDOCX39.06 KB
4-6 September 2018 pdfPDF231.13 KB docxDOCX39.15 KB
21-23 August 2018 pdfPDF230.88 KB docxDOCX39.27 KB
7-9 August 2018 pdfPDF230.21 KB docxDOCX39.05 KB
24-26 July 2018 pdfPDF230.96 KB docxDOCX39.14 KB
19-21 June 2018 pdfPDF231.81 KB docxDOCX39.14 KB
5-7 June 2018 pdfPDF229.79 KB docxDOCX38.78 KB
22-24 May 2018 pdfPDF229.27 KB docxDOCX39.01 KB
8-10 May 2018 pdfPDF227.99 KB docxDOCX38.49 KB
1 May 2018 pdfPDF226.60 KB docxDOCX38.42 KB
27-29 March 2018 pdfPDF212.06 KB docxDOCX38.24 KB
6-8 March 2018 pdfPDF212.03 KB docxDOCX38.09 KB
20-22 February 2018 pdfPDF211.73 KB docxDOCX38.14 KB
6-8 February 2018 pdfPDF211.66 KB docxDOCX37.96 KB


Breakdown of business pdfPDF126.08 KB 

Statitical analysis pdfPDF160.57 KB

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