Questions on Notice No 5926
59 Parliament First Session
Asked: 6 May 2021

Question on Notice

Ms Sandell to ask the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change — A scientific paper from 2020 written by government scientists and Melbourne University academics flags Errinundra and the Cottonwood as one of the two only significant refuges in East Gippsland for the threatened Greater Glider under the current 1.4 degree rise in temperatures due to climate change. The species is known to be in serious decline, with logging and wildfire having severe consequences for this species nationally.

(1) What is the progress of the Government's Major Event Review.

(2) Why is logging continuing where Greater Gliders and other threatened species are found before the review is complete.

(3) What is the progress of the threatened species risk assessments that are required under Victoria’s most recent regional forest agreement.

(4) When will interim protections for all listed threatened species, required under the regional forest agreement, be put in place.

Answered: 18 June 2021


The Victorian and Commonwealth Governments agreed to undertake a Major Event Review of the Victorian Regional Forest Agreements (RFA) following the 2019-20 bushfires. The Scoping Agreement for the Review was signed by the Victorian and Commonwealth Governments in September 2020 and the independent Panel was constituted in March 2021.


While the Major Event Review is underway, timber harvesting can continue consistent with Victorian Government policy and relevant regulatory instruments.  

The risk assessment to determine any additional interim protections or priority management actions for listed species or communities in Victoria’s RFA regions is now complete.  

Measures for prioritised species and communities are being implemented through a range of planned or current programs and regulatory arrangements.




Hon Lily D’Ambrosio MP

Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change

Minister for Solar Homes