Questions on Notice No 6719
59 Parliament First Session
Asked: 4 August 2022

Question on Notice

Ms McLeish to ask the Minister for Environment and Climate Action — With reference to the Camping on licensed Crown river frontages program and to the Minister's previous response to Question on Notice 6494 of 18 May 2022, which omitted properties on the Yarra River which were being assessed at the time:

(1) Which rivers are currently being assessed for suitability in this program.

(2) Which additional rivers are planned to be assessed in coming months.

(3) Is the recruitment of at least 16 assessment officers complete.

Answered: 7 September 2022

The Camping on Crown Water Frontage program is delivering a 2018 Victorian Government election commitment to guarantee access to fishing and camping on Crown land that has grazing licences and water frontage. The regulations to implement the program were developed following an extensive consultation process.


The assessment program is considering every licensed Crown water frontages in Victoria. All potential campsites are subject to a thorough and consistent assessment process.


The program to assess and designate suitable areas is being delivered through existing Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning staff supported by a dedicated team recruited to identify, assess and prepare sites for opening. 





Hon Lily D’Ambrosio MP

Minister for Energy

Minister for Environment and Climate Action

Minister for Solar Homes