Questions on Notice No 6710
59 Parliament First Session
Asked: 4 August 2022

Question on Notice

Mr Bull (Gippsland East) to ask the Minister for Education — Reticulated water is not available on-site at the Tambo Upper Primary School, which has on-site tanks for supply of running water for drinking and washing in addition to providing flushing water to toilet facilities. This year, planned and unplanned power outages have meant the water cannot be pumped from the tanks, which causes health concerns and the school is forced to close until power is restored. Parents and carers of students are concerned about the educational disruption that occurs and seek solutions to secure an uninterrupted learning environment for those attending.

Is the Department of Education and Training investigating ways to provide reliable power (e.g. solar or generator) to Tambo Upper Primary School to ensure year-round running water is available.

No answer available