Questions on Notice No 6707
59 Parliament First Session
Asked: 23 June 2022

Question on Notice

Dr Read to ask the Minister for Health — In relation to the media release dated 12 May and titled Public IVF To Make Starting A Family Easier For Victorians and the Government investment of $70 million to establish public fertility care services:

(1) Where will these services be located.

(2) Which hospitals will deliver these services.

(3) Who will be eligible for access to these services.

(4) How will the public sperm and egg bank work.

(5) When will these services become available.

(6) Where can Victorians go to find out more information about these services.

Answered: 26 July 2022

Public IVF and related fertility care services will be available to eligible Victorians by the end of 2022. Services will be progressively offered depending on provider readiness. I look forward to announcing providers and locations of services and details of eligibility criteria and the public sperm and egg bank in the coming months.




The Hon. Mary-Anne Thomas MP 

Minister for Health 

Minister for Ambulance Services


Date: 25 / 07 / 2022