Questions on Notice No 6706
59 Parliament First Session
Asked: 23 June 2022

Question on Notice

Ms McLeish to ask the Minister for Environment and Climate Action — How many prosecutions have resulted from referrals to the Office of the Conservation Regulator with regard to timber harvesting activities.

Footnote: Question redirected due to ministerial portfolio changes
Answered: 29 August 2022

Prosecutions are one of a variety of tools the Conservation Regulator uses to regulate commercial timber harvesting in Victoria, which include findings of non-compliance, formal verbal and written warnings and enforceable undertakings. These tools are considered consistent with the Conservation Regulator’s Compliance and Enforcement Policy.


Since its establishment in 2019, the Conservation Regulator has not commenced a prosecution as a result of a referral to it in regard to allegations of a breach of Victoria’s commercial timber harvesting laws.


On 1 March 2022, changes to the Sustainable Forests (Timber) Act 2004 brought clearer, more enforceable rules for commercial timber harvesting and increased powers for the Conservation Regulator to detect and investigate allegations of non-compliance.





Hon Lily D’Ambrosio MP

Minister for Energy

Minister for Environment and Climate Action

Minister for Solar Homes