Questions on Notice No 6704
59 Parliament First Session
Asked: 23 June 2022

Question on Notice

Mr Hibbins to ask the Minister for Education — Regarding the audit of the Xin Jin Shan Chinese Language and Culture School:

(1) What actions has the Department of Education undertaken to ensure that the school is maintaining adequate governance policies, procedures and practices.

(2) Was an in-depth review of the school’s fee collection practices undertaken.

(3) What steps have been taken to ensure the integrity of the Community Language Schools Funding Program.

Answered: 15 August 2022

I am informed as follows:


Xin Jin Shan Chinese Language and Cultural School Inc (Xin Jin) is a registered campus of the Australian Federation of Ethnic Schools Association Inc. (AFESA) trading as Community Languages Australia. AFESA is registered with the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) as a registered training organisation (RTO) and a non-school senior secondary or foundation secondary provider (non-school provider).

The VRQA is responsible under the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 for the registration and regulation of non-school providers and RTOs that deliver training to domestic students in Victoria only or Victoria and Western Australia. The VRQA is also responsible for the registration and regulation of non-school providers.

RTOs are registered for a period of up to five years and must comply with the RTO Standards. This includes requirements relating to governance and providing information to students about a provider’s fees, payment terms and collection of prepaid fees.  

Non-school providers are also registered for a period of up to five years and must comply with the minimum standards to provide an accredited senior secondary or foundation secondary course. The minimum standards include a requirement that a provider’s governance and management are structured to enable it to effectively manage its finances. 


The VRQA can investigate complaints about a provider’s compliance with the relevant standards. Any concerns about AFESA’s compliance with the RTO standards or minimum standards should be raised with the VRQA.


AFESA underwent a non-school provider reregistration audit in 2018 and was found to meet the minimum standards audited, including in relation to governance.


AFESA underwent an RTO re-registration audit in 2019, including a financial capability assessment. Following rectification, the RTO was found to have met the relevant RTO Standards.


The Hon. Natalie Hutchins MP 

Minister for Education