Questions on Notice No 6698
59 Parliament First Session
Asked: 22 June 2022

Question on Notice

Ms McLeish to ask the Minister for Police for the Minister for Emergency Services — With reference to the role of Bushfire Recovery Victoria (BRV) in the Treasuring Our Trees project at 1280 Macclesfield Road, Yellingbo, and the works undertaken to establish a sawmill and storage for storm-damaged trees:

(1) Did BRV provide funding for any of the works.

(2) Who undertook the works.

(3) Did Yarra Valley Council issue a permit for the proposed works at the site prior to work commencing.

(4) When did BRV become aware of the problem with the site.

(5) Did BRV request an environmental risk assessment, hazardous material assessment, bushfire risk or flood assessment in relation to the project.

(6) What is the cost of BRV reinstating the property at 1280 Macclesfield Road, Yellingbo. 

(7) Has a new site been secured; if so, what are the anticipated costs of relocation of the equipment and infrastructure to a more suitable site. 

(8) What is the expected time frame for the completion of the relocation.

No answer available