Questions on Notice No 6696
59 Parliament First Session
Asked: 22 June 2022

Question on Notice

Dr Read to ask the Minister for Roads and Road Safety — In regard to the Department of Transport’s review of speed limits along Nicholson Street between Albion Street and Bell Street, that was expected to be completed by early 2022:

(1) What road safety infrastructure treatments have been recommended by the Department, after meeting onsite with community members in January 2022.

(2) What recommendations have been made by the Department as part of the speed limit review.

(3) Will the Government fund all road safety treatments recommended by the Department that help mitigate the risk of death or serious injury.

(4) Will the Government publicly release the report prepared by the Department.

Answered: 15 August 2022
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I thank the Member for Brunswick for his question.


In February 2022, the Department of Transport (DoT) completed a safety performance review along Nicholson Street between Bell Street and Albion Street and has identified several treatments to improve safety. This investigation considered factors including abutting land use types, crash history and community safety concerns.


As a result, DoT will reduce the speed limit from 60km/h to 50km/h along this section of Nicholson Street. Additionally, the time-based 40km/h speed limit (operating between 7am and midnight along Lygon Street) will be extended north of Albion Street to Moore Street. The works have been scheduled to be rolled out in mid-July 2022.


Keeping everyone safe on our roads is our highest priority. We know speed limits need to be suitable for the specific road environment and are considered on a case-by-case basis.


Speed limits are subject to a rigorous review process and assessed considering factors including the road environment, traffic volume, types of road users and crash history to ensure set limits are appropriate.

The changes along Nicholson Street have been carefully considered to ensure it is suitable to the road environment and that it meets the Speed Zoning Guidelines. Driver behaviour was also taken into consideration, and whether compliance could be achieved.


DoT will continue to monitor the safety along Nicholson Street and will work with other road safety partners, including Victoria Police and the City of Moreland, to explore further road improvement initiatives.


The Hon Ben Carroll MP

Minister for Public Transport

Minister for Roads and Road Safety

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