Questions on Notice No 6695
59 Parliament First Session
Asked: 21 June 2022

Question on Notice

Mr Wakeling to ask the Minister for Transport Infrastructure — In regard to the potential construction of a commuter carpark at the Ferntree Gully Railway Station:

(1) Does the Government plan to construct additional car parking at Ferntree Gully Station; if so, will this be funded (either wholly or partly) by the Federal Government.

(2) Does the Government own the vacant parcel of land near the south-west corner of Alpine Street and Forest Road, Ferntree Gully:

(a) if so, what planning zone does this parcel of land currently hold;

(b) if not, can the Minister please advise who does own this parcel of land.

(3) If the Government owns this parcel of land:

(a) what plans, if any, have been determined for the future use of this parcel of land;

(b) if no plans for the future use of this parcel of land have been determined, when will the Government decide as to what it will be used for;

(c) if this parcel of land has been determined to be commuter carpark, what community consultation will be undertaken and when.


Answered: 20 July 2022
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The Andrews Labor Government is getting on with delivering its commitment to build 11,000 new and upgraded car parking spaces at stations across the state. This is on top of the almost 10,000 new and upgraded spaces built by the Government between 2014 and the last election.


However, this work and the matters you have raised do not fall under my portfolio responsibilities. The Member for Ferntree Gully may wish to direct his question to the Minister for Public Transport, the Hon Ben Carroll MP.





Hon Jacinta Allan MP 

Minister for Transport Infrastructure 

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