Legislative Assembly Statistics

Assembly Statistics

Assembly Statistics pages are produced for each Legislative Assembly sitting week. They summarise statistics such as the number of sitting days, petitions presented and bills passed for the sitting week, the current year and the current Parliament.

19-21 June 2018 pdfPDF231.81 KB docxDOCX39.14 KB
5-7 June 2018 pdfPDF229.79 KB docxDOCX38.78 KB
22-24 May 2018 pdfPDF229.27 KB docxDOCX39.01 KB
8-10 May 2018 pdfPDF227.99 KB docxDOCX38.49 KB
1 May 2018 pdfPDF226.60 KB docxDOCX38.42 KB
27-29 March 2018 pdfPDF212.06 KB docxDOCX38.24 KB
6-8 March 2018 pdfPDF212.03 KB docxDOCX38.09 KB
20-22 February 2018 pdfPDF211.73 KB docxDOCX38.14 KB
6-8 February 2018 pdfPDF211.66 KB docxDOCX37.96 KB



Assembly Statistics 2017

Assembly Statistics 2016

Assembly Statistics 2015

Assembly Statistics 2014

Assembly Statistics 2013

Assembly Statistics 2012

Assembly Statistics 2011

Assembly Statistics 2010

pdf 57th Parliament summary 28.12 Kb

pdf 56th Parliament summary 34.26 Kb

pdf 55th Parliament summary 33.12 Kb


Statistical Summaries

The breakdown of business graphs show what percentage of sitting time is spent on various types of Assembly business over the course of the year and of the Parliament.

The statistical analysis graphs show the change in certain Assembly statistics over a period of about 10 years.

By year: Breakdown of Business Statistical Analysis
2017 pdfPDF52.26 KB docDOC100.5 KB pdfPDF145.38 KB
2016 pdfPDF51.13 KB  docDOC886.5 KB pdfPDF144.32 KB
2015 pdfPDF50.44 KB  docDOC92 KB pdfPDF142.83 KB
2014 pdfPDF49.42 KB  docDOC89 KB pdfPDF25.44 KB
2013 pdf PDF 48.00 Kb doc DOC 93.50 Kb pdf PDF 25.83 Kb
2012 pdf PDF 40.88 Kb doc DOC 92.50 Kb pdf PDF 46.99 Kb
2011 pdf PDF 41.38 Kb doc DOC 93.50 Kb pdf PDF 24.46 Kb  
2010 pdf PDF 41.75 Kb doc DOC 94.50 Kb pdf PDF 26.49 Kb
2009 pdf PDF 20.83 Kb  doc DOC 44.50 Kb pdf PDF 29.62 Kb
2008 pdf PDF 31.06 Kb  doc DOC 44.50 Kb pdf PDF 25.81 Kb
2007 pdf PDF 31.04 Kb  doc DOC 44.50 Kb pdf PDF 25.19 Kb
Dec 2006 - Dec 2007 pdf PDF 31.06 Kb  doc DOC 44.50 Kb
By Parliament:    
57th Parliament pdf PDF 55.91 Kb pdf PDF 26.59 Kb
56th Parliament pdf PDF 31.18 Kb pdf PDF 32.83 Kb
55th Parliament pdf PDF 25.11 Kb pdf PDF 25.79 Kb
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