Inquiry into the Economic Contribution of Victoria's Culturally Diverse Population


22 March 2004

23 March 2004

25 March 2004

28 April 2004

27 July 2004

28 July 2004

Submissions Received

Submission Number Name of Individual/Organisation Date Received
1 Australian Friends of Turkey 29 October 2003
2 City of Stonnington 2 December 2003
3 Asumadu and Associates 14 December 2003
4 City of Ballarat 17 December 2003
5 Dr. Paul Dabrowski 19 December 2003
6 Adult Multicultural Education Services 19 December 2003
7 City of Melbourne 23 December 2003
8 SGS Economics and Planning P/L 20 January 2004
9 Work and Economic Policy Research Unit – Victoria University 29 January 2004
10 City of Yarra 1 March 2004
11 Warrnambool City Council 16 April 2004

Terms of Reference

Parliamentary Committees Act 1968


Economic Contribution of Victoria’s Culturally Diverse Population

Pursuant to section 4F of the Parliamentary Committees Act 1968, the Economic Development Committee is required to inquire into, consider and report on the actual and potential contribution to the economy of Victoria’s culturally diverse population including new arrivals, with particular emphasis on the importance of Victoria’s cultural diversity in improving productivity, increasing exports, attracting foreign investment and creating competitive advantage in the Australian and international markets; and in respect of the above:

a) identify industry sectors/businesses that are actual or potential beneficiaries of cultural diversity, particularly in terms of investment and productivity improvement;

b) whether there are particular issues for industry and business in rural and regional areas and how these regions may benefit from cultural diversity in Victoria including by addressing labour market shortages through new or recent arrivals from overseas;

c) identify ways to take advantage of cultural diversity in the economy to increase Victoria’s productivity and export markets;

d) the appropriate role of Government in facilitating maximum use of Victoria’s cultural diversity to promote productivity and export markets; and

e) identify ways of measuring the benefits of cultural diversity including new arrivals to the Victorian economy.

The Committee is required to report to Parliament by 30 September 2004.

By resolution of the Legislative Assembly

Dated: 3 June 2003