Inquiry into Manufacturing in Victoria


The Economic Development and Infrastructure Committee tabled the final report for the Inquiry on 28 July 2010. The final report and media release can be downloaded in pdf format below.


pdf EDIC_Manufacture_FINAL_FORMATTED.pdf 1.57 Mb


pdf EDIC_Manufacture_Govt_Response.pdf  577.81 Kb

The Government Response to the Inquiry was tabled out of session on 28 January 2011.

Content and News

On 9 June 2009 the Committee received the terms of reference for the Inquiry into Manufacturing in Victoria from the Legislative Assembly.

The final report of the Committee was tabled on 28 July 2010. The report and the media release can be downloaded from the report page.

The Government Response to the Inquiry was tabled on 28 January 2011. The response can be downloaded from the report page.

The Committee has completed its call for submissions. Submissions received can be found on the submissions page.

Transcripts of public hearings are also available.

The Committee secretariat can be contacted for further information on the Committee's role and activities, and to discuss how to make a submission to the Committee.


Section 28(8) of the Parliamentary Committees Act 2003 provides for any person to make a written submission to the Committee.

Submissions received to date by the Committee are provided below. Alternative format documents for people with vision impairment may also be provided upon request, where available, from the Committee secretariat at

  1. Mr James Sutton (pdf, 248KB)
  2. Lovells Springs Pty Ltd (pdf, 68KB)
  3. International Fibre Centre (pdf, 97KB)
  4. Mr Maurice Schinkel (pdf, 108KB)
  5. Mr William Ferme (pdf, 317KB)
  6. ASSA ABLOY Australia Pty Ltd (pdf, 95KB)
  7. Beacon Cove Pty Ltd (pdf, 401KB)
  8. Science Industry Australia Inc (pdf, 513KB)
  9. Ararat Rural City (pdf, 122KB)
  10. TXM Pty Ltd (pdf, 284KB)
  11. Strathbogie Shire Council (pdf, 784KB)
  12. Furnishing Industry Association of Australia (Vic/Tas) Inc (pdf, 65KB)
  13. Robert Bosch (Australia) Pty Ltd (pdf, 1.9MB)
  14. Schiavello (Victoria) Pty Ltd (pdf, 91KB)
  15. Future Manufacturing Industry Innovation Council (pdf, 97KB)
  16. Geelong Manufacturing Council (pdf, 85KB)
  17. Printing Industries Association of Australia (pdf, 332KB)
  18. Whitehorse City Council (pdf, 331KB)
  19. Australian Paint Manufacturers' Federation Inc (pdf, 1.6MB)
  20. City of Greater Dandenong (pdf, 1.6MB)
  21. Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia Ltd (pdf, 65KB)
  22. MaxiTRANS Australia Pty Ltd (pdf, 65KB)
  23. Moreland City Council (pdf, 526KB)
  24. Wodonga City Council (pdf, 350 KB)
  25. Australia-Taiwan Business Council (pdf, 110KB)
  26. South Gippsland Shire Council (pdf, 723KB)
  27. Wimmera Development Association Inc (pdf, 311KB)
  28. Wilson Transformer Company Pty Ltd (pdf, 143KB)
  29. AME Systems (pdf, 86 KB)
  30. The Just Group (pdf, 638KB)
  31. Philip Morris (Australia) Ltd (pdf, 176KB)
  32. Industry Capability Network (Victoria) Ltd (pdf, 63KB)
  33. Clyne Foods (pdf, 50KB)
  34. Ford Motor Company of Australia Ltd (pdf, 86KB)
  35. Aerosol Association of Australia Inc (pdf, 86KB)
  36. South East Melbourne Manufacturers Alliance Inc (pdf, 75KB)
  37. Horsham Rural City Council (pdf, 651KB)
  38. Engineers Australia (pdf, 61KB)
  39. Australian Made, Australian Grown Campaign (pdf, 531KB)
  40. Australasian Railway Association and Australian Railway Industry Corp (pdf, 78KB)
  41. AMTIL (pdf, 43KB)
  42. Australian Food and Grocery Council (pdf, 565KB)
  43. Fonterra Australia Pty Ltd (pdf, 565KB)
  44. TTNA & Composites Victoria (pdf, 206KB)
  45. Maroondah City Council (pdf, 45KB)
  46. Confectionery Manufacturers of Australasia Ltd (pdf, 29KB)
  47. CAST CRC Ltd (pdf, 99KB)
  48. Australian Workers' Union (pdf, 1.5MB)
  49. Australian Trade Commission (Austrade) (pdf, 291 KB)
  50. Advanced Manufacturing CRC (pdf, 290KB)
  51. Bombardier (pdf, 445KB)
  52. Mitchell Shire Council (pdf, 177KB)
  53. Plenty Food Group (pdf, 1.1MB)
  54. Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (pdf, 114KB)
  55. Yarra Ranges Shire Council (pdf, 162KB)
  56. Automotive Industry Innovation Council (pdf, 524KB)
  57. Victorian Government (pdf, 104KB)
  58. Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (pdf, 486KB)
  59. MODEC (pdf, 29KB)
  60. Kingston City Council (pdf, 46KB)
  61. Toyota (pdf, 1MB)
  62. Qenos (pdf, 371KB)
  63. Australian Council of Wool Exporters and Processors (pdf, 1.4MB)
  64. Standards Australia Ltd (pdf, 886KB)
  65. Electrical Trades Union of Australia-Victorian Branch (pdf, 545KB)

Public Hearings and Transcripts

 Public hearings commenced August 2009. Transcripts of proceedings will be available on this page approximately four weeks after each public hearing has been held.

Melbourne 6th August 2009

Witness: Mr Ian Harrison, Chief Executive
Australian Made Campaign Ltd.
Transcript (pdf, 66 KB)

Witness: Mr Roger James, Special Advisor
Australian Institute of Export
Transcript (pdf, 61 KB)

Witness: Mr Peter Burn, Associate Director of Public Polic
Australian Industry Group
Transcript (pdf, 66 KB)

Witness: Ms Angela Krepcik, Chief Executive Officer
Advanced Manufacturing Australia
Transcript  66.90 Kb (pdf, 62 KB)

Witness: Mr Shane Infanti, Chief Executive Officer
Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute Limited
Transcript (pdf, 64 KB)

Melbourne 7th August 2009

Witness: Mr Giuseppe Boemo, Director
Sprint Gas (Aust) Pty Ltd.
Transcript (pdf, 49 KB)

Witness: Mr Steve Dargavel, Victorian Secretary
Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union
Transcript (pdf, 57 KB)

Witnesses: Ms Glenda Graham, Executive Director and Ms Madeline McManus, State President
Engineers Australia
Transcript (pdf, 54 KB)

Witnesses: Ms Michele O’Neil, National Secretary and Mr Manu Peters, Researcher
Textile, Clothing and Footwear Union of Australia
Transcript (pdf, 54 KB)


Melbourne 18th August 2009

Witness: Mr Ron Patterson, General Manager for Victoria and Tasmania
Organisation: Printing Industries Association of Australia   
Transcript (pdf, 54 KB)

Witnesses: Mr Peter Yates, Executive Director and Mr David Pallant, VIPP Manager
Organisation: Industry Capability Network         
Transcript (pdf, 74 KB)

Witness: Mr Paul Dowling, Executive Officer
Organisation: South East Melbourne Manufacturers Alliance Inc.    
Transcript (pdf, 63 KB)

Witnesses: Mr Michael Brockhoff, Managing Director and Mr Stuart McMurtrie, Group Marketing Manager
Organisation: MaxiTRANS Aust Pty Ltd    
Transcript (pdf, 66 KB)

Witness: Mr John Osmelak, General Manager
Organisation: Furnishing Industry Association of Victoria     
Transcript (pdf, 66 KB)

Witnesses: Mr Cesar Melhem, Victorian Branch Secretary and Mr Brad Crofts, Economist
Organisation: Australian Workers' Union   
Transcript (pdf, 69 KB)


Melbourne 7th September 2009

Witnesses: Mr Allan Ballagh, Director, RMIT TAFE; Mr Marcos Anastassiou, Senior Manager, TAFE and Professor Aleksander Subic, Head of School, Aerospace, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Organisation: Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology   
Transcript (pdf, 88 KB)

Witnesses: Mr Steve Gregson, National Sales Manager and Mr David Jenkins, Manager, Government Relations
Organisation: Bluescope Steel    
Transcript (pdf, 76 KB)

Witnesses: Mr Ian Silk, Chief Executive and Mr Terry Charalambous, Investment Manager
Organisation: Australian Super
Transcript (pdf, 55 KB)

Witnesses: Mr Andrew Spink, Director, Sales and Marketing and Mr Allan Burns, Manufacturing Consultant, Strategic Connections Group
Organisation: Bombardier Ltd. 
Transcript (pdf, 65 KB)

Witness: Mr Grant Meyer, Manager, Economic Development
Organisation: Hume City Council
Transcript (pdf, 50 KB)


Melbourne 14th September 2009

Witnesses: Hon. Martin Pakula, MLC, Minister for Industry, Trade and Industrial Relations; Mr David Latina, Executive Director, Sector Development; Mr Alf Smith, Acting Secretary; Mr Peter Collens, Acting Deputy Secretary, Industry and Trade; and Mr Dean Wickenton, Acting Director, Policy and Research
Transcript (pdf, 89 KB)

Witnesses: Hon. Jacinta Allan, MP, Minister for Regional and Rural Development, Skills and Workforce Participation and Mr Anthony Sherry, Executive Director, Food and Beverage, Regional Development Victoria
Transcript (pdf, 70 KB)


Canberra 28th October 2009

Witnesses: Mr Shane Brittle, Acting Manager, Monetary and Fiscal Policy Unit, Macroeconomic Policy Division and Mr Paul Gardiner, Manager, Forecasting Unit, Domestic Economy Division
Organisation: The Treasury
Transcript (pdf, 57 KB)

Witnesses: Mr Remo Moretta, Director, FTA Commitments and Implementation Section, Trade Commitments Branch, Office of Trade Negotiations; Mr Russell Wild, Director, WTO Subsidies and Trade Remedies Section, Trade Law Branch, Office of Trade Negotiations; and Mr Andrew Ford, Director, Trade Competitiveness Section, Trade Competitiveness and Advocacy Branch, Trade and Economic Policy Division
Organisation: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 
Transcript (pdf, 93 KB)

Witnesses: Mr Philip Binns, Chair and Mr Pat Boland
Organisation: Future Manufacturing Industry Innovation Council 
Transcript (pdf, 61 KB)

Witnesses: Mr Bryan Nye, Chief Executive Officer and Mr Gary Whiting, General Manager Suppliers
Organisation: Australasian Railway Association  
Transcript (pdf, 74 KB)


Sydney 29 October 2009

Witnesses: Mr Don McDonald, Chief Executive Officer
Organisation: Australian Steel Institute
Transcript (pdf, 74 KB)

Witnesses: Mr Bob Paton, Chief Executive Officer
Organisation: Manufacturing Skills Australia 
Transcript (pdf, 43 KB)

Witnesses: Dr Katherine Woodthorpe, Chief Executive
Organisation: Australian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association 
Transcript (pdf, 66 KB)

Witnesses: Mr Colin Blair, Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Organisation: Standards Australia  
Transcript (pdf, 59 KB)


Melbourne 23 November 2009

Witnesses: Dr Geoffrey Annison, Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Australian Food and Grocery Council
Transcript 79.22 Kb

Witnesses: Mr David Langworthy, Chief Executive Officer and Mr Gerald Meade, General Manager Franchising
Organisation: Bev Marks Australia
Transcript 47.73 Kb

Witnesses: Mr Harry Kras, Family Business Adviser
Organisation: Family Business Australia and
Witnesses: Mr Tim Haymes
Organisation: Haymes Paint
Transcript  60.47 Kb

Witnesses: Dr Mark Trigg, Managing Director
Organisation: Advanced Manufacturing CRC
Transcript  66.90 Kb


Melbourne 30 November 2009

Witnesses: Mr Rupert Harrington, Managing Director
Organisation: Advent Private Capital, and
Witnesses: Mr Simon Dighton, Managing Director
Organisation: Catalyst Investment Managers
Transcript 68.50 Kb

Witnesses: Mr Tim McLean, Principal
TXM Pty Ltd
Transcript 64.81 Kb


Melbourne 22 January 2010

Witnesses: Mr Mike Moignard, General Manager, Government and Communications, Corporate and Government Services; Mr Hayden Williams, Global Leader, Automotive and Advanced Manufacturing; and Ms Nicola Warkinson, National Manager, Investment
Organisation: Austrade
Transcript 102.03 Kb

Witnesses: Mr Mark Ross, Managing Director, Investment
Organisation: Boeing Aerostructures Australia
Transcript 51.46 Kb

Witnesses: Mr LLoyd Joseph, Managing Director
Organisation: IP Plastics
Transcript 62.35 Kb


Melbourne 28 April 2010

Witnesses: Mr Mark Brennan, Victorian Small Business Commissioner
Organisation: Office of the Small Business Commissioner
pdf Transcript 116.07 Kb

 Witnesses: Minister Jacinta Allan, Minister for Industry and Trade; Mr Randall Straw, Deputy Secretary for Industry and Trade and the Deputy Secretary for Innovation and Technology; and Mr David Latina, Executive Director, Sector Development
Organisation: Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development
 pdf Transcript 130.95 Kb



Terms of Reference


Inquiry into Manufacturing in Victoria

That the Economic Development and Infrastructure Committee inquire into, consider and report to Parliament on the state of manufacturing in Victoria and, in particular, the Committee is required to:

  1. Explore the necessary criteria used by businesses to transfer offshore manufacturing to Victoria ; and
  2. Identify and report on the factors which influence businesses in determining whether to manufacture in Australia or overseas including the consideration of:
    • the retention of intellectual property rights;
    • maintaining consistent quality standards in line with both federal and state laws;
    • probity matters;
    • assistance and incentives provided by governments; and
    • the impact that the global deterioration in economic conditions in recent months will have on future decisions regarding manufacturing locations.

The Committee is required to report to Parliament by 30 June 2010.

A pdf version of the  Terms of Reference is available here 18.13 Kb .