Inquiry into Greenfields Mineral Exploration and Project Development in Victoria

Report and Response

Report coverThe final report for the Inquiry was tabled in Parliament on 22 May 2012. The report can be downloaded from the link below. For a hard copy of the report, contact the Committee secretariat. Contact the Committee Chair, Mr Neale Burgess MP, for comments or questions about the content of the report.

pdf Final report (PDF, 2.93 Mb)

The report's media release is available from the link below.

pdf Media release (PDF, 85.70 Kb) 

The Committee received the government response to the Inquiry on 27 May 2013. You can download the response from the link below.

pdf Government response (PDF, 107.08 Kb) 

Content and News

Report tabled

The report for the Inquiry into greenfields mineral exploration and project Development in Victoria was tabled in Parliament on 22 May 2012. To download a copy of the report, visit the report page. For a hard copy of the report, contact the Committee secretariat. For queries about the content of the report, contact the Committee Chair, Mr Neale Burgess, MP.

Extension to reporting date

The reporting date for the Inquiry was extended to 22 May 2012 by motion of the Legislative Assembly on 1 May 2011. To view the motion, visit the Votes & Proceedings page.

An extract from the Votes & Proceedings containing the motion can be downloaded here: pdf (PDF, 6.84 Kb).

Extension to reporting date

The reporting date for the Inquiry was extended to 30 April 2012 by motion of the Legislative Assembly on 8 December 2011. To view the motion, visit the Votes & Proceedings page.

An extract from the Votes & Proceedings containing the motion can be downloaded here: pdf(PDF, 9.30 Kb).

Public hearings

The Committee held public hearings for the Inquiry from August 2011 to January 2012. To download transcripts of evidence recevied at the hearings, see the Inquiry's hearings page.

Call for submissions

The closing date for submissions was 19 August 2011. To view the submissions that have been accepted by the Committee, see the Inquiry's submissions page.


The Committee made a call for submissions for the Inquiry in June 2011. The closing date for submissions was 19 August 2011.

The following submissions have been accepted by the Committee:

  1. pdf Association of Applied Geochemists 38.48 Kb
  2. pdf Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority 134.74 Kb 
  3. pdf West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority 816.33 Kb
  4. pdf Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission196.65 Kb
  5. pdf Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League 193.76 Kb
  6. pdf Mr William J. Kyte 1.85 Mb
  7. pdf Mitchell Shire Council 76.28 Kb
  8. pdf Dr Allan G. Rossiter 92.32 Kb
  9. pdf Mrs Anne Scott 177.37 Kb
  10. pdf Hg Recoveries 3.71 Mb
  11. pdf Lakes Oil 411.97 Kb
  12. pdf Latrobe City Council 144.34 Kb
  13. pdf Minelab Electronics 96.91 Kb
  14. pdf Morning Star Gold 239.95 Kb
  15. pdf Geos Mining 255.68 Kb
  16. pdf Ararat City Council 256.11 Kb
  17. pdf Western Mining Services 1.67 Mb
    1. pdf Attachment — Think Tank 2010 6.94 Mb
  18. pdf Prospecting Supplies Australia 13.77 Kb
  19. pdf Geoscience Australia 62.62 Kb
  20. pdf Victorian Farmers Federation 270.11 Kb
    1. pdf Attachment — Exploration and Mining on Private Land 471.70 Kb
  21. pdf Northern Grampians Shire Council 70.32 Kb
  22. pdf Exergen 2.48 Mb
  23. pdf City of Greater Bendigo 1.50 Mb
  24. pdf Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy 238.59 Kb
  25. pdf Resource Futures 29.40 Kb
  26. pdf Iluka Resources 380.69 Kb
  27. pdf Mr M. E. Williams 96.56 Kb
  28. pdf Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union 99.97 Kb
  29. pdf Australian Uranium Association 312.99 Kb
    1. pdf Attachment 1 — Nuclear Activities (Prohibitions) Act Is Not Best Practice 190.15 Kb
    2. pdf Attachment 2 — Australian Uranium and the Nuclear Fuel Cycle 1.60 Mb
  30. pdf Mount Rommel Mining 79.03 Kb
  31. pdf CSIRO 76.16 Kb
  32. pdf Australian Institute of Geochemists 96.32 Kb
  33. pdf Minerals Council of Australia 874.35 Kb
  34. pdf Unity Mining 146.60 Kb
  35. pdf Orion Gold 92.15 Kb
  36. pdf Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia 1.16 Mb
    1. pdf Attachment 1 — Madrid Raw Materials Declaration 126.22 Kb
    2. pdf Attachment 2 — Planning Policies and Permitting Procedures to Ensure the Sustainable Supply of Aggregates in Europe 1.46 Mb 
    3. pdf Attachment 3 — Economic Contribution of the Extractive Industries in Victoria 277.93 Kb 
    4. pdf Attachment 4 — Queensland Government: State Planning Policy 2/07 1.67 Mb  
  37. pdf Boral 81.76 Kb
  38. pdf Association of Mining and Exploration Companies 141.48 Kb
  39. pdf Independence Group 885.30 Kb
  40. pdf Construction Material Processors Association 330.89 Kb
  41. pdf Friends of the Earth 37.47 Kb
  42. pdf Wellington Shire Council 2.04 Mb
  43. pdf Gippsland Coastal Board 120.90 Kb
  44. pdf East Gippsland Shire Council 350.17 Kb
  45. pdf Ovens Landcare Network 288.00 Kb
  46. pdf DJ, MJ & SJ Minifie 164.88 Kb
  47. pdf Moorabool Environment Group 461.15 Kb
    1. pdf Attachment 1 — A Submission on the Mineral Resource (Sustainable Development) Act (MRSDA) Review 82.30 Kb
    2. pdf Attachment 2 — Change and Continuity in Peri-urban Australia 2.43 Mb
    3. pdf Attachment 3 — Biosecurity and Small Landholders in Peri-urban Australia 1.73 Mb
    4. pdf Attachment 4 — Premier's Commitments — Appendix 8 111.60 Kb
  48. pdf Prospectors & Miners Association Victoria 381.49 Kb
    1. pdf Attachment 1 — DPI's Statutory Endorsement flowchart 81.79 Kb
    2. pdf Attachment 2 — Gold production graph 14.52 Kb
    3. pdf Attachment 3 — PMAV submission to recent DPI review 14.27 Kb
    4. pdf Attachment 4 — Eureka Echo, Winter 2011 4.38 Mb
  49. pdf Mardan/Mirboo North Landcare Group 31.94 Kb
  50. pdf Environment Victoria 641.83 Kb
  51. pdf Gannawarra Shire Council 115.42 Kb
  52. pdf Victorian Limestone Producers Association 96.61 Kb
  53. pdf Castlemaine Goldfields 330.42 Kb
  54. pdf Environment Defenders Office 182.42 Kb
  55. pdf Mr John Cahill 324.76 Kb
  56. pdf Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council 4.70 Mb
  57. pdf Municipal Association of Victoria 155.96 Kb
  58. pdf Victorian Government 323.40 Kb
  59. pdf WorkSafe Victoria 715.41 Kb
  60. pdf The University of Melbourne 134.64 Kb

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Terms of Reference

That under s 33 the Parliamentary Committees Act 2003, the Economic Development and Infrastructure Committee is required to inquire into, consider and report no later than 8 February 2012* on the benefits and drivers of Greenfields Mineral Exploration and Project Development in Victoria and the Committee is asked to consider possible barriers to Greenfields exploration and development, as well as project attraction in Victoria in the context of a globally competitive industry, and to identify appropriate responses that government and industry may take - and the Committee is asked to do this through an examination of:

  1. Victoria's mineral endowment (often referred to as ‘prospectivity') across a portfolio of commodities (including energy earth resources and extractives products);
  2. the regulatory environment;
  3. fees, charges and royalties;
  4. national and international perceptions of Victoria's prospectivity and regulatory environment;
  5. the success and failure of projects in Victoria's mining development pipeline;
  6. different approaches and programs applied in other Australian and international jurisdictions to foster increased investment in Greenfields exploration for, and development of, minerals and energy earth resources;
  7. the different roles of government (this may include, but is not limited to, targeted industry engagement, facilitation and generation of geological survey information);
  8. opportunities to increase the net benefits from Victoria's minerals and energy earth resources, and to potentially provide for self sufficiency in low cost energy and extractive materials, consistent with the principle of economic efficiency; and
  9. consideration of the costs and benefits of Greenfields minerals exploration (economic, social and environmental), and whether there are opportunities to improve the management of potential conflicts between exploration and other land uses.

pdf Download the PDF version of the above Terms of Reference here 30.18 Kb

 * The reporting date was extended to 30 April 2012 on 8 December 2011 and again to 22 May 2012 on 1 May 2012 by motion of the Legislative Assembly. Extracts from the Votes & Proceedings containing the motions can be downloaded below:

pdf 8 December 2011 9.30 Kb

pdf 1 May 2012 6.84 Kb

Hearings and Transcripts

Public Hearing Schedule

The Committee held public hearings during the course of the Inquiry. Transcripts of evidence can be downloaded below.

Jump to date:

Monday, 22 August 2011

Room G3 — 55 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne 3002

2:15 pm
Mr Tim Goldsmith
Global Leader, Mining
3:00 pm
Mr Richard Schodde
Managing Director 
MinEx Consulting

Monday, 29 August 2011

Legislative Council Committee Room — Parliament House, Spring Street, East Melbourne 3002

Time Witnesses Organisation Transcripts

2:15 pm

Mr Chris Fraser
Executive Director

Ms Megan Davison
Assistant Director

Mr Andrew Mattiske
Chair, Environment and Communities Working Group

Mr Tom Burrowes
Member, Victorian State Councillor 

Minerals Council of Australia (Victorian Division) pdf Download transcript 80.64 Kb

3:00 pm

Ms Sarah Gafforini
Manager, Policy and Professional Standards

Mr Ashley van Krieken
Director of Member and Branch Services

Professor Neil Phillips
Consulting Economic Geologist 

Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy pdf Download transcript 45.71 Kb

4:00 pm

Mr Bruce Edwards
Regional Manager — NSW/Vic/Tas
Association of Mining and Exploration Companies pdf Download transcript 48.20 Kb

Monday, 19 September 2011

Room G3 — 55 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne 3002

Time Witnesses Organisation Transcripts

9:30 am

Mr Jonathan Law
Director, Minerals Down Under Flagship 

pdf Download transcript 65.08 Kb

pdf Download CSIRO's presentation to the Committee 969.40 Kb

10:15 am

Mr Martin Bouwmeester
General Manager, Corporate

Mr Chris Roberts

Orion Gold

pdf Download transcript 63.95 Kb

pdf Download Orion Gold's presentation to the Committee 3.00 Mb

11:15 am

Mr Mark Wakeham
Campaigns Director 

Ms Victoria McKenzie-McHarg
Safer Climate Campaigner 

Environment Victoria pdf Download transcript 78.88 Kb

12:00 noon

Mr Rob Spence
Chief Executive Officer 

Ms Alison Lyon
Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Legal Counsel 

Municipal Association of Victoria pdf Download transcript 32.84 Kb

1:45 pm

Mr Alex Arbuthnot
Land Management Committee Member

Mr Jacob McElwee
Policy Adviser, Land Management 

Victorian Farmers Federation pdf Download transcript 54.22 Kb

2:30 pm

Mr Brian Hauser
State Director Victoria-Tasmania-South Australia

Mr Roger Buckley
Industry Relations Manager, Victoria

Mr David Pallot
Chairman, Victorian State Committee 

Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia pdf Download transcript 68.65 Kb

Monday, 26 September 2011

Room G3 — 55 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne 3002

Time Witnesses Organisation Transcripts
11:15 am

Ms Rita Bentley

Mr Noel Laidlaw

Prospectors & Miners Association of Victoria pdf Download transcript 63.55 Kb
12:00 noon Mr Mark Miller
Managing Director 
Greenearth Energy pdf Download transcript 52.47 Kb
1:45 pm

Ms Fiona Weigall
Manager, Major Projects & Economic Development

Mr Martin Richardson
Manager, Strategic Planning

East Gippsland Shire Council pdf Download transcript 72.39 Kb
2:30 pm

Dr John Yeates
Manager, Government Relations

Mr Rod Jacobs
Development Manager

Mr Ian Blucher
Approvals Manager 

Independence Group

pdf Download transcript 66.28 Kb

pdf Download Independence Group's presentation to the Committee 178.32 Kb

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Monday, 10 October 2011

Room G7 — 55 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne 3002

Time Witness Organisation Transcripts
2:15 pm

Ms Kate Tubbs

Mr Jim Fraser
Vice President

Ms Deb Porter

Moorabool Environment Group pdf Download transcript 60.46 Kb
3:00 pm Ms Alison Currie
Principal Exploration Geologist 
Iluka Resources pdf Download transcript 37.77 Kb
4:00 pm Mr John McKay
Manager, Workforce Planning & Development (Victorian Office) 
SkillsDMC pdf Download transcript 43.54 Kb

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Monday, 7 November 2011

Knight Kerr Room — Parliament House, Spring Street, East Melbourne 3002

Time Witness Organisation/s Transcripts
9:30 am Mr Phil Piper
Mardan/Mirboo North Landcare Group pdf Download transcript 48.33 Kb
10:15 am Ms Emma Vogel
Technical Services Manager
Donald Mineral Sands pdf Download transcript 69.97 Kb
11:15 am

Mr Rodney Fraser
Victorian Branch Chairman and Federal Council Member

Mr Geoff Turner
Past Victorian Branch Chairman and Federal Council Member 

Australian Institute of Geoscientists pdf Download transcript 53.12 Kb
12:00 noon

Councillor Darrell White

Ms Allison Jones
General Manager, Economic Sustainability 

Latrobe City Council

pdf Download transcript 61.75 Kb

pdf Download Latrobe City Council's presentation to the Committee 404.62 Kb

1:45 pm

Mr Peter Colley
National Research Director 

Construction, Forestry, Mining & Energy Union pdf Download transcript 55.41 Kb
2:30 pm

Mr Bryon Powell
Member, Victorian Traditional Owners Land Justice Group

Mr David Yarrow
Land Justice Group Legal Advisor

Mr Paul Simmons
Senior Solicitor, Future Acts Coordinator, Native Title Services Victoria

Ms Jill Webb
Policy Officer, Native Title Services Victoria 

Victorian Traditional Owners Land Justice Group

Native Title Services Victoria

pdf Download transcript 68.39 Kb

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Thursday, 17 November 2011 — South Australian hearing

Terrace Room — Parliament House, North Terrace, Adelaide 5000

Time Witness Organisation Transcripts
10:15 am

Mr Jonathon Forbes
Director, Industry Development

Dr Nigel Long
Director, Corporate Social Responsibility 

South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy pdf Download transcript 82.01 Kb
2:00 pm Mr Tony Belperio
Exploration Director
Minotaur Exploration pdf Download transcript 60.17 Kb
2:45 pm

Ms Carol Vincent
Chief Executive and President

Mr Deane Crabb
Policy Manager 

South Australian Farmers Federation pdf Download transcript 54.05 Kb
3:45 pm Mr Ian Hardwick
Business Manager 
Deep Exploration Technologies Cooperative Research Centre pdf Download transcript 62.70 Kb

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Friday, 18 November 2011 — South Australian hearing

Terrace Room — Parliament House, North Terrace, Adelaide 5000

Time Witness Organisation Transcripts
9:45 am Ms Melissa Ballantyne
Environmental Defenders Office of South Australia pdf Download transcript 47.21 Kb
10:30 am Professor David Giles
South Australian Centre for Mineral Exploration Under Cover pdf Download transcript 46.83 Kb
11:15 am Mr Brett Brown
Chief Executive
Southern Quarries & Direct Mix Group pdf Download transcript 34.47 Kb

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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Room G3 — 55 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne 3002

Time Witness Organisation Transcripts
9:30 am

Dr Jack Hamilton
Chief Executive Officer

Mr Stephen Manallack

Exergen pdf Download transcript 64.27 Kb
10:15 am

Cr Pat Griffin

Mr Peter Hawkins
Acting General Manager, Shire Development

Moorabool Shire Council pdf Download transcript 59.10 Kb
11:15 am

Dr Michael Hollitt
Executive Director, Mineral & Energy Resources Development, Policy & Strategy Group

Mr Doug Sceney
Acting Executive Director, Earth Resources Development, Energy & Earth Resources Group

Dr Danny Suster
Manager of Earth Resources Legislation and Reform, Energy and Earth Resources Group

Department of Primary Industries, Victorian Government

pdf Download transcript 133.83 Kb

pdf Download the Department's presentation to the Committee 908.19 Kb

2:00 pm

Mr Jeff Rathjen

Mr Kevin Mealing

Mr Gordon Graham

Flynn Creek Coal & Power Consultative Committee pdf Download transcript 71.35 Kb
2:45 pm

Mr Trevor Blake
Chief Environmental Assessment Officer, Department of Planning and Community Development

Mr Ian Hamm
Executive Director, Aboriginal Affairs Victoria

Mr Jamin Moon
Senior Heritage Policy Officer, Aborignal Affairs Victoria

Department of Planning and Community Development, Victorian Government

Aboriginal Affairs Victoria

pdf Download transcript 78.79 Kb

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Monday, 30 January 2012

Room G3 — 55 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne 3002

Time Witness Organisation Transcripts
9:45 am

Professor Janet Hergt
Head of School, School of Earth Sciences

University of Melbourne

pdf Download transcript 64.90 Kb

pdf Download the University of Melbourne's presentation to the Committee 515.39 Kb

10:30 am Mr Paul Hillyer
Regional Manager (Victoria) 

pdf Download transcript 54.76 Kb

pdf Download Boral's presentation to the Committee 582.62 Kb

11:30 am

Mr Bruce McClure
General Manager

Mr Ron Kerr
Honorary CEO

Mr John Mawson

Mr Basil Natoli
Managment Committee Member 

Construction Material Processors Association

pdf Download transcript 77.42 Kb

pdf Download CMPA's presentation to the Committee 2.45 Mb

12:15 pm

Ms Kylie White
Executive Director, Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services

Mr Lee Miezis
Executive Director, Forests & Parks 

Department of Sustainability and Environment, Victorian Government

pdf Download transcript 75.42 Kb

pdf Download the Department's presentation to the Committee 889.14 Kb

2:00 pm

Mr Ian Kraemer
Managing Director

Mr Callum Lamont
Exploration Manager, Coal 

Mantle Mining pdf Download transcript 85.87 Kb
2:45 pm

Mr Jonathan Guttman
Manager, City Strategy 

Mr Dusan Ivanic
Team Leader, Environmental Health 

Kingston City Council pdf Download transcript 44.98 Kb

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