Staff of the Legislative Assembly


The Clerk


 The Clerk, Bridget Noonan, is the permanent head of the Department. Her responsibilities include: 

  • Management of the Legislative Assembly
  • Providing policy, procedural and corporate management advice to the Speaker
  • Advising ministers and members on matters relating to the operation of the Legislative Assembly and its committees
  • Recording decisions and proceedings of the Legislative Assembly
  • Ensuring legislation is passed in accordance with legislative and procedural requirements
  • Coordinating arrangements for visiting parliamentary delegations
  • Member of the Parliamentary Executive Group.


Find out more: Fact Sheet H3: The Clerk.

Contact details

Phone: 03 9651 8550




The Deputy Clerk


The Deputy Clerk, Robert McDonald, is the deputy head of the Department, responsibilities include:

  • Assisting the Clerk in providing policy, procedural and administrative advice to the Speaker and members
  • Assisting the Clerk in advising members about the conduct of proceedings in the House
  • Recording complete and accurate records of the proceedings and decisions of the House
  • Advising the Chair on procedure during the consideration in detail stage of legislation
  • Management of the staff of the department
  • Overseeing the day to day operations of the Department, its financial and staffing resources, its records and assets, and co-ordinating the activities of the various branches of the Department
  • Laising with members on parliamentary matters and with officers of the Executive, Government and other Parliaments on matters concerning the operations of the Department and the Parliament generally
  • Member of the Parliament's Senior Management Group.


Contact details

Phone: 03 9651 8551



The Assistant Clerk Committees


The Assistant Clerk Committees, Vaughn Koops, assists the Clerk and Deputy Clerk. His responsibilities include:

  • Providing procedural and policy advice to the Speaker and members of the Legislative Assembly
  • Supervising the production and editing of questions on notice
  • Checking petitions lodged for presentation
  • Recording the minutes of the House during consideration in detail
  • Secretary to the Privileges Committee

The Assistant Clerk Committees also has responsibilities in relation to the parliamentary committees:

  • Coordinating and supervising the operation of the parliamentary committees administered by the Legislative Assembly
  • Briefing the Speaker (and the President as necessary) on committee operations
  • Supervising the Committee Services Office and committee staff
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant Acts, standing orders, presiding officers' directives and accepted practices and procedures
  • Evaluating budget bids, allocating funding and monitoring and authorising committee expenditure. 

Contact details

Phone: 03 9651 8555



The Assistant Clerk Procedure & Serjeant-at-Arms


The Assistant Clerk Procedure & Serjeant-at-Arms, Paul Groenewegen, is the Speaker's Executive officer. His responsibilities include:

  • Executing the orders of the Speaker and the House
  • Providing policy advice to all members
  • Security of the Chamber
  • Arranging and co-ordinating ceremonial functions
  • Attending the Chamber when Parliament is sitting
  • Arranging members' accommodation and travel requirements
  • Oversight of the Tours and Customer Service Unit and the Department's community engagement program
  • Assessing and advising the Speaker on requests for functions to be held at Parliament House
  • Fire and evacuation procedures, occupational health and safety
  • Admittance and control of the public and the media to Parliament and tour programs
  • Supervising the production and editing of the notice paper
  • Secretary to the Standing Orders Committee.

Find out more: Fact Sheet H4: The Serjeant-at-Arms.

Contact details

Phone: 03 9651 8553



The Manager Procedure Office


The Manager of the Procedure Office is Stefanie Tardif. The Procedure Office provides administrative and research support to the Chamber and senior officers within the Department. The Office has the following responsibilities:

  • Answering inquires from the Department's customers
  • Publication and distribution of House documents
  • Ordering and proofreading the various prints of bills
  • Preparation of Acts of Parliament for royal assent
  • Procedural research and statistics
  • Processing reports submitted for tabling and archiving documents tabled.


Contact details

Phone: 03 9651 8560



The Manager Tours and Customer Service Unit


The Manager of the Tours and Customer Service Unit is Pablo Diaz.  The Unit coordinates the Department’s community engagement program and provides services to members and parliamentary staff. The Unit has the following responsibilities: 

  • Delivering public and specialist tours
  • Conducting the Parliamentary Role Play and Parliamentary Information Talks Programs
  • Supporting the Chamber when the Assembly is sitting
    Providing Post Office services, including photocopying, binding and mail distribution
  • Staffing the Vestibule reception desk
  • Assisting with ceremonial and other functions.


Contact details

Phone: 03 9651 8434