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Road Safety Committee Home

Inquiry into Rural Road Safety and Infrastructure


Final Report - HTML version

Click on the links below to access a HTML version of each Chapter in the Final Report.

Committee Members and Staff


The Road Safety Committee

Committee Address
Terms of Reference

Chairman's Foreword

Executive Summary


Definitions and Abbreviations

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Interpreting the Terms of Reference
State Road Classification Definitions
Conduct of the Inquiry

Chapter 2 - Rural Road Infrastructure and Management Strategies

Historical Development
Characteristics of the Road Network

Overview of Victoria's Arterial Road Infrastructure Strategies

Local Road Infrastructure Strategies

Chapter 3 - Road Funding and Responsibilities

A Historical Perspective
Current Road Funding Responsibilities

Road Funding Issues

Road Funding Summary

Legal Implications of Failing to Properly Care for Roads

Chapter 4 - Rural Road Safety

Crash Numbers and Trends

Where Country Crashes Occur
Type of Country Crashes
Economic Cost of Crashes

Chapter 5 - Blackspot Programs

What are Blackspot Programs
Current Blackspot Programs

Benefits of Blackspot Programs

Potential Blackspots

Continuation of Blackspot Programs

Blackspots on Low Volume Rural Roads

Lack of Identification of Some `Blackspot' Locations

How Effective Will Actions be in Improving Road Safety?

Chapter 6 - Options to Improve Infrastructure

Market Surveys

Improving Speed Management

Keeping Heavy Vehicles off Inappropriate Roads

Widening Narrow Roads and Improving Shoulders

Providing a Forgiving Roadside

Safety Barriers on Single Carriageway Roads

Bridge Upgrading

Improving Intersections

Better Delineation

Improving Pavements and Surface Grip

Better Stopping and Resting Places

Providing Safer Footpaths

Improving Bus Routes and Stops

Safer Railway Crossings

More Overtaking Lanes



Other Worthwhile Options

Chapter 7 - Other Initiatives

A Specific Focus on Reducing Rural Road Trauma
Municipal Road Safety Strategies

Local Government Road Safety Officers

Safety Audits of Proposed Projects

Safety Reviews of Existing Rural Roads

Ongoing Review of Arterial Road Hierarchies

More Consistent Management of Local Roads

Land Use Planning

Appendix A - List of Submissions

Appendix B - List of Witnesses

Appendix C - The Victorian Government Rural Arterial Road Network Strategy

Appendix D - Relative Minimum Performance Standards for Arterial Roads

Appendix E - Better Roads Victoria Program

Appendix F - VicRoads Road Expenditure 1999-2000

Appendix G - Additional Rural Crash Statistics

Appendix H - Blackspot Crash Reduction Factors

Appendix I - Guidelines for Potential Blackspots



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