Inquiry into Education, Training and Communications Initiatives of Victorian Oversight Agencies

Hearings and Transcripts

Monday 18 September 2017
Meeting Room G4, 55 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne.

 Time Witness Transcripts
 1.00 pm

Office of the Victorian Inspectorate
Robin Brett QC, Victorian Inspector

pdfOffice of the Victorian Inspectorate(PDF 117.27 KB)


Monday 7 August 2017
Legislative Council Committee Room, Parliament House, Spring Street, East Melbourne

Time Witness Transcripts
12.30 pm

The Office of the Freedom of Information Commission
Sally Winton, Acting Freedom of Information Commissioner
Simone Martin, Senior Manager - Communications and Education

pdfPresentation(PDF 131.22 KB)


pdfThe Office of the Freedom of Information Commission(PDF 131.94 KB)


1.15 pm

The Office of the Victorian Ombudsman
Deborah Glass OBE, Victorian Ombudsman
Christina DiPierdomenico, Strategic Advisor and Manager - Executive Office

pdfThe Office of the Victorian Ombudsman(PDF 110.26 KB)
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