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Image of Charles Lamond Forrest

Charles Lamond Forrest

16 September 1838 (Dundee, Angus, Scotland)
30 August 1912
James and Ann, nee Lamond

Religion: Presbyterian?

Marital Status: Unmarried


Farmer and grazier

Arrived Melbourne Dec 1852; to Fryer's Creek with his brother; store-keeping for short periods at Specimen Hill (Ballarat), Brown's diggings, as partner of Russell, Malcolm & Co., Stawell, and finally Carngham; went to Colac c1881 and took up farming at Warrowie and Yeo estates. Left bulk of his property to three trustees to use for philanthropic purposes.

President Ripon shire 1871-1872, Colac shire 1883-1884
HouseElectorateStart End
Legislative AssemblyPolwarth and South Grenville1 March 18861 March 1889
Legislative AssemblyPolwarth1 April 18891 September 1894
Legislative AssemblyPolwarth1 October 18971 October 1911

*The Start date for Members elected after 1900 is the date they were elected. The start date for pre-1900 Members is the date they were sworn in.

References: Sutherland, A. et al, 'Victoria and its Metropolis', 2 vols, Melbourne, 1888, 2; Colac Herald, 2 Sept 1912

Data Source: Thomson, K & Serle, G, 'A Biographical Register of the Victorian Legislature 1851-1900', ANU Press, 1972

Last updated: 1st May 2019