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Image of Alfred Deakin

Alfred Deakin

03 August 1856 (Fitzroy, Victoria)
07 October 1919
William, accountant, and Sarah, nee Bill

Marital Status: 1882 Martha Elizabeth (Martha Anne) Browne; 3d.

Melbourne Church of England Grammar School 1864-1871; University Melbourne from 1871 as part-time student

Admitted to Bar 1877; wrote for Age and Leader 1878-1883; had been prominent in Spiritualists' Association. Leader of Liberal wing of coalition 1886-1890; did not take office in 1890s while working for federation and practising at the Bar. Delegate to Colonial Conference, London 1887, and member of the Federal Conventions.

Barrister and journalist

HouseElectorateStart End
Legislative AssemblyWest Bourke1 July 18791 August 1879Resigned
Legislative AssemblyWest Bourke1 July 18801 March 1889
Legislative AssemblyEssendon and Flemington1 April 18891 October 1900

*The Start date for Members elected after 1900 is the date they were elected. The start date for pre-1900 Members is the date they were sworn in.
Inaugural Speech
Other seats contested
W. Bourke Aug 1879, Feb 1880
Commissioner Public Works 8 Mar 1883-13 Nov 1883
acting commissioner Public Works 13 Nov 1883-23 Apr 1884
commissioner Public Works 23 Apr 1884-18 Feb 1886
commissioner Water Supply 8 Mar 1883-23 Apr 1884
vice-president Board Land & Works 12 Mar 1883-18 Feb 1886
solicitor-general 13 Nov 1883-18 Feb 1886
chief secretary and commissioner Water Supply 18 Feb 1886-5 Nov 1890
minister Health 29 Jan 1890-5 Nov 1890
solicitor-general 1 Sept 1890-5 Nov 1890
royal commission water supply (president) 1884, constitutional reform 1894

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