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Image of John Mansfield Brumby

Hon John Mansfield Brumby


Marital Status: Married, 3 children.

Ivanhoe Grammar School; Melbourne Grammar School. HSC 1970 (C'th Scholarship) BCom 1971-74 (Melbourne); DipEd 1975 (State College of Victoria, Rusden).

Teacher, Union Official

Secondary Teacher 1976-79; Union Official 1980-83; MHR for Bendigo 1983-90; Consultant to banking and finance industry 1990; Chief of Staff, Federal Minister for Resources and Tourism 1991-93. 

Australian Labor Party
HouseElectorateStart End
Legislative CouncilDoutta Galla20 February 199310 August 1993By-election, Resigned
Legislative AssemblyBroadmeadows18 September 199321 December 2010By-election, Resigned

*The Start date for Members elected after 1900 is the date they were elected. The start date for pre-1900 Members is the date they were sworn in.

Leader of the Opposition 14 July 1993-22 March 1999
Shadow Treasurer 1994-96
Shadow Minister for the Arts 1996-99
Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Rural Affairs 1996-99
Shadow Minister for Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs 1997-99
Shadow Minister for State and Regional Development, Shadow Minister for Primary Industry and Shadow Minister for Racing Mar-Oct 1999
Minister for Finance and Assistant Treasurer October 1999-May 2000
Minister for State and Regional Development October 1999-December 2006
Treasurer 22 May 2000-3 August 2007
Minister for Innovation February 2002-August 2007
Minister for Regional and Rural Development December 2006-August 2007
Premier 30 July 2007-2 December 2010
Minister for Veterans' Affairs, Minister for Multicultural Affairs July 2007-November 2010




References: Victorian Parliamentary Handbook. Personal information.

Data Source: Victorian Parliamentary Handbook, 56th Parliament

Last updated: 10th August 2021