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Wednesday, April 06, 2022

LA sitting (All day)

Bills for completion this week

Road Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2022
Transport Legislation Amendment (Port Reforms and Other Matters) Bill 2022

For details and up to date information visit Assembly Live

LC Sitting (All day)

The Council sits at 9.30 am today.

Question Time is at 12.00 noon

Expected General Business

  1. Ms Crozier to move a production of documents motion on ESTA consultancies
  2. Mr Atkinson to move a motion on Ukraine
  3. Mr Davis to move a motion on state tax increases
  4. Mr Grimley to move a motion on the Sexual Assault Reporting Option
  5. Ms Maxwell to move a motion on an inquiry into workplace behaviour in the Victorian Parliament
  6. Mr Hayes to move a motion on political donations

Notice paper (agenda)

For up to date information during the sitting day see the draft Minutes (progressively published over the day).