Inquiry into Homelessness in Victoria

Terms of Reference

On 7 June 2019, the Legislative Council agreed to the following motion:

That this House requires the Legal and Social Issues Committee to inquire into, consider and report, within 12 months, on the state of homelessness in Victoria, and in particular, the Committee should —

  1. provide an independent analysis of the changing scale and nature of homelessness across Victoria;
  2. investigate the many social, economic and policy factors that impact on homelessness; and
  3. identify policies and practices from all levels of government that have a bearing on delivering services to the homeless.


* The reporting date for this inquiry has been changed to 26 February 2021.



  1. provide an independent analysis of the changing scale and nature of homelessness across Victoria;

  2. investigate the many social, economic and policy factors that impact on homelessness; and

  3. identify policies and practices from all levels of government that have a bearing on delivering services to the homeless.


Submissions for this inquiry closed on 12 June 2020.  If you were not able to make your submission by that date for any reason but wish to make a contribution please contact the Committee Secretariat.

The following submissions have been accepted by the Committee:

  1. pdfJohn Sharpe678.19 KB
  2. pdfHeidi Tobin1.20 MB
  3. pdfPhillippa Phillips647.70 KB
  4. pdfAnnabel Warner647.74 KB
  5. pdfKristine Shephard652.11 KB
  6. pdfJeffrey Anderson646.96 KB
  7. pdfAnne Laver1.22 MB
  8. pdfPeter Gell677.95 KB
  9. pdfClyde Roberts680.46 KB
  10. pdfIngrid Pezzoni678.62 KB
  11. pdfLucy Kennedy680.51 KB
  12. Confidential
  13. Confidential
  14. pdfMilton Wilde680.37 KB
  15. pdfJohn Sharpe678.19 KB
  16. pdfAnne Peters681.06 KB
  17. Confidential
  18. Confidential
  19. pdfSally Heggen678.61 KB
  20. Confidential
  21. Confidential
  22. pdfIgor Rogov677.96 KB
  23. Confidential
  24. pdfJe Rose678.40 KB
  25. Confidential
  26. Confidential
  27. pdfViolet Browne677.87 KB
  28. pdfSandra Lucas678.27 KB
  29. Confidential
  30. Confidential
  31. Confidential
  32. Confidential
  33. pdfAnne Gostelow677.80 KB
  34. Confidential
  35. Confidential
  36. pdfTamara Boyd680.89 KB
  37. pdfInner South Rooming House Network3.82 MB
  38. pdfRoss Mogridge684.65 KB
  39. pdfJude Power681.08 KB
  40. Confidential
  41. pdfDanny Kooyong1.21 MB
  42. Confidential
  43. pdfMaryse Usher684.11 KB
  44. pdfCathy Fischer678.57 KB
  45. Confidential
  46. pdfDianne Paramour679.16 KB
  47. pdfMinnie Perry677.99 KB
  48. Confidential
  49. pdfBill Richardson678.75 KB
  50. pdfDonna Brond677.71 KB
  51. pdfRebecca Bowles680.46 KB
  52. pdfDora Paras678.67 KB
  53. pdfPaul Ross680.95 KB
  54. pdfMargaret Byron678.35 KB
  55. Confidential
  56. pdfJohn O'Callaghan1.32 MB
  57. pdfDavid Bowman687.34 KB
  58. pdfJane Smith1.24 MB
  59. pdfNicholas Kay Hui677.82 KB
  60. Confidential
  61. pdfMary Madigan681.16 KB
  62. Confidential
  63. pdfKieran Prescott570.41 KB
  64. pdfDebra Barry568.94 KB
  65. pdfJustin Dean570.10 KB
  66. Confidential
  67. pdfDiane Ewin565.93 KB
  68. pdfTrudy Hairs565.46 KB
  69. pdfAnna Ferrari1.1 MB
  70. pdfGrace McCaughey1.1 MB
  71. pdfEllie O'Connor1.65 MB
  72. pdfJoanne Colcott1.66 MB
  73. pdfDuncan Rouch1.73 MB
  74. pdfMichelle Welsh1.68 MB
  75. pdfMornington Community Information and Support562.81 KB
  76. pdfAndrew Withall574.84 KB
  77. pdfJoanne Nolan2.42 MB
  78. pdfAlan Coe1.10 MB
  79. pdfOld Colonists Association of Victoria1.35 MB
  80. pdfMelbourne Social Equity Institute661.26 KB
  81. pdfAnonymous568.12 KB
  82. pdfMerryn Stevenson1.65 MB
  83. pdfPatrick Mount1.65 MB
  84. pdfBridget Koc1.65 MB
  85. pdfEmerge868.43 KB
  86. Confidential
  87. pdfShanae Best802.61 KB
  88. pdfJacinta Heffernan706.50 KB
  89. Confidential
  90. pdfHannah Bloxidge1.65 MB
  91. pdfSave Public Housing Collective1.35 MB
  92. pdfBendigo Winter Night Shelter1.21 MB
  93. pdfJane Brownrigg1.65 MB
  94. pdfLord Mayors Charitable Foundation4.50 MB
  95. Confidential
  96. Confidential
  97. pdfGlenelg Shire1.86 MB
  98. Confidential
  99. pdfMelbourne Institute2.19 MB
  100. pdfAustralian Association of Gerontology685.40 KB
  101. pdfMaroondah City Council1.38 MB
  102. pdfInterface Councils1.81 MB
  103. pdfWestern Homelessness Network7.75 MB
  104. pdfBackpack bed for Homeless1.65 MB
  105. pdfAmbulance Victoria1.55 MB
  106. pdfDon Stokes764.21 KB
  107. pdfName Withheld558.73 KB
  108. pdfWomen and Mentoring835.42 KB
  109. pdfAaron Booth669.28 KB
  110. pdfStewart Enpersby708.66 KB
  111. Confidential
  112. pdfTammy Davern797.58 KB
  113. pdfYouthlaw1.07 MB
  114. pdfMaribyrnong City Council1.62 MB
  115. pdf300 Blankets1.55 MB
  116. pdfKenneth McLeod1.10 MB
  117. pdfCafs Ballarat1.11 MB
  118. pdfJohn1.23 MB
  119. pdfBelinda Robbie606.94 KB
  120. pdfCommissioner Residential Tenancies801.91 KB
  121. pdfThe Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists632.60 KB
  122. pdfFrankston City Council3.28 MB
  123. pdfHoward Marosi634.01 KB
  124. pdfNorth East Support and Action for Youth Inc.2.63 MB
  125. pdfBeryl Jarrett1.11 MB
  126. pdfMarlise Brenner1.17 MB
  127. pdfCommittee Echuca Moama1.06 MB
  128. Confidential
  129. pdfJane McCracken1.10 MB
  130. pdfHousing for Aged Action2.03 MB
  131. pdfCommunity Information Support Vic847.57 KB
  132. pdfBenjamin Cronshaw565.35 KB
  133. pdfHands Up Mallee1.04 MB
  134. pdfWhitelion Youth2.13 MB
  135. pdfCity of Boroondara1.28 MB
  136. pdfSouthern Homelessness Services Network7.25 MB
  137. pdfCity of Monash1.58 MB
  138. pdfInfrastructure Victoria944.70 KB
  139. Confidential
  140. Confidential
  141. pdfCity of Stonnington1.28 MB
  142. pdfMunicipal Association of Victoria5.62 MB
  143. pdfJoseph Edmonds695.83 KB
  144. pdfMildura City Council2.59 MB
  145. pdfMornington Peninsula Shire3.23 MB
  146. pdfBarbara Hall1.06 MB
  147. pdfNightingale Housing577.49 KB
  148. pdfFood Access Network and Ballarat Community Health 4.99 MB
  149. pdfPer Capita776.44 KB
  150. pdfWayss1.50 MB
  151. pdfGreater Shepparton City Council1.03 MB
  152. pdfAustralian Psychological Society1.43 MB
  153. pdfJacqueline Whittaker565.21 KB
  154. pdfCity of Port Phillip949.16 KB
  155. pdfHomes for Homes910.56 KB
  156. pdfDr Bruce Watson608.16 KB
  157. pdfProperty Industry Foundation1.66 MB
  158. pdfGabriel Waldron570.69 KB
  159. Confidential
  160. pdfDavid Bath575.82 KB
  161. pdfAllison Millward564.90 KB
  162. pdfPeter Maher562.16 KB
  163. pdfPeter May562.79 KB
  164. Confidential
  165. pdfAlfred Mental and Addiction Health - HRG954.98 KB
  166. pdfBrimbank City Council1.91 MB
  167. pdfBass Coast Shire Council1001.42 KB
  168. pdfVic Public Tenants Association951.37 KB
  169. pdfSeniors Rights Victoria1.58 MB
  170. pdfHousing All Australians10.08 MB
  171. pdfAnge Kenos562.55 KB
  172. pdfWombat Housing Support Services1.85 MB
  173. pdfVictorian Centres Against Sexual Assault Forum891.57 KB
  174. pdfMaroondah Winter Shelter Homelessness Advocacy Group671.52 KB
  175. pdfAustralian Institute of Health and Welfare3.98 MB
  176. pdfTenants Victoria1.87 MB
  177. pdfNorthern Homelessness Network2.85 MB
  178. pdfChris Chamberlain & Guy Johnson832.60 KB
  179. pdfG21655.79 KB
  180. pdfEastern Homelessness Service System Alliance1.01 MB
  181. Confidential
  182. pdfGeoffrey Constable
  183. pdfHobsons Bay City Council825.56 KB
  184. Confidential
  185. pdfWyndham H3 Alliance2.46 MB
  186. pdfDementia Australia1.24 MB
  187. pdfDr Andrew Hollows2.29 MB
  188. pdfZoe Hunter564.59 KB
  189. pdfWEstjustice743.76 KB
    1. pdfWEstjustice2.42 MB
  190. pdfCity Partnering Legal & Consulting566.99 KB
  191. pdfWomens Property Initiatives914.34 KB
  192. pdfWindana Drug and Alcohol Recovery Ltd788.91 KB
  193. pdfSialas Butic839.08 KB
  194. pdfAnonymous817.33 KB
  195. pdfPedro880.87 KB
  196. pdfAlicia Farrugia650.60 KB
  197. pdfYouth Projects866.48 KB
  198. pdfDomestic Violence Victoria 922.92 KB
  199. pdfCity of Greater Dandenong786.93 KB
  200. pdfBayside City Council2.60 MB
  201. pdfIsocracy Network735.24 KB
  202. pdfInner Melbourne Community Legal7.64 MB
  203. pdfSANE Australia839.62 KB
  204. pdfVictorian Alcohol and Drug Association1.46 MB
  205. Submission Under Review
  206. pdfsafe steps1.04 MB
  207. pdfThe Salvation Army1.56 MB
  208. pdfCommunity Housing Industry Association Victoria922.39 KB
  209. pdfHope Street Youth and Family Services1.47 MB
  210. pdfHelen Dawson562.66 KB
  211. pdfMichael McMahon565.07 KB
  212. pdfJan Lacey561.06 KB
  213. pdfRobert Heron566.07 KB
  214. pdfTim Singh Laurence566.82 KB
  215. pdfRussell Northe MLA1.60 MB
  216. pdfUniting Vic.Tas2.41 MB
  217. pdfMelbourne City Mission3.64 MB
  218. pdfShadac Inc21.91 MB
  219. pdfDarebin City Council1.02 MB
  220. Confidential
  221. pdfJennifer Mockett 425.12 KB
  222. pdfAbrehet Taye349.86 KB
  223. pdfBrett Berry2.20 MB
  224. pdfAndrew McVeigh910.31 KB
  225. pdfChristine Kinman1.48 MB
  226. pdfMcAuley Community Services for Women4.97 MB
  227. pdfShelley Bowman604.48 KB
  228. Confidential
  229. pdfSt Vincent de Paul Society Victoria1.49 MB
  230. pdfYarra Ranges Housing Action Group920.04 KB
  231. pdfRhonda Pryor565.08 KB
  232. pdfJody Letts662.26 KB
  233. pdfRobyn Evans563.01 KB
  234. pdfRhys Green562.14 KB
  235. pdfCouncil of the Ageing, Victoria1.35 MB
  236. pdfKids Under Cover750.21 KB
  237. pdfSex Work Law Reform Vic13.55 MB
  238. Confidential
  239. pdfOffice of the Public Advocate of Victoria949.49 KB
  240. pdfBrian Woods719.93 KB
  241. pdfSusan Sherbak571.30 KB
  242. pdfDarren Browning569.95 KB
  243. pdfLiz Aird570.90 KB
  244. pdfFriends of Public Housing Victoria565.21 KB
  245. pdfYarra City Council1.48 MB
  246. pdfJunction Support Services2.35 MB
  247. Confidential
  248. pdfJesuit Social Services1.55 MB
  249. pdfUnison Housing Research Lab RMIT813.63 KB
  250. pdfPaul Reiner562.28 KB
  251. pdfKnox City Council798.60 KB
  252. pdfDavid Hollis702.83 KB
  253. Confidential
  254. pdfCentral Highlands Creating Connections Youth Homeless Practitioners Hub646.95 KB
  255. pdfMelton City Council530.01 KB
  256. Confidential
  257. pdfJim McInerney562.66 KB
  258. pdfVictorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency844.83 KB
  259. pdfElizabeth Silke847.92 KB
  260. pdfPublic Housing - Everybody's Business671.65 KB
  261. pdfJillian Fryer1.75 MB
  262. pdfFamily Access Network708.44 KB
  263. Confidential
  264. pdfWomen's Health West922.38 KB
  265. pdfGigi Weiss1.10 MB
  266. pdfMarion Harper562.33 KB
  267. pdfLoddon Mallee Homelessness Network789.26 KB
  268. pdfKay White562.25 KB
  269. pdfBolton Clarke Homeless Persons Program12.17 MB
  270. Confidential
  271. pdfDeborah Moore717.62 KB
  272. pdfSushma Shrestha562.28 KB
  273. pdfPhillip Kelly718.40 KB
  274. pdfWe are here876.18 KB
  275. pdf Manningham Inclusive Community Housing697.55 KB
  276. pdfDavid Evans610.66 KB
  277. pdfFair Go for Pensioners Coaltion Vic Inc930.34 KB
  278. pdfElizabeth Morgan House Aboriginal Women's Services14.71 MB
  279. pdfKate Hamilton559.42 KB
  280. pdfRoss Findlay558.09 KB
  281. pdfNolan Tyrell557.97 KB
  282. pdfAmanda Penno601.61 KB
  283. pdfLighthouse Foundation104.57 MB
  284. pdfAnnie Rivera681.72 KB
  285. pdfWayne Davis557.70 KB
  286. Confidential
  287. Confidential
  288. pdfWomens Health Victoria842.96 KB
  289. pdfBallarat Community Health6.57 MB
  290. pdfNorthern and Western Homelessness Network CPWG2.65 MB
  291. pdfSusan Carew1015.78 KB
  292. pdfCity of Greater Geelong982.87 KB
  293. pdfBethaliah Ambrym582.11 KB
  294. pdfBarwon South West Homelessness Network1.09 MB
  295. pdfCouncil of Single Mothers and their Children1.70 MB
  296. pdfCity of Melbourne1.54 MB
  297. pdfSacred Heart Mission1.98 MB
  298. pdfDavid Henderson558.12 KB
  299. Confidential
  300. pdfSeamas McCarthy557.91 KB
  301. pdfSafe Place610.23 KB
  302. pdfQuantum Support Services1.24 MB
  303. pdfMagistrates Court of Victoria1.26 MB
  304. pdfHome Stretch1.58 MB
  305. pdfStatewide Children's Resource Program 2.00 MB
  306. pdfAlliance for Gambling Reform 661.76 KB
  307. pdfGrattan Institute1.88 MB
  308. pdfColac Area Health597.14 KB
  309. pdfJulie O'Connor1.81 MB
  310. Confidential
  311. Confidential
  312. pdfPamela Byron1.42 MB
  313. Confidential
  314. pdfLucy Skelton559.47 KB
  315. pdfDeborah Moore558.04 KB
  316. pdfBoroondara and Manningham Housing and Homelessness Network2.32 MB
  317. pdfSt Vincent's Hospital Melbourne2.95 MB
  318. pdfCity of Whittlesea682.13 KB
  319. pdfSuellen Murray13.88 MB
  320. pdfPride Foundation Australian5.76 MB
  321. pdfCharlie Beckley853.01 KB
  322. pdfAnchor Inc - Rapid Response Pilot Project721.02 KB
  323. Confidential
  324. pdfBlessing Bags Melbourne719.27 KB
  325. pdfAction for More Independence & Dignity in Accommodation943.55 KB
  326. pdfAmber May562.79 KB
  327. pdfRoss Proud51.04 MB
  328. pdfCouncil to Homeless Persons5.27 MB
  329. pdfVACRO769.86 KB
  330. pdfCentre for Multicultural Youth 1.36 MB
  331. pdfLaw Institute of Victoria2.77 MB
  332. pdfOrygen1.43 MB
  333. pdfBeryl Langer559.83 KB
  334. pdfY-Change6.21 MB
  335. pdfFitzroy Legal Service2.56 MB
  336. pdfWellways1.05 MB
  337. pdfLouise Kelly841.02 KB
  338. pdfMoreland City Council890.16 KB
  339. pdfAsylum Seeker Resource Centre911.53 KB
  340. pdfAustralian Housing and Urban Research Institute2.09 MB
  341. pdfVictorian Council of Social Service 3.90 MB
  342. pdfThe Royal Women's Hospital693.86 KB
  343. pdfRMIT CIJ & LACW joint submission1.95 MB
  344. pdfChildren's Court of Victoria1.32 MB
  345. pdfCity of Kingston946.68 KB
  346. pdfSt Vincent de Paul Conference Foster1.96 MB
  347. pdfAged & Community Services Australia1015.96 KB
  348. pdfinTouch951.88 KB
  349. pdfMind Australia1.35 MB
  350. pdfVictorian Trades Hall Council1.01 MB
  351. pdfColin Smith562.58 KB
  352. pdfYouth Affairs Council VIC 5.65 MB
  353. pdfBethany Community Support1.55 MB
  354. pdfVictorian Electoral Commission 892.75 KB
  355. pdfBrotherhood of St Laurence1.63 MB
  356. pdfEmerging Minds4.98 MB
  357. pdfWISHIN1.93 MB
  358. pdfCentre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare734.86 KB
  359. pdfThe Constellation Project 4.17 MB
  360. pdfPenington Institute1.03 MB
  361. pdfGood Shepherd Australia New Zealand1.07 MB
  362. pdfFederation of Community Legal Centres 1.73 MB
  363. pdfStar Health711.50 KB
  364. pdfPriceWaterhouseCoopers4.71 MB
  365. pdfShai Diner692.52 KB
  366. pdfYWCA Australia1006.77 KB
  367. pdfVictoria Legal Aid1.13 MB
  368. pdfNational Foundation for Australian Women830.68 KB
  369. pdfSalvatore Furfaro1.60 MB
  370. pdfMission Australia1.45 MB
  371. pdfNorth East Multicultural Association
  372. pdfThe Barnett Foundation1.06 MB
  373. pdfProbus Women's Housing Association of Victoria Inc.981.79 KB
  374. pdfAnglicare Victoria1.05 MB
  375. pdfJustice Connect2.26 MB
  376. pdfJanet Graham563.53 KB
  377. Confidential
  378. pdfVincentCare881.59 KB
  379. pdfCarers Victoria1.03 MB
  380. pdfProject Respect949.71 KB
  381. pdfWintringham1.48 MB
  382. pdfAustralian Association of Social Workers1.82 MB
  383. pdfJack Verdins677.13 KB
  384. pdfMental Health Legal Centre 694.82 KB
  385. pdfMercy Foundation1.11 MB
  386. pdfFlat Out1.54 MB
  387. pdfVictorian Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby821.57 KB
  388. pdfNorthern Community Legal Centre717.94 KB
  389. pdfEACH818.48 KB
  390. Confidential
  391. pdfCatholic Social Services Victoria1.47 MB
  392. pdfCoHealth1.19 MB
  393. pdfAnne Heyes562.56 KB
  394. pdfDavid Mackenzie8.65 MB
  395. pdfAlcohol Drug Foundation1005.76 KB
  396. pdfAngela Zhang558.09 KB
  397. pdfAhmad Masri560.52 KB
  398. pdfNanci Moore561.25 KB
  399. pdfPam Lynch562.65 KB
  400. pdfAnn Jeffree562.42 KB
  401. pdfChristine Elder562.87 KB
  402. pdfSpencer Cameron562.41 KB
  403. pdfKathy Gibbs562.40 KB
  404. Confidential
  405. pdfFrank Haddy568.22 KB
  406. pdfSian Priya Woolston564.67 KB
  407. pdfEzilia Dring562.19 KB
  408. Confidential
  409. pdfKerrie Byrne718.62 KB
  410. pdfCity of Casey1.20 MB
  411. Confidential
  412. Confidential
  413. Confidential
  414. pdfPhilip Anthony Give Me A Room Project562.16 KB
    1. pdfPhillip Anthony Give Me A Room Project9.38 MB
  415. Confidential
  416. pdfPhilip Mendes and Robyn Martin972.26 KB
  417. pdfGippsland Homelessness Network2.23 MB
  418. pdfProperty Owners Association of Victoria1.43 MB
  419. pdfTriggs Advocacy Group657.36 KB
  420. pdfThe Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists Faculty of Forensic Psychiatry818.46 KB
  421. pdfMallee Family Care 3.68 MB
  422. pdfLaunch Housing1.17 MB
  423. pdfDepartment of Health and Human Services - Director of Housing 11.15 MB
  424. pdfHolly Marchioni578.17 KB
  425. pdfSeaford Housing Action Coalition632.58 KB
  426. Confidential
  427. Confidential
  428. pdfKathleen Lovelock567.08 KB
  429. pdfCastan Centre for Human Rights980.05 KB
  430. pdfAssoc Prof Luke Beck1.24 MB
  431. pdfAngus Atkinson583.52 KB
  432. pdfJohn Bellerby600.95 KB
  433. pdfDiane Holroyd647.17 KB
  434. pdfKerry Lee Wenning584.74 KB
  435. pdfHAAG Joint Submission955.50 KB
  436. pdfMartina Macy651.77 KB
  437. Confidential
  438. Confidential
  439. pdfCobaw Community Health - Name not provided1.01 MB
  440. Confidential
  441. pdfCobaw Community Health - Summa Simonis986.11 KB
  442. pdf Tina Van Nispen261.86 KB
  443. pdfCommission for Children and Young People1.09 MB
  444. pdfBurnet Institute2.61 MB
  445. pdfVictoria Police630.67 KB
  446. pdfAustralian Services Union1.08 MB
  447. pdfWally Edwards736.08 KB
  448. pdfMeret-Field Sally-Brown926.44 KB
  449. pdfYouth2 Alliance4.49 MB
  450. pdfVictorian Women Lawyers771.66 KB
  451. pdfProsper Australia5.41 MB
  452. pdfName Withheld5.33 MB


Hearings and Transcripts

Public hearings for this inquiry have concluded. Transcripts of the hearings can be downloaded from the links below.

Melbourne - 22 November 2019 Bairnsdale - 2 December 2019 
Morwell - 3 December 2019 Melbourne - 12 February 2020
Whittlesea - 27 February 2020 Shepparton - 11 March 2020
Wangaratta - 12 March 2020 Web streamed live - 20 May 2020
Web streamed live (Dandenong witnesses) -
23 June 2020
Web streamed live (Footscray witnesses) -
1 July 2020
Web streamed live -
2 July 2020
Web streamed live (Geelong/Warrnambool witnesses) - 13 July 2020
Web streamed live (Youth organisations)  -
14 July 2020
Web streamed live (Finland witnesses panel discussion) - 27 July 2020
Web streamed live -
12 August 2020
Web streamed live - (Swan Hill/Mildura witnesses)
13 August 2020
Web streamed live - (Melbourne)
9 September 2020
Web streamed live - (Maryborough/Bendigo)
10 September 2020








Further information regarding the Committee's public hearing schedule will be posted here as it becomes available.

Corrected transcripts of these hearings will also be published here when finalised by the Committee.



10 September 2020
Live broadcast of the hearing can be viewed here

Time Witness Transcript
10.00 am

Panel discussion - Local Government
City of Greater Bendigo
Vicky Mason - Director, Health and Wellbeing
Cr Margaret O’Rourke - Mayor

Central Goldfields Shire Council
Martin Collins - General Manager, Community Wellbeing
pdfTranscript143.21 KB
10.45 am Housing Justice
Kirsty Waller - Manager
pdfTranscript194.25 KB 
11.30 am Ballarat Community Health
Jane Measday - General Manager, Social Support, Ballarat Community Health
Katrina Leehane - Manager, Youth, Family and Community Support, Ballarat Community Health
Mr Warrick Davison - Assistant Senior Manager, Housing and Homelessness, Uniting
pdfTranscript212.98 KB
12.00 pm

Dja Dja Wurrung Clans Aboriginal Corporation
Rodney Carter - Group Chief Executive Officer

Njernda Aboriginal Corporation
Hazel Hudson - Family Services Manager
pdfTranscript218.67 KB
1.45 pm

Sidney Myer Haven
Rachel Gellatly - Executive General Manager Operations, North Haven; Home, Safe

Donna Gillard - General Manager Support Services North, Haven; Home, Safe

Bendigo Winter Night Shelter
Terry Westaway - Chair
Matthew Parkinson
pdfTranscript240.60 KB 


9 September 2020
Live broadcast of the hearing can be viewed here

Time Witness Transcript
10.45am Victorian Public Tenants Association
Katelyn Butterss - Manager, Policy and Communications
pdfTranscript150.96 KB
11.30 am

City of Melbourne
Linda Weatherson - General Manager, Community and City Services
Graham Porteous - Director, Strategic Projects
Barney Wilson - Acting Team Leader City People, Executive Services

pdfTranscript208.16 KB

pdfPresentation258.76 KB

pdfResponse to question on notice54.22 KB

1.15 pm Panel Discussion
Ambulance Victoria
Assoc. Professor Tony Walker - Chief Executive Officer

Victoria Police
Assistant Commissioner Timothy Hansen, Service Delivery Transformation Command

pdfTranscript243.29 KB

pdfResponse to question on notice57.74 KB

2.15 pm Grattan Institute
Mr Brendan Coates - Program Director, Household Finances

pdfTranscript227.87 KB

pdfPresentation690.99 KB

3.15 pm Victorian Department of Health and Human Services
Mr Ben Rimmer - Director of Housing
Ms Sherri Bruinhout - Deputy Commander, COVID-19 Public Housing Response, and Executive Director, Housing Pathways and Outcomes Housing Division

pdfTranscript233.94 KB

pdfPresentation489.32 KB


Thursday 13 August

Time Witness Transcript
10.00am Loddon Mallee Homelessness Network
Mellissa Edwards, Network Coordinator
 pdfTranscript133.07 KB 
10.45am Panel discussion
Mildura Rural City Council
Mark Jenkins, Manager Community Futures
Renée Ficarra, Community Development Officer

Mallee Accommodation and Support Service (MASP)
Gary Simpson, CEO

Mallee Haven; Home, Safe
Trevor Gibbs, General Manager
 pdfTranscript251.56 KB
12.00pm Mallee Family Care
Teresa Jayet, CEO
 pdfTranscript213.36 KB


Wednesday 12 August

Time Witness Transcript
10.00 am Panel discussion
Mind Australia
Dr Sarah Pollock, Executive Director of Research and Advocacy

Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, Victorian Branch
Dr Kerryn Rubin, Chair
 pdfTranscript183.67 KB
11.00 am Monash University
Dr Brian Vandenberg, Health Economist, School of Social Sciences
 pdfTranscript219.70 KB
11.45 am Anglicare Victoria
Paul McDonald, CEO
 pdfTranscript238.71 KB
1.30 pm Office of the Public Advocate
Colleen Pearce, Public Advocate
 pdfTranscript232.82 KB
2.30 pm Panel discussion
Magistrates’ Court of Victoria
Magistrate Pauline Spencer, Head, Specialist Courts Division

Victorian Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders (VACRO)
Marius Smith, CEO
Sarah Hughes, Program Manager, ReConnect
 pdfTranscript271.88 KB


Monday 27 July

Time Witness Transcript

4.00 pm Melbourne

(9.00 am Helsinki, Finland)

Panel discussion
Y Foundation (Y-Säätiö)
Juha Kaakinen, CEO

Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland
Jarmo Linden, Director
pdfTranscript219.47 KB


 Tuesday 14 July 

Time Witness Transcript
2.00 pm Panel discussion
Centre for Multicultural Youth
Jemal Ahmet, Executive Manager Programs and Services
Bec Lean, Program Manager – South East

Youth Projects
Melanie Raymond, Chair

Melbourne City Mission
Vicki Sutton, CEO
pdfTranscript167.30 KB
3.15 pm Mission Australia
Nada Nasser, State Director
Troy Crellin, Manager of Social Enterprises
Kea Bamblett-Edwards
pdfTranscript233.49 KB
4.15 pm Youth Affairs Council Victoria
Sebastian Antoine, Policy & Research Officer
Cassandra Prigg
pdfTranscript232.30 KB


Monday 13 July

Time Witness Transcript
10.00 am Barwon South West Homelessness Network
Rebecca Callahan, Homelessness Network Coordinator
pdfTranscript138.74 KB
10.45 am

Emma House Domestic Violence Services
Ruth Isbel, Executive Officer

South Western Centre Against Sexual Assault
Mary Clapham, Manager

pdfTranscript220.91 KB

pdfResponse to question on notice108.84 KB

11.45 am

Bethany Community Support 
Betti Chapelle, Manager
Bernadette McCartney, Executive Manager

pdfTranscript221.34 KB
1.15 pm The Geelong Project 
Associate Professor David Mackenzie, Director
Anne-Marie Ryan, Executive Officer
Max Broadley, Executive Director
Ken Stewart, Geelong High School
Bec Glen, Project Coordinator, The Albury Project
pdfTranscript313.87 KB
3.15 pm Wellways
Kate Higgins, Regional Manager, Western Victoria
Rosalie Frankish, Housing Programs Coordinator, Victoria
pdfTranscript222.20 KB
4.00 pm City of Greater Geelong 
Robyn Stevens, Director 
Janice Lane, Manager

pdfTranscript202.80 KB

pdfResponse to question on notice57.66 KB


Wednesday 1 July

Time Witness Transcript
10.00 am Western Homelessness Network
Sarah Langmore, Coordinator
Zoe Vale, Chair
 pdfTranscript178.19 KB
10.45 am McAuley Community Services for Women
Jocelyn Bignold, CEO
 pdfTranscript192.33 KB
11.45 am Maribyrnong City Council
Mr Malcolm Roberts-Palmer, Senior Social Policy and Research Officer

Brimbank City Council
Brook Quinn, Social Policy Officer Community Planning & Advocacy

pdfTranscript194.86 KB
pdfResponse to QoN_Maribyrnong

pdfResponse to QoN_Brimbank

1.45 pm Unison Housing
James King, Acting Chief Executive Officer
Sue Grigg, Director Housing
 pdfTranscript185.43 KB
2.30 pm WEstjustice
Melissa Hardham, Chief Executive Officer
pdfTranscript200.93 KB
pdfResponse to QoN

3.30 pm Per Capita
Emma Dawson, Executive Director
Abigail Lewis, Research Associate
pdfTranscript183.71 KB

pdfResponse to QoN


Thursday 2 July

Time Witness Transcript
10.00 am Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI)
Dr Michael Fotheringham, Executive Director
 pdfTranscript196.19 KB
10.45 am Infrastructure Victoria
Dr Jonathan Spear, Deputy Chief Executive & Chief Operating Officer
Llewellyn Reynders, Team Leader, Policy and Strategy
 pdfTranscript173.72 KB
11.30 am COTA Vic
Tina Hogarth-Clarke, Chief Executive Officer

Housing for the Aged Action Group Inc.
Fiona York, Chief Executive Officer

 pdfTranscript206.71 KB


pdfTranscript206.72 KB

1.15 pm Law Institute of Victoria
Mel Walker, Criminal Law Section Co-Chair

Castan Centre for Human Rights Law
Professor the Hon Kevin H Bell AM QC, Director

 pdfTranscript226.46 KB


pdfTranscript226.45 KB

2.45 pm

Domestic Violence Victoria
Alison Macdonald, Acting Chief Executive Officer
Alison Birchall, Acting Manager of the Policy Unit

Women's Property Initiatives
Jeanette Large, Chief Executive Officer

 pdfTranscript223.18 KB


pdfTranscript223.18 KB

4.00 pm Uniting Vic.Tas
Bronwyn Pike, Chief Executive Officer
Jenny Smith, Senior Manager of Homelessness Services at Uniting
 pdfTranscript191.42 KB


Tuesday 23 June

Time Witness Transcripts
10.00 am Southern Homelessness Services Network
Ruth Gordon, Homelessness Network Coordinator - Southern Region
pdfTranscript141.38 KB
10.45 am Bolton Clarke
Mary-Anne Rushford, Manager - Homeless Persons Program
Julie Fry, Team Coordinator
Karyn Gellie, Team Coordinator
pdfTranscript216.19 KB
11.30 am Towards Home + Frankston Rough Sleeper Initiative
Amanda Williams, Service Manager, Towards Home+ Frankston, Neami National
Karren Walker, Group Manager, Entry Points, Launch Housing
Lauren Crawford, Assertive Outreach, Program Manager, Getting Housing, Launch Housing
pdfTranscript142.07 KB
12.45 pm

Panel discussion

Greater Dandenong City Council
Ashish Sitoula, Team Leader Community Advocacy

Frankston City Council
Venita Mackinnon, Social & Community Planner

Mornington Peninsula Shire Council
John Baker, CEO

Casey City Council
Nick Grant-Collins, Acting Coordinator Inclusion & Wellbeing, Connected Communities
pdfTranscript285.69 KB
2.30 pm Wayss
Elizabeth Thomas, CEO
Sean Quigley, Manager, Dandenong Homelessness Services
pdfTranscript217.36 KB
3.15 pm Brotherhood of St Laurence
Professor Shelley Mallett, Director, Research & Policy Centre
Emma Cull, Senior Manager Youth, Service Development
pdfTranscript215.67 KB


Wednesday 20 May 2020

Time Witness Transcripts
11.00 am- 1.00 pm The Salvation Army
Shane Austin Victorian State Manager

Council to Homeless Persons
Jenny Smith, CEO

Launch Housing
Bevan Warner, CEO

St Vincent's Hospital
Margaret Stewart, Executive Director Mission
pdfTranscript271.05 KB


Thursday 12 March 2020
The Ovens Room, The Quality Hotel Gateway Wangaratta, 29-37 Ryley Street Wangaratta Victoria 3677

Time Witness Transcripts
9.30 am Rural City of Wangaratta
Jamie Chubb, Director - Community Wellbeing
pdfTranscript148.08 KB 
10.15 am Women's Health Goulburn North East
Amanda Kelly, CEO
 pdfTranscript216.41 KB
11.15 am Darran Stonehouse
Lecturer - Social Work, La Trobe University

 pdfTranscript223.28 KB

pdfPresentation238.82 KB

12.00 pm NESAY (North East Support & Action For Youth Inc.) 
Leah Waring, CEO
Claire Anderson, Community Services Manager
Georgie Gray, Youth & Family Services Manager
pdfTranscript250.11 KB
1.30 pm Junction Support Services
Michelle Fell, Client Services Manager
Katharine Hodgens, Senior Manager
pdfTranscript244.04 KB
2.15 pm Towong Shire Council
Lenny Jenner, Acting CEO
 pdfTranscript219.96 KB
3.15 pm Community Comment
• Michelle Harmer
• Cassandra Pollock
• Sue Ingleton
• Leah Khoo
• Kirstin Seaver
 pdfTranscript211.82 KB


Wednesday 11 March 2020
The Connection, Shepparton, 7287 Midland Hwy, Shepparton VIC 3630

Time Witness Transcripts
9.30 am Berry Street, Shepparton Youth Foyer 
Anita McCurdy, Education First Youth Foyer Manager Shepparton

Brotherhood of St Laurence
Mark Cox, Foyer Practice
Dr Joseph Borlagdan, Foyer Research and Evaluation
pdfTranscript164.52 KB
10.15 am Shadac Inc (The Cottage Shepparton)
Maria Hutchison, Director
Rob Bryant, Founder
Timothy Ridgeway, Support Worker

pdfTranscript244.51 KB

pdfPresentation1017.44 KB

10.45 am The Bridge Youth Services Shepparton
Melinda Lawley, CEO
Renae Ford, Program Manager - Youth & Family Support
pdfTranscript127.21 KB
11.30 am Greater Shepparton City Council 
Cr Seema Abdullah, Mayor
Kaye Thomson, Director Community
pdfTranscript144.16 KB
12.15 pm Primary Care Connect Shepparton
Rebecca Lorains, CEO
 pdfTranscript202.62 KB
1.45 pm Wintringham Specialist Aged Care
Bryan Lipmann, CEO
Jane Barnes, Chief of Staff
Gayle Reece, Regional Community Care and Outreach Manager, Cresswick, Shepparton and Geelong
 pdfTranscript230.02 KB
2.15 pm VincentCare
Marie Murfet, Hub Manager, Hume Community Hub, Shepparton

Berry Street Childhood Institute
Janelle Graham, Lived Experience Consultant
pdfTranscript204.25 KB 
3.15 pm Beyond Housing
Catherine Jefferies, Client Services Manager
Laura Harris, Business Development Manager
pdfTranscript249.47 KB
4.00 pm Community Comment
• Ms Suzanna Sheed, Independent Member for Shepparton
• Mr Myles Peterson, Adviser to Ms Sheed
• Father Simon Robinson
• Chris Blizzard
• Allan Mitchell
• Kim O’Keeffe
• Patricia Moran
• Brenda Keenan
• Kelly James
• Aaron Gilhooley
• Vicki Scott
• Zafer Coskun
pdfTranscript164.91 KB 


Thursday 27 February 2020
Galada Community Centre, 10A Forum Way, Epping VIC 3076

Time Witness Transcripts
9.30 am Whittlesea Community Connections
Belinda Leon, Manager – Community Support
Emma Antonetti, Equity and Impact Manager

pdfTranscript130.17 KB

pdfAdditional Evidence245.44 KB

10.00 am City of Whittlesea
Carmen Faelis, Team Leader Social Policy and Planning

Mitchell Shire Council
Jo Wilson, Manager Community Strengthening

pdfTranscript248.09 KB

11.00 am Berry Street (Northern Region), Eaglemont Office
Leanne Roberts, Head of Public Policy and Media
pdfTranscript126.97 KB 
11.45 am WISHIN (Women's Information, Support and Housing in the North)
Jade Blakkarly, CEO

Elizabeth Morgan House Aboriginal Women’s Service
Jo Doherty, Practice Lead
pdfTranscript264.32 KB
1.00 pm Haven; Home, Safe
Jo Smith, General Manager - Support Services South

VincentCare Northern Community Hub
Quinn Pawson, CEO
Paul Turton
, General Manager Homelessness Services
Tony Clarke, Hub Manager, Northern Community Hub, Glenroy
Grace Hyde, Manager, Initial Assessment and Planning team

pdfTranscript249.50 KB 



pdfPresentation145.85 KB 

2.00 pm Hope Street Youth and Family Services
Donna Bennett, CEO
Jennifer McAughtrie, Operations Manager
 pdfTranscript186.64 KB
2.45 pm DPV Health Whittlesea
Gerda Zimmermann, Senior Housing Case Manager
pdfTranscript202.64 KB
3.15 pm Victorian Aboriginal Community Services Association Ltd
Julie Bamblett, Case Manager
Karin Williams, Manager – Bert Williams Aboriginal Youth Services

Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (VACCA)
Vickianne Purcell, Program Manager
Tracey Brown, Senior Caseworker, Wilam Support Service
pdfTranscript239.94 KB 


Wednesday 12 February 2020
Federation Room, Parliament House, East Melbourne

Time Witness Transcripts
9.15 am The HoMie Store
Nicholas Pearce, Director 
Danielle Howe, Evaluations Manager
pdfTranscript123.98 KB
9.45 am Hon. Wade Noonan
Executive Director, WoMEDA;
Associate Director of Social Enterprise and Investment, RMIT University;
Chair, JobsBank
pdfTranscript222.77 KB
10.30 am John O'Callaghan

Deakin University
Nick Jahnecke, Teaching scholar, School of Architecture and Built Environment

pdfTranscript200.12 KB

mp4Video14.86 MB

11.15 am


Panel Discussion

Housing All Australians
Robert Pradolin, Founding Board Member
Louise Rutten, Chair

Quest Apartment Hotels
David Mansfield, Chief Operations Officer

PwC Australia
Ross Hamilton, Partner

Sam Gribble, General Manager, Alternative Housing

Community Sector Banking
Jim Hardy, Senior Manager

Simonds Group
Kelvin Ryan, Managing Director

APD Projects
Brad Paddon, Director
pdfTranscript283.84 KB
1.15 pm Infoxchange
David Spriggs, CEO

pdfTranscript191.10 KB

pdfPresentation1.16 MB

1.45 pm Kids Under Cover
Sarah Davies, Board member; CEO of Philanthropy Australia 
Jo Swift, CEO 
Brittnie Stock-Lopez, former Kids Under Cover client
pdfTranscript203.80 KB
2.30 pm Homes for Homes/Big Issue
Peter Danks, Advisor
Tracy Longo, National Operations Manager, Homes for Homes

pdfTranscript 215.21 KB

pdfPresentation1.36 MB

3.15 pm Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation
Dr Catherine Brown, CEO; Expert panel member, Social Impact Investment Taskforce, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
Erin Dolan, Program Manager, Affordable Housing & Homelessness
pdfTranscript209.88 KB

Tuesday 3 December 2019
Conference Room, Morwell Club, 136 Helen Street, Morwell

Time Witness Transcripts
10.15 am Bass Coast Shire Council
Chris Wightman, Coordinator Social and Community Planning
Nina Barry-Macaulay, Senior Advocacy Officer, Bass Coast Shire Council
pdfTranscript153.66 KB
11.00 am The Orange Door
Emma Dobson (Project Coordinator, Anglicare Victoria)
Amelia Vincent (Advanced Family Violence Practice Leader, Quantum Support Services)
Alicia Hudson (RAMP Coordinator, Quantum Support Services)
Teressa Watt (Team Leader, Latrobe Community Health)
pdfTranscript152.27 KB
11.45 am Quantum Support Services
Naomi Webb, Practice Leader - Advocacy and Support
Cheryl Barnes, Manager Homelessness Services
Nicole Larkin, Practice Leader - Homelessness and Support
pdfTranscript314.41 KB
12.30 pm Community Housing (Vic) Limited
Courtney Eacott, Coordinator Homelessness Services, Gippsland
Aleisha Olivier, Brief Intervention worker
pdfTranscript163.39 KB
1.45 pm Salvation Army
Erin Price, State Manager, East Victoria Homelessness
pdfTranscript142.64 KB
2.30 pm Uniting Gippsland
Heidi Hunter, Practice Leader, Client Services
pdfTranscript143.37 KB 
3.15 pm Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (VACCA)
Corey Harrison, Executive Manager
Navinda Wickramasinghe, Team Leader – Youth Services
pdfTranscript133.33 KB 


Monday 2 December 2019
Lakes Room, Bairnsdale RSL, 2 Bairnsdale-Forge Creek Rd, Bairnsdale

Time Witness Transcripts
11.00 am Gippsland & East Gippsland Aboriginal Co-operative Ltd
Ryan Hedley, Manager
Jamie Williamson, CEO
Christofer Beal, Operations Manager

pdfTranscript170.40 KB
11.45 am Community Housing (Vic) Limited
Robert Ashton, Initial Assessment and Planning Officer; Outreach Officer, Fulham Correctional Centre Sale
Paula Healey, Private Rental Assistance Program worker
pdfTranscript150.42 KB 
12.30 pm Gippsland East Local Learning & Employment Network Inc.
Jane Ponting, Executive Officer
pdfTranscript112.17 KB
1.00 pm Allan T Coe, Wiradjuri, Eora, Yorta Yorta Elder pdfTranscript96.77 KB
1.30 pm Gippsland Women’s Health Service
Melanie Brown, Principal Strategic Advisor - Family Violence
Chris McNamara, Gippsland Homelessness Network Coordinator

pdfTranscript150.10 KB

pdfPresentation173.78 KB

2.15 pm Gippsland Homelessness Network
Chris McNamara, Gippsland Homelessness Network Coordinator
pdfTranscript215.58 KB
3.00 pm Salvation Army
Captains David and Claire Jones

pdfTranscript137.56 KB

pdfPresentation129.01 KB

3.30 pm Orbost Regional Health
Louise McCarthy, Director Primary and Community Services
Kathy Woods, Housing Support Worker
pdfTranscript122.46 KB 
4.00pm Gippsland Lakes Community Health
Richard Evans, Family, Youth and Childrens Services Manager
Donna Pendergast, Homelessness Support Program Case Manager
pdfTranscript129.28 KB 


Friday 22 November 2019
Legislative Council Committee Room (LCCR), Parliament House, East Melbourne

Time Witness Transcripts
9.30 am RMIT University
Professor Guy Johnson, Inaugural Unison Chair of Urban Housing and Homelessness

pdfTranscript160.78 KB

pdfPresentation312.71 KB

10.15 am Council to Homeless Persons
Kate Colvin, Manager Policy & Communications

pdfTranscript228.27 KB

pdfPresentation740.93 KB

11.00 am Sacred Heart Mission
Cathy Humphrey, CEO; Chair, Council to Homeless Persons Board

pdfTranscript138.21 KB

pdfPresentation229.63 KB

11.45 am Launch Housing & HomeGround Real Estate
Bevan Warner, CEO
Karren Walker, Manager - Entry Points

pdfTranscript163.54 KB


1.15 pm The Salvation Army
Major Jenny Begent, National Head of Social Mission
Livia Carusi, General Manager Homelessness Australia
Shane Austin, General Manager Homelessness Victoria; Social Mission Coordinator Victoria

pdfTranscript162.92 KB

pdfPresentation90.30 KB

2.00 pm Justice Connect
Samantha Sowerwine, Principal Lawyer, Homeless Law
Cameron Lavery, Manager & Principal Lawyer, Homeless Law
pdfTranscript226.57 KB 
2.45 pm Victorian Council of Social Service
Emma King, CEO
Karen Taranto, Policy Advisor
pdfTranscript249.98 KB
3.30 pm Aboriginal Housing Victoria
Darren Smith, CEO
Jenny Samms, Special Adviser
Peter Jones, Senior Policy Officer
pdfTranscript158.88 KB 

Interim Report

The interim report was tabled in Parliament on 4 August 2020.

pdfInquiry into Homelessness in Victoria - Interim Report3.1 MB

LC LSIC 59 04 Homelessness in Vic Interim Cover

Ms Fiona Patten, Chair of the Legislative Council Legal and Social Issues Committee, tables the interim report
of the Inquiry into Homelessness in Victoria. 


Interactive dashboard of survey results

A survey of submitters to the Legal and Social Issues Committee's Inquiry into Homelessness was conducted. The results are discussed in the Interim Report. 

An interactive dashboard of the survey results is accessible at the link below:

Homelessness inquiry survey data dashboard