Inquiry into Career Advice Activities in Victorian Schools


Media Releases

pdf22 AUG 2018 Report targets better career advice for students462.23 KB

pdf02 MAY 2018 Career advice hearing to focus on vulnerable students466.38 KB

pdf21 MAR 2018 Students to give career advice to MPs461.69 KB

pdf19 MAR 2018 Mildura hearing on whether career advice hits the mark464.60 KB

pdf15 FEB 2017 Hearings to examine if career advice is on target99.96 KB

pdf24 OCT 2017 MPs seek career advice from youth and teachers472.62 KB

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Government Response

The Government reponse to this report was tabled in Parliament on 21 February 2019.

pdfGovernment Response(PDF 59.46 KB)

Hearings and Transcripts

Information on the Committee's public hearing schedule for this Inquiry will be posted here as it becomes available. Corrected transcripts of these hearings will also be published here when finalised by the Committee.

Monday 7 May 2018
Meeting rooms G.7 & G.8, 55 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne

Time Witness Transcripts
10:00 am ROUNDTABLE: Industry groups
Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce

Mr Nigel Muller, Executive Manager, Training, Auto Apprenticeships and Skills
Victorian Farmers Federation
Ms Meg Parkinson, President, Victorian Farmers Federation Industrial Association and Chair, Workplace Relations Committee
Restaurant & Catering Australia
Ms Jonty Low, Project Manager, Tourism and Hospitality Careers Council
pdfTranscript(174.76 KB)
The Gordon

Ms Tracey Jeffery, Skills and Jobs Centre Adviser
Ms Keelie Hamilton, Director, Student and Industry Engagement
Victorian TAFE Association
Dr Arnaldo Barone, Director, Policy and Advocacy,
Goulburn Ovens TAFE
Ms Jodee Price, Manager, Skills and Employment
 pdfTranscript(185.25 KB)
11:40 am ROUNDTABLE: Vocational Education and Training
Holmesglen Institute
Ms Fleur Goulding, Executive Officer, Office of the Chief Executive, and Board Secretary
Box Hill Institute Group
Ms Jane Young, Manager, Employment Initiatives
North Melbourne VET Cluster and South East VET Cluster
Ms Vicki Bawden, Cluster Coordinator
National Centre for Vocational Education Research
Mr Phil Loveder, Manager, Stakeholder Engagement
pdfTranscript(184.17 KB)
12:25 pm ROUNDTABLE: Disability service providers

Mr Braedan Hogan, Manager, Public Affairs and NDIS Transition
National Disability Services
Mr David Moody, State Manager
Ms Michelle Wakeford, National Ticket to Work Manager
Victorian National Disability Coordination Officer State Network
Ms Andrea Evans‑McCall, National Disability Coordination Officer
 pdfTranscript(178.35 KB)
1:35 pm ROUNDTABLE: Supporting students with additional needs (part 1)
Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Incorporated

Mr Lionel Bamblett, General Manager
Victorian Council of Social Service
Ms Emma King, Chief Executive Officer
Carers Victoria
Mr Gabriel Aleksandrs, Policy Adviser
 pdfTranscripts(160.36 KB)
2:05 pm ROUNDTABLE: Supporting students with additional needs (part 2)
Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare

Ms Joanna Humphries, Project Manager, Raising Expectations: Improving Educational Outcomes for Young People Leaving Care
Mission Australia
Ms Aileen Lacey, Area Manager, Victoria
Melbourne City Mission
Mr Dave Wells, Principal, Hester Hornbrook Academy, and General Manager, Early Years, Education and Employment
 pdfTranscript(147.25 KB)
2:35 pm Hester Hornbrook Academy students
Ms Sinead McKenna-Reid, VCAL student
Ms Tnaysha Halemba, Graduate
pdfTranscript(138.42 KB)


Monday 26 March 2018
Meeting room G.6, 55 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne

Time Witness Transcripts
10:00 am Parents Victoria
Ms Gail McHardy, Executive Officer
Ms Leanne McCurdy, Administration and Executive Support
pdfTranscript(153.44 KB)
10:45 am ROUNDTABLE: Youth organisations
Mr William Stubley, Chief Executive Officer
Foundation for Young Australians
Ms Jan Owen, Chief Executive Officer
Ms Sherry-Rose Bih Watts, Associate, YLab
Youth Affairs Council Victoria
Dr Jessie Mirchell, Policy Manager
Youth Disability Advocacy Service
Ms Leah van Poppel, Manager
pdfTranscript(178.27 KB)
11:30 am FORUM: students
Victorian Student Representative Council
Ms Shannon Bone, Year 12 student
Mr Tom Saxton, Year 11 student
Ms Wren Gillett, Year 11 student
Ms Clare Joseph, Year 12 student
Youth Disability Advocacy Service
Ms Marlee van Mourik, TAFE student

pdfTranscript(153.25 KB)



pdfTranscript116.87 KB
12:45 pm Department of Education and Training
Ms Katy Haire, Deputy Secretary, Early Childhood and School Education
Mr Nick Beckingsale, Executive Director, Secondary Reform, Transitions and Priority Cohorts Division, Early Childhood and School Education Group,

pdfTranscript(159.02 KB)

 pdfAdditional information(612.98 KB)

1:15 pm FORUM: Regional students
Country Education Partnership
Mr Rose Vallance, University student
Mr Joe Collins, University student
Ms Alice Whitford, Year 12 student
Mr Nathan Grigg, University student
Mr Sam Rice, Year 12 student
Mr Xavier Healy, University student
Ms Emily Turnbull, University graduate
pdfTranscript(182.56 KB)


Thursday 22 March 2018
Donata's Room, Quality Hotel, Mildura Grand, Seventh Street, Mildura

Time Witness Transcripts
9:30 am Sunraysia Careers Network
Ms Sara Wrate, President
Ms Nicole Clisby-Weir, Vice President
pdfTranscript(158.56 KB)
10:00 am Northern Mallee Local Learning and Employment Network
Mr Ron Broadhead, Executive Officer
pdfTranscript(158.26 KB)
10:30 am ROUNDTABLE: Regional industry/business
Devilee's Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
Mr Peter Devilee, Managing Director
Lower Murray Water
Mr Peter Ebner, Manager, Business Development
Olam Orchards Australia
Mr Robert Wheatley, General Manager, Almond Orchards
pdfTranscript(158.08 KB)
11:15 am FORUM: Year 7–10 schools
Chaffey Secondary College
Mr Graeme Forrester, Executive Principal
Ms Sara Wrate, Transition and Pathways Leading Teacher
Red Cliffs Secondary College
Mr David Browne, Principal
Mrs Amanda Boulton, Pathways Coordinator
Merbein P–10 College
Mr Graeme Cupper, Principal
Mr Andrew Willison, Careers Coordinator
Irymple Secondary College
Mrs Jackie Horkings, Career and Pathways Adviser
pdfTranscript(169.10 KB)
12:00 pm FORUM: Students
Chaffey Secondary College
Mr Campbell Griffiths, Year 10 student
Ms Jade Aitken, Year 10 student
Red Cliffs Secondary College
Mr Sebastian McNabb, Year 11 student
Ms Dallas Gange, Year 11 student
Merbein P–10 College
Ms Mackenzie Dunne, Year 10 student
Ms Kaycee Fleming, Year 10 student
Irymple Secondary College
Ms Tamsin McLean, Year 10 student
Ms Siann Brookes, Year 10 student
pdfTranscript(171.29 KB)
1:15 pm Mildura Senior College
Mrs Tracy Marr, Assistant Prinicpal, Transition and Pathways
Ms Linda Snoxall, VET Coordinator
Ms Bethany Simpson, 2017 graduate
Mr Izaal Luitjes, Year 12 student, Vice Captain
pdfTranscript(162.87 KB)
1:45 pm  FORUM: Non-government schools
St Joseph's College Mildura
Ms Debbie Bell, Careers Counsellor
Mrs Julia Lewis, College VET Coordinator
Ms Tayla Pahl, Year 12 student
Trinity Lutheran College Mildura
Ms Nicole Clisby-Weir, Pathways Coordinator
Ms Simone Palamara, Year 10 student
pdfTranscript157.25 KB
2:30 pm Sunraysia Institute of TAFE
Mr Robin Kuhne, General Manager, Education
pdfTranscript(147.10 KB)


Monday 19 February 2018
Meeting rooms G.7 & G.8, 55 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne

Time Witness Transcripts
10:25 am Private career service providers
Ms Judy O’Donohue, Director/Career Practitioner/Consultant, Career Me Now
Mr Steve Shepherd, Chief Executive Officer, TwoPointZero
pdfTranscript256.89 KB
10:55 am Ms Melyssa Fuqua
pdfTranscript(135.68 KB)
11:30 am Career Education Association of Victoria
Ms Bernadette Gigliotti, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Frank Thompson, President
Mr Phil Newnham, Executive Member
Career Development Association of Australia
Mr Allan Moyle, National Vice President
Ms Louise Walsh, Member, National Career Development Committee
pdfTranscript(270.65 KB)
12:15 pm Mitchell Institute
Ms Megan O’Connell, Institute Director
Ms Kate Torii, Policy Analyst
pdfTranscript(235.97 KB)
1:15 pm Independent Schools Victoria
Mr Peter Roberts, Director, School Services
Ms Aine Maher, Director, Education Services
pdfTranscript(153.52 KB)
1:45 pm Victorian Association of State School Principals
Ms Sue Bell, President
Mr Colin Axup, Principal, Suzanne Cory High School
pdfTranscript(158.73 KB)
2:15 pm Victorian Local Learning and Employment Networks
Ms Jerri Nelson, Executive Officer, North Central LLEN
Mr Trent McCarthy, Executive Officer, Central Ranges LLEN
pdfTranscript(226.98 KB)
3:00 pm Australian Education Union, Victorian Branch
Mr John Graham, Research Officer
Ms Erin Aulich, Vice President, Secondary
Mr Justin Mallaly, Deputy President
pdfTranscript(152.01 KB)
3:30 pm Australian Catholic University
Professor Jim Bright, Professorial Fellow (Career Education & Development), Faculty of Education and Arts
La Trobe University
Associate Professor Andrew Harvey, Director, Centre for Higher Education Equity and Diversity Research, Associate Professor of Higher Education
pdfTranscript(171.65 KB)