Inquiry into Labour Hire in Victoria


27th July 2004

28th July 2004

23rd August 2004

13th September 2004

4th October 2004

11th October 2004

15th November 2004

21st February 2005

7th March 2005

21st March 2005

Public Hearings

Contact Ms Kirsten Newitt, Research Officer on (03) 9651-3360.

Submissions Received

Submission Number Name of Individual/Organisation Date Received
1 Gannawarra Shire Council 2 December 2003
2 WV Management Limited 18 December 2003
3 Group Training Australia (GTA Vic) 19 December 2003
4 Labour Force Australia Pty Ltd 19 December 2003
5 ACTU 19 December 2003
6 Troubleshooters Available 19 December 2003
7 Catalyst Recruitment 19 December 2003
8 Electrical Trades Union – Southern Branch 19 December 2003
9 Job Watch 19 December 2003
10 Master Builders Association of Victoria 22 December 2003
11 Australasian Meat Industry Employees’ Union 23 December 2003
12 Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce 8 January 2004
13 Victorian Learning and Employment Skills Commission 20 January 2004
14 Equal Opportunity Commission Victoria 12 February 2004
15 The Recruitment and Consulting Services Association 25 February 2004
16 Skilled Engineering Limited 26 February 2004
17 Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union 27 February 2004
18 Australian Education Union 4 March 2004
19 Shop Distributive and Allied Employees Association – Victorian Branch 15 March 2004
20 Australian Industry Group 29 March 2004

Mr. Brian Payne

29 March 2004


Victorian WorkCover Authority

16 April 2004


Victorian Trades Hall Council

20 April 2004


Commonwealth Department of Employment
and Workplace Relations

30 April 2004


Air Conditioning and Mechanical Contractors' Association of Victoria Limited

18 May 2004

26 Transport Workers Union (Victorian/Tasmanian Branch) 12 July 2004
27 Mrs. S. Davies 3 August 2004


Civil Contractors Federation

5 August 2004


National Union of Workers

23 August 2004


Adecco Group of Companies

1 October 2004

Terms of Reference

Parliamentary Committees Act 1968


Labour Hire Employment in Victoria

Pursuant to section 4F of the Parliamentary Committees Act 1968, the Economic Development Committee is required to inquire into, consider and report on:

a) The extent and breadth of labour hire employment in Victoria, including the:

i. employment status of workers engaged by labour hire companies;
ii. use of labour hire in particular industries and/or regions; and
iii. application of industrial relations, occupational health and safety, and workers compensation legislation.

b) The consequences of the use of labour hire employment. Consideration should be given, but is not limited, to:

i. the rights and obligations of labour hire employees, labour hire agencies and/or host employers under industrial relations, occupational health and safety, and workers’ compensation legislation. Any ambiguity about the nature of rights and obligations between the three parties should also be considered;
ii. the impact on industry skills levels;
iii. contribution to the casualisation of the work force; and
iv. the extent of any such consequences

c) Recommendations based on an assessment of the above matters and including consideration of:

i. the jurisdictional limitations of Victoria’s industrial relations powers;
ii. the recommendations of the New South Wales labour hire task force and the responsibilities of the New South Wales labour hire industry council (if established);
iii. regulation in other Australian jurisdictions;
iv. impact on business; and
v. Worksafe Victoria campaigns and activities.

The Committee is required to report to Parliament by 31 December 2004.

By resolution of the Legislative Assembly

Dated: 3 June 2003