Following are electronic versions of reports completed by the Committee, including Victorian Government responses.

Please contact the Committee Office (03 8682 2843) if you would like to receive a hard copy of the report.

Public Housing Inquiry Report Supported Accommodation Inquiry Report Corporate Social Responsibility Inquiry Report



56th Parliament (2006-2010)   Tabled:    
pdfInquiry into the Adequacy and Future Directions of Public Housing in Victoria   September 2010   pdf Government Response 52.25 Kb
pdfInquiry into Supported Accommodation for Victorians with a Disability and/or Mental Illness   December 2009   pdfGovernment Response
pdfInquiry on the Involvement of Small and Medium Size Business in Corporate Social Responsibility   August 2008   pdfGovernment Response


Funeral Industry Report Body Image Report Bulk Billing Report Community Advisory Committees Report


55th Parliament (2002-2006)   Tabled:    
pdfInquiry into Regulation of the Funeral Industry   November 2005   pdfGovernment Response
pdfInquiry into Issues Relating to the Development of Body Image by Young People
and Associated Effects on their Health and Wellbeing
  July 2005   pdfGovernment Response
pdfInquiry on the Impact on the Victorian Community and the Public Hospitals of the Diminishing Access
to After Hours and Bulk Billing General Practitioners
  September 2004   pdfGovernment Response
pdfInquiry on the Roles of Community Advisory Committees of Metropolitan Health Services   May 2004   pdfGovernment Response


54th Parliament (1999-2002)   Tabled:    
pdf Inquiry into the Conditions of Clothing Outworkers in Victoria   September 2002   pdf Government Response
pdf Inquiry into Marketplace Discrimination against Women Customers   November 2001   pdf Government Response
pdf The Effects of Television and Multimedia on Children and Families in Victoria   October 2000   pdf Government Response

Hard copies of the following titles are also available through the Commitee Office:

The Effects of Television and Multimedia on Children and Families in Victoria (Discussion Paper)   August 1998
Inquiry into Planning for Positive Ageing   December 1997
Inquiry into Planning for Positive Ageing (Executive Summary only)   December 1997
Inquiry into Persons Detained at the Governor's Pleasure   October 1995


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Function of the Committee

The Family and Community Development Committee is constituted under section 11 of the Parliamentary Committees Act 2003.

The committee's functions are to inquire into, consider and report to the Parliament on:

  1. any proposal, matter or thing concerned with:
    1. the family or the welfare of the family
    2. community development or the welfare of the community 
  2. the role of Government in community development and welfare, including the welfare of the family.