Past InquiriesCompleted Date
Inquiry into Perinatal Services20-06-2018
Inquiry into Services for People with Autism Spectrum Disorder22-06-2017
Inquiry into Abuse in Disability Services26-05-2016
Inquiry into the Social Inclusion of Victorians with a Disability17-09-2014
Inquiry into the Handling of Child Abuse by Religious and Other Organisations13-11-2013
Inquiry into Workforce Participation by People with a Mental Illness10-10-2012
Inquiry into Opportunities for Participation of Victorian Seniors14-08-2012
Inquiry into the Adequacy and Future Directions of Public Housing in Victoria06-10-2010
Inquiry into Supported Accommodation for Victorians with a Disability and/or Mental Illness12-01-2010
The Involvement of Small and Medium Size Business in Corporate Social Responsibility19-08-2008