Inquiry into Career Advice Activities in Victorian Schools


Submissions for this inquiry have closed. Once processed by the Committee, public submissions will be published on this page. 

For further information, please contact the Committee secretariat.

  1. pdfYear13(139.38 KB)
  2. pdfMr Mithat Demir(177.73 KB)
  3. pdfNotre Dame College(659.62 KB)
  4. pdfThe Knox School(622.35 KB)
  5. pdfName withheld(200.24 KB)
  6. pdfRosehill Secondary College(691.08 KB)
  7. pdfBalwyn High School(564.21 KB)
  8. pdfAustralian International Academy(222.36 KB)
  9. pdfMs Caroline O'Donnell(468.62 KB)
  10. pdfAcademy of Mary Immaculate(331.42 KB)
  11. pdfBrauer College(2.76 MB)
  12. pdfHallam Senior College(204.62 KB)
  13. pdfMs Sally Gilder(57.53 KB)
  14. pdfVictorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce(408.99 KB)
  15. pdfVictorian Parents Council(529.55 KB)
  16. pdfWallan Secondary College(407.49 KB
    a. pdfAttachment A(344.80 KB)
  17. pdfDr Mark Glazebrook(350.25 KB)
  18. pdfHair Beauty Australia(484.43 KB)
  19. pdfMr Lionel Parrott(204.90 KB)
  20. pdfBox Hill Institute Group(143.02 KB)
  21. pdfVictorian Local Learning and Employment Networks(975.09 KB)
  22. pdfVictorian Association of State Secondary Principals(458.31 KB)
  23. pdfMs Judy O'Donohue, Director/Career Practitioner/Consultant, Career Me Now(463.81 KB)
  24. pdfGoulburn Ovens TAFE (GOTAFE)(707.74 KB)
  25. pdfMs Catherine Armstrong(240.62 KB)
  26. pdfCareer Education Association of Victoria(936.17 KB)
    a. pdfAttachment A(1.21 MB)
  27. pdfAnglicare Victoria(180.41 KB)
  28. pdfTAFE Directors Australia(721.54 KB)
  29. pdfYouth Affairs Council of Victoria, Victorian Student Representative Council and Youth Disability Advocacy Service(710.16 KB)
  30. pdfThe Gordon(142.83 KB)
  31. pdfDoncaster Secondary College(819.14 KB)
  32. pdfMs Kerry Moloney(389.33 KB)
  33. pdfMr Scott Westray(62.60 KB)
  34. pdfG21–Geelong Region Alliance(239.02 KB)
  35. pdfNorth West Careers Group(538.38 KB)
  36. pdfNational Centre for Vocational Education Research(318.15 KB)
  37. pdfMr Bruce Connor(441.68 KB)
  38. pdfVictorian Aboriginal Education Association Incorporated(4.86 MB)
  39. pdfEltham College(622.07 KB)
  40. pdfSouth Gippsland Bass Coast Local Learning and Employment Network(341.11 KB)
  41. pdfAustralian Catholic University(162.75 KB)
  42. pdfTwoPointZero(582.33 KB)
  43. pdfVictorian Tertiary Admissions Centre(181.67 KB)
  44. pdfMoreland Darebin Careers Network(576.76 KB)
  45. pdfMs Amanda Ellwood(816.05 KB)
  46. River City Christian College
  47. pdfTertiary Information Service(251.51 KB)
  48. pdfVictorian National Disability Coordination Officer State Network(849.57 KB)
  49. pdfCatholic Regional College Sydenham(602.74 KB)
  50. pdfAi Group(1.27 MB)
  51. pdfVictorian TAFE Association(389.17 KB)
  52. pdfMr Karl Mahr(146.94 KB)
  53. pdfYoung Workers Centre(2.26 MB)
  54. pdfVictorian Council of Social Service(828.91 KB)
  55. pdfNorthern Melbourne VET Cluster and South East VET Cluster(473.90 KB)
  56. pdfGeelong Grammar School(685.82 KB)
  57. pdfHolmesglen Institute(115.76 KB)
  58. pdfMs Melyssa Fuqua(224.53 KB)
  59. pdfAmaze(669.08 KB)
  60. pdfMs Felicity Wilmot(404.23 KB)
  61. pdfCentre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare(151.67 KB)
  62. pdfIndependent Schools Victoria(117.22 KB)
  63. pdfKaniva College(409.10 KB)
  64. pdfMs Anne Trickey, Executive Officer, Campaspe Cohuna Local Learning and Employment Network(553.24 KB)
  65. pdfGood Education Group(505.40 KB)
  66. pdfVictorian Farmers Federation(696.43 KB)
  67. pdfMitchell Institute(686.36 KB)
  68. pdfMission Australia(3.86 MB)
  69. pdfNational Disability Services(5.83 MB)
  70. pdfAitken College(1.85 MB)
  71. pdfDandenong High School(387.28 KB)
  72. pdfFoundation for Young Australians(266.68 KB)
  73. pdfMr Tony Sheahan(626.52 KB)
  74. pdfHaileybury College and Haileybury Girl's College(720.28 KB)
  75. pdfBaw Baw Latrobe Local Learning and Employment Network(863.87 KB)
  76. pdfSt Francis Xavier College(564.71 KB)
  77. pdfBusiness Council of Australia(594.91 KB)
  78. pdfCatholic Education Commission of Victoria(543.03 KB)
  79. pdfAustralian Education Union, Victorian Branch(391.01 KB)
  80. pdfRestaurant & Catering Australia(1.04 MB)
  81. pdfMelbourne City Mission(989.05 KB)
  82. pdfParents Victoria(563.26 KB)
  83. pdfCarers Victoria(339.05 KB)
    a. pdfSupplementary Submission(423.23 KB)
  84. pdfCareer Development Association of Australia(376.72 KB)
  85. pdfLa Trobe University(793.67 KB)
    a. pdfAttachment A(1.40 MB)
  86. pdfMr Keith Brownbill(162.44 KB)
  87. pdfVictorian Multicultural Commission(502.27 KB)
    a. pdfSupplementary Submission(23.70 MB) 
  88. pdfDepartment of Education and Training(687.27 KB)
  89. pdfFutures Foundation(231.79 KB)
  90. pdfGreater Shepparton Lighthouse Project(782.39 KB)
  91. pdfMr Kenneth McLeod(211.86 KB)


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