Inquiry into Improving Safety for Older Road Users

Terms of Reference

Parliamentary Committees Act 1968

Order in Council

The Governor in Council under Section 4F(1)(a)(ii) of the Parliamentary Committees Act 1968 refers an inquiry into improving the safety of older road users in accordance with the terms of reference in Schedule 1 of this order.

This Order is effective from the date on which it is made.

Dated 22 May 2001

Responsible Minister


Schedule 1
Parliamentary Committees Act 1968


Road Safety Committee


The Victorian Government recognises that many older road users continue to drive and use Victoria’s roads safely for many years. However, changes associated with the ageing process may affect the safety of some older users of the road network.

As Victoria’s population ages it is important that the Government and the Parliament seek ways of maximising the continued safety and mobility of older road users.

The Governor in Council under Section 4F of the Parliamentary Committees Act 1968, refers the matters outlined below to the Road Safety Committee.

To inquire into, consider and make recommendations on the issues affecting the safety of older road users and in particular to report on –

1.      The extent to which older drivers, older pedestrians and other older road users are involved in motor vehicle accidents on Victorian roads, and the factors affecting severity of crash outcome for all older road users.

2.       Strategies and programs which assist older road users to retain their mobility.

3.      The suitability of the current arrangements for competency and medical testing for older drivers.

4.      The duration of licences issued to drivers, and the issue of restrictions, including those that can currently be placed on the licence, based on impairment of a driver’s ability to drive safely.

5.      The role of health services and government and other agencies in assisting older drivers to manage the transition from driver to non-driver.

6.      The mobility options available for older persons who give up driving, including public transport and the road safety implications of any alternative means of transport.

7.      The need for change to legislation or statutory requirements to implement any recommendations made as a result of this inquiry.

In conducting the inquiry, the Committee is requested to seek information from Government, non-Government Agencies, the community, aged care organisations, interstate and overseas jurisdictions and public transport providers.

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