Inquiry into Crashes Involving Roadside Objects

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference issued by resolution of the Legislative Assembly on 5 June 2003.

That pursuant to section 4F of the Parliamentary Committees Act 1968, the following matter be referred to the Road Safety Committee.

For inquiry, consideration and report by 31 March 2004 on:

  • the incidence, causes and appropriate means of addressing road crashes involving vehicles leaving the road and colliding with roadside objects;
  • the liability and accountability issues relating to roadside utility poles, trees and other fixed objects;
  • appropriate risk management guidelines and practices for roadside hazard management in various speed zones; and
  • the need for change to legislation or statutory requirements to implement any recommendations made as a result of this inquiry -

and, in conducting the inquiry, the committee is to seek information from government and non-government agencies, motoring and environmental organisations, local government, utility companies, the community and any other body responsible for the placement or removal of roadside objects. In particular, the committee is requested to examine practices in other jurisdictions.