Inquiry into the Incidence and Prevention of Pedestrian Accidents

Hearings and Transcript

The Road Safety Committee held public hearings on the Inquiry into the Incidence and Prevention of Pedestrian Accidents. Transcripts and presentations from the public hearings are available for download on this page.


19 April 2006


pdf Transcript (82.70 Kb)

Monash University Accident Research Centre
pdf Transcript (71.22 Kb)

Transport Accident Commission
pdf Transcript (41.93 Kb)


1 May 2006


Royal Automobile Club of Victoria
pdf Transcript (48.54 Kb)

Victoria Police
pdf Transcript (37.43 Kb)


29 May 2006


Liquor Licensing
pdf Transcript (38.65 Kb)

Municipal Association of Victoria
pdf Transcript (55.51 Kb)


19 June 2006


Breathometer/Premier Beer Systems and Services/Sale Police
pdf Transcript (89.27 Kb)

Australian Hotels Association
pdf Transcript (43.54 Kb)


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