Inquiry into Vehicle Safety

Terms of Reference

By resolution of the Legislative Assembly on 1 March 2007 –

(15) To the Road Safety Committee — for inquiry, consideration and report no later than 31 March 2008* on vehicle safety — and the Committee should:

(a) identify and prioritise those vehicle safety technologies that have the most potential for reducing the number of crashes and or the seriousness of injuries sustained in crashes;

(b) compare the level of safety provided by these leading edge technologies with the minimum regulated standards (Australian Design Rules);

(c) compare the rate of fitting of these leading edge technologies in Australia with that of other developed economies including Europe, the United States of America and Japan and identify any impediments to encourage their adoption;

(d) review the level of manufacturers/importers de-specifying (decision not to fit) vehicle safety technologies commonly available overseas to vehicles imported and sold in Australia;

(e) seek advice from high volume local vehicle makers and vehicle importers as to when the vehicles in their product ranges will have these high priority vehicle safety technologies; and

(f) recommend strategies for encouraging vehicle manufacturers to fit leading edge vehicle safety technologies to vehicles sold in Australia and for increasing the public's knowledge and demand for these technologies.

*Note: Report date extended to 31 August 2008 by resolution of the Legislative Assembly on 4 December 2007.