Past InquiriesCompleted Date
Inquiry into the Opportunities for Increasing Exports of Goods and Services from Regional Victoria03-09-2014
Inquiry into the Opportunities for People to Use Telecommuting and E-Business to Work Remotely in Rural and Regional Victoria05-02-2014
Inquiry into the Impact of Food Safety Regulation on Farm and Other Businesses21-03-2013
Inquiry into the Capacity of the Farming Sector to Attract and Retain Young Farmers and Respond to an Ageing Workforce06-06-2012
Inquiry into Proposed Changes to Taxation Arrangements for Managed Investment Schemes (Non-Forestry) - LAPSED02-11-2010
Inquiry into the Extent and Nature of Disadvantage and Inequity in Rural and Regional Victoria07-10-2010
Inquiry into Positioning the Wimmera-Mallee Pipeline Region to Capitalise on New Economic Development Opportunities30-08-2010
Inquiry into Regional Centres of the Future01-11-2009
Inquiry into Rural and Regional Tourism30-07-2008
Inquiry into Retaining Young People in Rural Towns and Communities03-10-2006
Inquiry on Regional Telecommuncations Infrastructure for Business18-07-2006
Inquiry into the Cause of Fatality and Injury on Victorian Farms09-08-2005
Inquiry into Country Football30-11-2004