Past InquiriesCompleted Date
Inquiry into Sexting29-05-2013
Inquiry into Access to and Interaction with the Justice System by People with an Intellectual Disability and Their Families and Carers05-03-2013
Inquiry into Access by Donor-Conceived People to Information About Donors28-03-2012
Inquiry into Arrangements for Security and Security Information Gathering for State Government Construction Projects06-10-2010
Inquiry into Access by Donor-Conceived People to Information About Donors (Interim Report, 56th Parliament)15-09-2010
Inquiry into Powers of Attorney31-08-2010
Review of the Members of Parliament (Register of Interests) Act 197809-12-2009
Inquiry into Alternative Dispute Resolution06-05-2009
Inquiry into Vexatious Litigants04-12-2008
Inquiry into Property Investment Advisers and Marketeers10-04-2008
Inquiry into the Law of Contempt of Court - LAPSED31-10-2006
Inquiry into the Administration and Probate Act 1958 - LAPSED31-10-2006
Inquiry into De Novo Appeals to the County Court24-10-2006
Inquiry into the Review of the Coroner's Act 198514-09-2006
Inquiry into Warrant Powers and Procedures16-11-2005
Inquiry into Administration of Justice Offences02-06-2004
Inquiry into Forensic Sampling and DNA Databases in Criminal Investigations03-03-2004
Inquiry into Oaths and Affirmations with Reference to the Multicultural Community30-10-2002
Inquiry into the Powers of Entry, Search, Seizure and Questioning by Authorised Persons30-05-2002
Review of the Theatres Act 195831-05-2001
Review of Legal Services in Rural and Regional Victoria31-05-2001
Inquiry into Technology and the Law28-05-1999
Inquiry into Criminal Liability for Actions Performed in a State of Self-induced Intoxication26-05-1999
Review of the Fences Act 196811-11-1998
Inquiry into Jury Service in Victoria04-12-1997
Inquiry into Regulatory Efficiency Legislation30-10-1997
Inquiry into the Legal Liability of Health Service Providers21-05-1997
Curbing the Phoenix Company23-11-1995
Inquiry into Restitution for Victims of Crime01-06-1994
Inquiry into Reforming the Law of Wills19-05-1994