Inquiry into Access to and Interaction with the Justice System by People with an Intellectual Disability and Their Families and Carers

Hearings and Transcripts

Hearings and transcripts

The Law Reform Committee tabled its final report for this Inquiry on 5 March 2013. There will be no further public hearings for this Inquiry.

The Law Reform Committee held public hearings for the Inquiry into access to and interaction with the justice system by people with an intellectual disability and their families and carers on:


A list of witnesses is available below. Transcripts are available for download in PDF format.

Monday 24 October 2011

1:00pm - 4:15pm
Legislative Council Committee Room
Parliament House
Spring Street
East Melbourne  VIC  3002




Ms Patricia Malowney, Deputy Chair

Ms Lee Ann Basser

Ms Jody Saxton-Barney

Ms Annie Stringer, Senior Policy Officer, Office for Disability

Victorian Disability Advisory Council

pdf Transcript - pdf 38.32 Kb

Mr Laurie Harkin, Disability Services Commissioner

Ms Lynne Coulson Barr, Deputy Disability Services Commissioner

Ms Jo-Anne Mazzeo, Senior Legal and Policy Officer

Office of the Disability Services Commissioner

pdf Transcript - pdf 32.05 Kb

Ms Colleen Pearce, Public Advocate

Dr John Chesterman, Manager, Policy and Education

Ms Lois Bedson, Policy and Research Officer

Office of the Public Advocate

pdf Transcript - pdf 34.44 Kb

Dr Chris Atmore, Policy Officer

Ms Julie Phillips, Manager, Disability Discrimination Legal Centre

Federation of Community Legal Centres

pdf Transcript - pdf 31.77 Kb

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Monday 7 November 2011

12:00pm - 4:30pm
Room G1
55 St Andrews Place
East Melbourne  VIC  3002




Mr Bradley Roberts, Education and Outreach Adviser

Legal Services Commissioner

pdf Transcript - pdf 36.66 Kb

Mr Kevin Stone, Executive Officer, Victorian Advocacy League for Individuals with Disability (VALID)

Ms Rhonda Lawson-Street, State Manager, National Disability Services Victoria

Mr Jieh-Yung Lo, Policy Officer, National Disability Services Victoria

Ms Dariane McLean, Advocate, VALID

Mr John McKenna, Advocate, VALID

Mr Karl Jenkins, EW Tipping Foundation

Coalition for Disability Rights

pdf Transcript - pdf 53.33 Kb

Mr Stan Pappos, Housing Services Manager

Australian Community Support Organisation

pdf Transcript - pdf 35.52 Kb

Ms Kristen Hilton, Director of Civil Justice Access and Equity

Ms Carrie O'Shea, Senior Criminal Lawyer, Criminal Law Directorate

Victoria Legal Aid

pdf Transcript - pdf 43.84 Kb

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Mildura, Wednesday 16 November 2011

11:00am - 2:30pm
Committee Room
Mildura Council Deakin Avenue Service Centre
74-86 Deakin Avenue




Mr Roger Steel, Co-coordinator of Disability Services

Mallee Accommodation and Support Program

pdf Transcript - pdf 30.41 Kb

Ms Jan Kennedy, Program Manager

Mildura Court Network

pdf Transcript - pdf 26.14 Kb

Mr Tony Masterson, Manager

Murray Mallee Community Legal Service

pdf Transcript - pdf 20.57 Kb

Ms Marilyn Sobkowiak, Service Co-coordinator

Sunraysia Residential Services

pdf Transcript - pdf 18.49 Kb

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Ballarat, Thursday 17 November 2011

10:30am - 4:00pm
Reading Room
Craig's Royal Hotel
10 Lydiard Street




Ms Fiona Tipping (Advocate)

Mr Michael Bernard (Individual)

Grampians disAbility Advocacy Association

pdf Transcript - pdf 33.57 Kb

Mr John Burt (Principal)

Ballarat Specialist School

pdf Transcript - pdf 26.25 Kb

Ms Jane Penberthy (Principal Lawyer)

Central Highlands Community Legal Centre

pdf Transcript - pdf 30.95 Kb

Ms Mary Mangan (Managing Lawyer)

Mr Jacob Torney (Senior Lawyer)

Victoria Legal Aid, Central Highlands Regional Office

pdf Transcript - pdf 40.10 Kb

Mr Philip Lynch (President)

Ms Dianne Hadden (Honorary Treasurer)

Ballarat and District Law Association

pdf Transcript - pdf 41.45 Kb

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Melbourne, Tuesday 21 February 2012

9:40am - 4:00pm
Meeting Room G2
55 St Andrews Place
East Melbourne  VIC  3002




Ms Susan Timmins, Policy Officer, Ethnic Communities' Council of Victoria

Mr Keith Hitchen, Executive Director, Action on Disability within Ethnic Communities

Mr Alistair Maule, Solicitor, Association of Employees with Disability Legal Centre

Mr Alf Francett, Program Director, Eastern Regional Mental Health Association

Ms Nadine Hantke, Team Leader, Eastern Regional Mental Health Association

Ethnic Communities' Council of Victoria

pdf Transcript - pdf 53.40 Kb

Ms Kerry Stringer, Chair

Mr Marc Paradin, Policy Officer

Victorian Coalition of ABI Service Providers

pdf Transcript - pdf 26.15 Kb

Mr Kevin Stone, Executive Officer

Mr John McKenna

Ms Darianne McLean11:20am - 12:00pm

VALID (Victorian Advocacy League for Individuals with Disabilities) and Carers Victoria

pdf Transcript - pdf 55.02 Kb

Ms Jan Ashford, Chief Executive Officer

Communication Rights Australia

pdf Transcript - pdf 26.04 Kb

Ms Julie Boffa, Policy Manager

Mr Daniel Clements, Manager, Brosnan Centre

Jesuit Social Services

pdf Transcript - pdf 53.41 Kb

Mr Nick Rushworth, Executive Officer

Brain Injury Australia

pdf Transcript - pdf 39.06 Kb

Mr Trevor Carroll, Executive Officer

Disability Justice Advocacy

pdf Transcript - pdf 51.90 Kb

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Tuesday 20 March 2012

10:30am - 4:00pm
The Boardroom
Geelong RSL
50 Barwon Heads Road




Mr Richard Coverdale, Director

Centre for Rural Regional Law and Justice, Deakin University

pdf Transcript - pdf 33.30 Kb

Ms Glenda Laby, Advocacy Coordinator

Assert 4 All, Barwon Disability Resource Council

pdf Transcript - pdf 25.32 Kb

Ms Dot Leigh, parent

Dr Brian Donovan, parent

Mr James Patterson, parent

Mrs Mary Patterson, parent

Geelong Parent Network

pdf Transcript - pdf 56.67 Kb

Ms Jacqui Pierce, individual

pdf Transcript - pdf 49.17 Kb

Ms Di Leverett, Principal

Nelson Park School

pdf Transcript - pdf 30.96 Kb

Mr Daniel Moyle, Coordinator, Youth Justice Community Support Service

Ms Danielle Rygiel, Coordinator, Youth Connections

Barwon Youth

pdf Transcript - pdf 30.09 Kb

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Monday 16 April 2012

3:00pm - 4:00pm
Room G2
55 St Andrews Place
East Melbourne VIC 3002




Ms Jan Shuard, Deputy Commissioner, Offender Management Division

Mr Peter Persson, Manager, Disability, Youth and Ageing Portfolio

Corrections Victoria

pdf Transcript - pdf 67.27 Kb

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Monday 30 April

1:20pm - 4:30pm
Room G2
55 St Andrews Place
East Melbourne VIC 3002




Mr Matthew Andison, Senior Solicitor, Policy and Advice Directorate

Office of Public Prosecutions

pdf Transcript - pdf 39.05 Kb

Commander Ashley Dickinson, Operations and Coordinations Department

Victoria Police

pdf Transcript - pdf 49.14 Kb

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Monday 21 May

1:00pm - 4:40pm
Room G2
55 St Andrews Place
East Melbourne VIC 3002




Professor Susan Hayes

Behavioural Sciences in Medicine, Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney

pdf Transcript - pdf 41.81 Kb

Ms Deidre Griffiths, Principal Solicitor and Executive Officer

Mr Vivian Avery, Lawyer

Villamanta Disability Rights Legal Service

pdf Transcript - pdf 39.54 Kb

Mr Michael Holcroft, President

Law Institute of Victoria

pdf Transcript - pdf 30.71 Kb

Mr John Lesser, Magistrate

Mr Glenn Rutter, Manager, Court Support and Diversion Services

Mr Glen Hardy, Program Analyst, Assessment and Referral Court List

Magistrates’ Court of Victoria

pdf Transcript - pdf 64.70 Kb

Judge Paul Grant, President

Mr Francis Zemljak, Magistrate

Children’s Court

pdf Transcript - pdf 34.44 Kb

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Monday 28 May 2012

11:10am - 3:50pm
Reception Room
Bendigo Town Hall
189-193 Hargreaves Street




Ms Tabitha O’Shea, Community Lawyer

Seniors Rights Victoria

pdf Transcript - pdf 36.15 Kb

Mr Ian McLean, Chief Executive Officer

Golden City Support Services

pdf Transcript - pdf 36.35 Kb

Ms Anna Howard, Principal Solicitor

Loddon Campaspe Community Legal Centre

pdf Transcript - pdf 43.24 Kb

Ms Chris Jacksen, Coordinator, Victims Assistance and Counselling Program

Ms Helenmary Dingwall, Team Leader, Victims Assistance and Counselling Program

Ms Sheree McCallum, Case Manager

St Luke’s Anglicare

pdf Transcript - pdf 41.66 Kb

Ms Eileen Oates, Chief Executive Officer

Loddon Campaspe Centre Against Sexual Assault

pdf Transcript - pdf 48.16 Kb

Mr Luke Docherty, President

Mr Lachlan Singe, Treasurer

Bendigo Law Association

pdf Transcript - pdf 39.23 Kb

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