Inquiry into the Impact of Unmet Demand for Higher Education

Terms of Reference

The Parliament of Victoria has referred to the Education and Training Committee a reference to inquire into, consider and report on the impact of the high levels of unmet demand for places in higher education institutions on Victoria, and in particular to consider:
  1. the relationship between unmet demand and high-level skill shortages in the Victorian economy;
  2. whether unmet demand has a negative effect on Victorian industry;
  3. how the demand for teaching and nursing places is affected by insufficient numbers of HECS places (ie. in courses not available as full-fee paying courses);
  4. how unmet demand impacts on the demand for TAFE places;
  5. the degree to which commonwealth higher education funding policies directly contribute to unmet demand; and
  6. the need at a national level to improve cooperative arrangements between the vocational education and training and higher education sectors.

The Committee was required to report to Parliament by 30 June 2004.

By resolution of the Legislative Assembly

Dated: 3 June 2003