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20 June 2012


Victoria’s education system is failing the state’s best and brightest students, a report by the Victorian Parliament’s Education and Training Committee has found.

“There is a widespread misconception that gifted students will succeed without any extra assistance,” said the Committee’s Chair, Mr David Southwick MP. “However, gifted students need to be continually challenged and stimulated at school if they are to reach their full potential.”

There are an estimated 85 000 gifted students in Victoria – 10% of the student population. These students may be gifted in areas as diverse as language to leadership, and science to sport.

The report calls for the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development to formulate a comprehensive strategy to address the needs of Victoria’s gifted students. Mr Southwick said, “Identifying and supporting the gifted students of today is vital to ensuring Victoria has the leaders of tomorrow. In the past this area of policy has often been filled with stop gap, ad hoc measures when a consistent, state-wide approach is needed to ensure every student in every school receives an education suited to their individual needs and abilities.”

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