Inquiry into the Energy Services Industry

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The reference required the Committee to inquire into and report to Parliament on a number of issues surrounding the development of the energy services industry in Victoria, including the range of services and technologies available and the main barriers to, and drivers for, the development and uptake of energy services in Victoria. The full terms of reference can be viewed here.

During the inquiry the Committee received 32 written submissions and met with 87 individuals and organisations. The final report was tabled in Parliament on 15 June 2006 and contained 27 recommendations that the Committee believes will assist the energy services industry and promote improved energy efficiency in Victoria.



pdf  Final_Report_on_the_Inquiry_into_the_Energy_Services_Industry.pdf 1.10Mb



The Victorian Government tabled their response to the Committee's report in Parliament on 13 September 2006.

pdf Government response - Inquiry into the Energy Services Industry .pdf 1.77 Mb







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