Inquiry into the Energy Services Industry

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Inquiry into the Energy Services Industry

Energy efficiency services are commercial services that lead to improved energy efficiency, demand side management and greater use of renewable energy in the built environment. A healthy and competitive energy efficiency services sector is an essential prerequisite for an efficient, low-emissions economy, as it provides the skills, technologies, advice and services necessary for the transformation of the built environment.

In this context, the Environment and Natural Resources Committee is requested to inquire into and report to Parliament on:

  1. the progress made to date in developing the energy efficiency services industry in Victoria , including its market size and characteristics, profitability, capacity and composition;
  2. the range of services and technologies available and the diversity of business models, compared with those in other OECD countries;
  3. the competitiveness of the Victorian energy efficiency services industry in the Australian and international contexts;
  4. the main barriers to, and drivers for, the development and uptake of energy efficiency services in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors;
  5. the adequacy of training, accreditation and performance guarantee arrangements for the sector, including the appropriateness of standards and protocols for performance measurement and identification of skills gaps;
  6. measures to promote the energy efficiency services industry, including the production of data on the performance of various technologies and information to identify and facilitate investment in the energy services industry; and
  7. the roles of State Government and Federal bodies in developing and regulating an energy efficiency services industry, including the impact that a future greenhouse gas emissions trading scheme might have.

The Committee is required to report to Parliament by 15 June 2006 .

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