Past InquiriesCompleted Date
Inquiry into Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design in Victoria26-06-2013
Inquiry into Locally Based Approaches to Community Safety and Crime Prevention05-06-2012
Inquiry into Violence and Security Arrangements in Victorian Hospitals08-12-2011
Inquiry into the Impact of Drug-related Offending on Female Prisoner Numbers06-10-2010
Inquiry into Strategies to Reduce Assaults in Public Places in Victoria02-09-2010
Inquiry into People Trafficking for Sex Work08-07-2010
Inquiry into Strategies to Prevent High Volume Offending and Recidivism by Young People28-07-2009
Inquiry into Misuse/Abuse of Benzodiazepines and other forms of Pharmaceutical Drugs in Victoria06-12-2007
Inquiry into Strategies to Reduce Harmful Alcohol Consumption28-03-2006
Inquiry into the Issue of Amphetamines and Party Drug Use in Victoria01-05-2005
Inquiry of Violence Associated with Motor Vehicle Use01-04-2005
Inquiry into White Collar Crime01-01-2004
Inquiry into Motor Vehicle Theft01-10-2002
Inquiry into the incidence of Crime in Victoria01-10-2002
Inquiry into the Inhalation of Volatile Substances01-09-2002
Inquiry into Public Drunkenness01-06-2001
Inquiry into the Records of the Lapsed Inquiry into the Implementation of the Government's Drug Reform Strategy01-03-2000
Inquiry Into the Implementation of the Victorian Government’s Drug Reform Strategy - 'Turning the Tide' 01-12-1997
Inquiry into Sexual Offences Against Children and Adults04-12-1996
Inquiry into Personal Safety on the Public Transport System25-11-1993