Terms of Reference

To the Family and Community Development Committee for inquiry, consideration and report no later than 1 March 2008 on the involvement of small and medium size businesses in corporate social responsibility and, in conducting the inquiry, the Committee is to:

  1. investigate current Australian initiatives where small and medium size businesses have developed innovative ways of working with governments and community groups to support communities;
  2. examine the international context and emerging trends with overseas initiatives relevant to corporate social responsibility amongst small and medium size businesses aimed at tackling social disadvantage;
  3. investigate how small and medium size businesses could play a role in tackling disadvantage in local communities and making communities stronger, particularly how they can partner with government and community groups to work in the areas of most need;
  4. determine the barriers and the drivers for small and medium sized businesses to become involved in social responsibility initiatives and options for addressing those barriers and increasing the drivers;
  5. examine the barriers to sustainability of business and corporate social responsibility initiatives for small and medium sized businesses.