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Victorian Parliamentary Former Members Association

The Victorian Parliamentary Former Members Association (VPFMA) is an incorporated association (Reg.No.A0094073P) for the approximately 300 Victorian retired members of the state parliament. It acts as an advocacy, wellbeing and social group. All former members are welcome to join and the annual membership fee is $25.

For an up-to-date copy of the VPFMA Handbook, and recent Newsletters, please email John Lenders.

Upcoming VPFMA events 

  • Launch of Deakin Review - Date and location TBC
  • VPFMA AGM - Parliament House - 10th December 2021
  • Christmas Lunch - Queens Hall - 10th December 2021


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Farewell Former Colleagues

During 2021 five former colleagues have sadly passed away.  The VPFMA send its condolences to their families and tries to keep former members informed of such sad passings.


Making the Law - Part 2

Making the Law (Part 2)

Making the Law - Part 1


Making the Law (Part 1)

Passage of the Constitution Act 1975 through Parliament

Passage of the Constitution Act 1975 through Parliament

Find a scanned copy of the original Constitution Act 1975, reserved for royal assent by the Governor, here.

Below outlines its passage through Parliament in further detail.

To view the debates and contributions, use the Hansard from the 46th Parliament and the below dates.

9 April 1975

The Bill was introduced and the first reading passed the Legislative Assembly.

1 May 1975

The Bill was declared as 'urgent', and the second and third readings were passed on the same day.

The Bill was then introduced and the first reading passed in the Legislative Council.

6 - 8 May 1975

The Bill passed its second and third readings (with amendments), and sent back to the Assembly requesting agreement.

8 May 1975

Message received from the Legislative Council asking the Assembly to agree to the Bill with amendments. Assembly agree to the amendments and the Bill is prepared for Royal Assent.

20 May 1975

Constitution Act 1975 is reserved for Royal Assent.

For the Assembly, see here.

For the Council, see here.

22 October 1975

Constitution Act 1975 assented to.

19 November 1975

Proclamation of the Royal Assent is published in the Victoria Government Gazette.

1 December 1975

Constitution Act 1975 comes into operation.


Further information on the original Victorian Constitution (Constitution Act 1854) can be found here.