Inquiry into End of Life Choices

Government Response

Government Response

The Government response to this report was tabled in Parliament on 8 December 2016.

 pdfGovernment Response(PDF 805.01 KB)


Media Releases

pdf09 JUN 2016 Reforms recommended for end of life choices(PDF 325.83 KB)

pdf22 FEB 2016 Expert witnesses at end of life choices hearing(PDF 325.53 KB)

pdf24 NOV 2015 Next hearing on end of life choices(PDF 322.96 KB)

pdf16 NOV 2015 Diversity of witnesses for end of life choices hearing(PDF 324.83 KB)

pdf28 OCT 2015 Mornington hearing on end of life choices(PDF 319.77 KB)

pdf20 OCT 2015 Next hearing on end of life choices(PDF 112.92 KB)

pdf13 OCT 2015 Committee to make Advance Care Plans at end of life choices hearing(PDF 112.02 KB)

pdf5 OCT 2015 The law and end of life choices(PDF 110.87 KB)

pdf15 SEP 2015 Melbourne hearing on end of life choices(PDF 109.94 KB)

pdf03 SEP 2015 Gippsland hearing on end of life choices(PDF 113.55 KB)

pdf19 AUG 2015 Further hearings on end of life choices(PDF 113.46 KB)

pdf14 AUG 2015 Ethics explored at next hearing on end of life choices(PDF 119.98 KB)

pdf11 AUG 2015 Hearings in Bendigo and Shepparton on end of life choices(PDF 114.53 KB)

pdf05 AUG 2015 Eminent physicians to discuss end of life choices(PDF 111.72 KB)

pdf03 AUG 2015 Submission time extended for end of life choices(PDF 111.47 KB)

pdf28 JUL 2015 Regional hearings on end of life choices(PDF 112.46 KB)

pdf23 JUL 2015 First hearing tomorrow on end of life choices(PDF 119.42 KB)

pdf17 JUL 2015 July start for hearings on end of life choices(PDF 114.65 KB)

pdf 28 MAY 2015 Community views sought on choices for end of life (PDF 105.77 KB)

News Stories

28 MAY 2015 News Alert

Inquiry Videos




Final Report

The Final Report and a Summary Booklet were tabled in Parliament on 9 June 2016.

The Final Report is available in pdfPDF format(4.64 MB) or HTML format.

The Summary Booklet is available in pdfPDF format(1.06 MB).

LSIC 58 05 Cover WEB LSIC 58 05 Booklet Cover WEB

Hard copies of both Reports are available for collection from the Council Table Office at Parliament House.


Interim Report

The Interim Report was tabled in Parliament on 10 November 2015 and is available in pdfPDF format(996.84 KB).

Hearings and Transcripts

Public Hearing Schedule

Wednesday 24 February 2016

Knight Kerr Room, Parliament House
pdf24 February 2016 - Public Hearing Programme(PDF 355.78 KB)

 Time  Witness Transcripts 
7.00 pm

St Vincent's Hospital & Collaborative Centre of The University of Melbourne
Professor Peter Hudson, Director, Centre for Palliative Care

Associate Professor Mark Boughey, Director, Palliative Medicine & Co-Deputy Director, Centre for Palliative Care
Associate Professor Jennifer Phillip, Deputy Director of Palliative Medicine & Co-Deputy Director of the Centre for Palliative Care

 pdfTranscript(PDF 66.58 KB)
7.45 pm

Australian Medical Association Victoria
Dr Anthony Bartone, President

pdfTranscript(PDF 51.01 KB)
8.30 pm

University of Melbourne
Professor John Tobin, Co-Director of Studies, Human Rights Law, Melbourne Law School

pdfTranscript(PDF 78.02 KB)

pdfPresentation(PDF 312.75 KB)


Wednesday 25 November 2015

Legislative Council Committee Room, Parliament House
pdf25 November 2015 - Public Hearing Programme(PDF 362.59 KB)

Time Witness Transcripts
7.00 pm

Department of Health and Human Services 
Kim Peake, Secretary

Simone Corin, Director Health Programs Branch
Jackie Kearney, Project Director End of Life Care Health Service Programs

pdfTranscript(PDF 48.74 KB) 
7.45 pm

Avant Mutual Group
Georgie Haysom, Head of Advocacy

pdfTranscript(PDF 45.25 KB)  


Wednesday 18 November 2015

Legislative Council Committee Room, Parliament House
pdf18 November 2015 - Public Hearing Programme(PDF 360.63 KB)

Time Witness Transcripts
9.15 am

Law Institute of Victoria
Bill O'Shea, Health Law & Elder Law Committees

Michelle Whtye, Senior Lawyer, Legal Policy

pdfTranscript(PDF 62.94 KB)

10.00 am

Office of the Health Services Commissioner
Dr Grant Davies, Health Services Commissioner

pdfTranscript(PDF 23.03 KB)
10.30 am

Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne
Monsignor Anthony Ireland STD EV PP, Episcopal Vicar for Health, Aged and Disability Care

Father Anthony Kerin JLC EV PP, Episcopal Vicar for Life, Marriage and Family

pdfTranscript(PDF 70.88 KB)

pdfPresentation(PDF 334.75 KB)

11.30 am

Jason (Jay) Franklin
(Personal Capacity)

pdfTranscript(PDF 29.62 KB)

12 noon


12.30 pm

Ambulance Victoria
Ian Patrick, General Manager Clinical and Community Services

pdfTranscript(PDF 49.29 KB)
1.15 pm

Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation
Mark Staaf, Professional Officer

pdfTranscript(PDF 49.73 KB)

pdfPresentation(PDF 206.92 KB)

1.45 pm

Office of the Public Advocate
Colleen Pearce, Public Advocate

Phil Grano, Principal Legal Officer
Dr John Chesterman, Director of Strategy

pdfTranscript(58.89 KB)

2.45 pm


3.00 pm

Right to Life Australia
Dr Katrina Haller, Chief Executive Officer

pdfTranscript(PDF 44.70 KB)
3.30 pm

Andrew Denton
Broadcaster & Journalist

pdfTranscript(PDF 68.95 KB)



Thursday 29 October 2015 - Regional hearing

Library Meeting Room, Vancouver Street, Mornington 3931

pdf29 October 2015 - Public Hearing Programme (365.51 KB)

Time Witness Transcripts

Rory Godbold

Tara Szafraniec
(Personal Capacity)

pdfTranscript(PDF 43.02 KB)
10.30 am

Mornington Peninsula Shire Council
Helen Ridgeway, Positive Ageing Officer

pdfTranscript(PDF 36.49 KB)
11.00 am

Peninsula Care Planning Group
Rosemarie Draper, Deputy Chair

Royal District Nursing Services (RDNS)
Michelle Clancy, Team Leader Palliative Care

pdfTranscript(PDF 50.15 KB)
11.45 am

Ageing Well Alliance (Peninsula Model)
Lisa Rollinson, Chairperson

pdfTranscript(PDF 29.69 KB)
1.00 pm

Tom Valenta
(Personal Capacity)

pdfTranscript(PDF 36.78 KB)
1.30 pm

 Mary Waterman
(Personal Capacity)

pdfTranscript(PDF 39.36 KB)
2.00 pm

Peninsula Advisory Committee for Elders (PACE)
William Darby, Chairperson

pdfTranscript(PDF 34.52 KB)
2.30 pm

Flinders Medical Centre
Dr Doug Gaze

pdfTranscript(PDF 32.02 KB)
3.00 pm

Peninsula Health
David Goldberg, General Counsel

Dr Peter Lynch, Clinical Director, Aged-Care Medicine

pdfTranscript(PDF 86 KB)



Wednesday 21 October 2015

Legislative Council Committee Room, Parliament House

pdf21 October 2015 - Public Hearing Programme(PDF 364.24 KB)

Time Witness Transcripts
7.00 pm

National Seniors Advisory Group
Arnold Bates, Chair, Policy Advisory Committee

Vicki Davidson, Committee Member

pdfTranscript(PDF 37.28 KB)
7.30 pm

Australian Centre for Health Research (ACHR)
Alan Castleman, Chairman

Rebecca Bartel, Chief Executive

pdfTranscript(PDF 51.76 KB)

pdfPresentation(PDF 4.69 MB)

8.00 pm

Norman Geschke O.B.E.
Personal capacity

 pdfTranscript (PDF 30.83 KB)
8.30 pm
Neil Francis

 pdfTranscript(PDF 59.17 KB)


Thursday 15 October 2015

Legislative Council Committee Room, Parliament House

pdf15 October 2015 - Public Hearing Programme(PDF 356.57 KB)

Time Witness Transcripts
10.00 am

Barwon Health
Professor Charlie Corke, Intensive Care Specialist

 pdfTranscript(PDF 93.52 KB)
11.30 am

Graeme Lovell
Personal capacity

 pdfTranscript (PDF 34.7 KB)
12.00 pm

Christians Supporting Choice for Voluntary Euthanasia
Ian Wood, National Convenor

 pdfTranscript (PDF 33.41 KB)
12.30 pm

Physiotherapist in Palliative Care
Mary Hocking

pdfTranscript(PDF 23.84 KB)
12.45 pm

Monash University
Professor David Kissane, Head Discipline of Psychiatry

pdf Transcript(PDF 65.26 KB)
2.30 pm

Doctors for Voluntary Euthanasia Choice
Dr Ken Harvey, Member

 pdfTranscript(PDF 38.91 KB)
3.15 pm

Alfred Health
Associate Professor Peter Hunter, Geriatrician and Director of Aged Care

pdfTranscript(PDF 45.52 KB)


Wednesday 14 October 2015

Legislative Council Committee Room, Parliament House

pdf14 October 2015 - Public Hearing Programme(PDF 357.24 KB)

Time Witness Transcripts
10.00 am

Alzheimers Australia Vic.
Maree McCabe, Chief Executive Officer
Dr. David Sykes, General Manager, Learning and Development

 pdfTranscript(PDF 57.71 KB)
10.45 am

Council of the Ageing Vic.
Sue Hendy, Chief Executive Officer
Janet Wood, Former President

 pdfTranscript(PDF 49.8 KB)
11.30 am

Lachlan Smith
Personal Capacity

 pdfTranscript(PDF 29.58 KB)
1.00 pm

Dying With Dignity Vic.
Lesley Vick, President
Dr. Rodney Syme, Vice President

 pdfTranscript(PDF 63.19 KB)
1.45 pm

Institute for Judaism and Civilization
Rabbi Dr. Shimon Cowen, Director

 pdfTranscript(PDF 41.43 KB)

2.30 pm

Melbourne City Mission
Tracey Mander, Manager Palliative Care
Deborah Fewster, Head of Policy, Advocacy and Government Relations

 pdfTranscript(PDF 52.79 KB)

pdfPresentation(PDF 235.57 KB)

pdfAnswer to Question on Notice(PDF 144.93 KB)

3.15 pm

Royal Children's Hospital
Dr Jenny Hynson, Head, Victorian Paediatric Palliative Care Program

 pdfTranscript(PDF 50.03 KB)


Wednesday 7 October 2015

Legislative Council Committee Room, Parliament House

pdf7 October 2015 - Public Hearing Programme(PDF 353.45 KB)

 Time  Witness Transcripts 
7.00 pm

Coroners Court
Coroner Caitlin English
Coroner John Olle
Jeremy Dwyer, Manager, Coroners Prevention Unit

 pdfTranscript(PDF 81.22 KB)
8.00 pm

Victoria Police
Acting Crime Commander Rod Wilson, Crime Command
Detective Inspector Mick Hughes, Homicide Squad

 pdfTranscript(PDF 40.69 KB)


Wednesday 16 September 2015

Legislative Council Committee Room, Parliament House

 Time  Witness Transcripts 
 7.00 pm Hon Rod Mackenzie
Chair of the Social Development Committee's Inquiry into Options for Dying with Dignity

 pdfTranscript(PDF 34.67 KB)
7.30 pm

Cabrini Health
Dr Natasha Michael, Director, Palliative Care

pdf Transcript(PDF 42.26 KB)
8.00 pm

Suzanne Jensen
Personal capacity

pdf Transcript(PDF 22.75 KB)
8.30 pm

Australian Christian Lobby
Dan Flynn, Victorian Director

pdf Transcript(PDF 44.4 KB)


Wednesday 9 September 2015 - Regional hearing

Century Inn, 5 Airfield Road (Corner Princes Hwy), Traralgon, 3844 in the Century Room - 10.00am to 4.15pm.

pdf9 September 2015 - Public Hearing Programme(PDF 355.99 KB)

 Time  Witness Transcripts 
 10.00 am Gippsland Region Palliative Care Consortia
Vicki Doherty, Director

Irene Murphy, Regional Nurse Practitioner Mentor

pdfTranscript(PDF 52.88 KB)
10.45 am

Peninsula Health
Dr Brian McDonald, Clinical Director, Palliative Care 

pdfTranscript(PDF 34.89 KB)
11.15 am

Gippsland Carers Association Inc
Melissa Marr, Carer Mentor
Cr Dale Harriman, Mayor, Latrobe City Council

pdfTranscript(PDF 45.61 KB)
11.45 am

Norma Kelly
Personal capacity

pdfTranscript(PDF 32.35 KB)
12.45 pm

Latrobe Community Health Service, Morwell
Naomi Griffiths, Assistant Manager Ambulatory Care
Jenny Turra, Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner
Dr Luke Williams, Clinical Lead

pdfTranscript(PDF 50.15 KB)
1.30 pm

Latrobe Regional Hospital
Dr Simon Fraser, Chief Medical Officer
Amanda Cameron, Acting CEO, Director, Nursing, Midwifery and Clinical Services
Dr Tricia Wright, Physician

pdfTranscript(PDF 0.89 KB)
2.30 pm

Terri Eskdale
Personal capacity

pdfTranscript(PDF 24.58 KB)
3.00 pm

Gippsland Lakes Community Health
Cheryl Bush, Executive Manager Clinical and Nursing Services
Nicola Gorwell, Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner Candidate

pdfTranscript(PDF 48.3 KB)
3.30 pm

Calvary Healthcare Bethlehem
Dr Jane Fischer, Chief Executive Officer/Medical Director

pdfTranscript(PDF 30.64 KB)
4.00 pm

Comments from the floor
Tony Paul

pdfTony Paul(PDF 12.7 KB)


Wednesday 19 August 2015

Legislative Council Committee Room, Parliament House

Time   Witness  Transcripts
 7.00 pm

Professor Julian Savulescu
Oxford University, Uehiro Chair in Practical Ethics
Director, Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics
Director, Oxford Centre for Nuroethics
Sir Louis Matheson Distinguished Visiting Professor, Monash University
Doctoris Honoris Causa, University of Bucharest
Editor in Chief of the Journal of Medical Ethics

 pdfTranscript(PDF 68.39 KB)
 8.00 pm Dr Ranjana Srivastava

Adjunct Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Monash University
Author (Dying for a Chat; Tell me the Truth; Conversations with my patients about life and death)
Columnist, Guardian newspaper
Presenter, ABC Television and Radio National

 pdfTranscript(PDF 74.02 KB)


Thursday 13 August 2015

Goulburn Valley Health, Elsie Jones Education Centre, Room 4, Graham Street Campus, Shepparton. 

 Time  Witness Transcripts 
 9.30 am Goulburn Valley Health
Carolyn Hargreaves, After Hours Hospital Manager
 pdfTranscript(PDF 33.65 KB)
 10.00 am West Hume Palliative Care Consultany Service
Annette Cudmore, Clinical Nurse Consultant Palliative Care
 pdfTranscript(PDF 21.41 KB)
 10.30 am

Goulburn Valley Health and West Hume Palliative Care Consultancy Service
Annette Cudmore, Clinical Nurse Consultant Palliative Care, West Hume Palliative Care Consultany Service
Dr Arup Bhattacharya, Divisional Clinical Director, Medical, Goulburn Valley Health

pdf Transcript(PDF 49.35 KB)
 11.00 am

Goulburn Valley Health
Vin White, Nurse Unit Manager, Intensive Care Unit

  pdfTranscript(PDF 38.28 KB)
 11.30 am Goulburn Valley Hospice Care Service
Carmel Smith Executive Manager
John Hetherington, President, Committee of Management
 pdf Transcript(PDF 63.73 KB)
 12.30 pm Central Hume Primary Care Partnership
Dr Margi Gould, General Practitioner, Yarrawonga Medical Clinic
 pdfTranscript(PDF 44.97 KB)
 1.00 pm

Private capacity
Ronald Henney

 pdfTranscript(PDF 29.57 KB)
 1.30 pm

Rumbalara Aboriginal Co-operative
Dean Walton, Executive Manager, Aged Care Services

pdfTranscript(PDF 21.73 KB)
 2.00 pm

Comments from the floor



Wednesday 12 August 2015

Reception Room, Bendigo Town Hall, Hargreaves Street, Bendigo.  


 Witness  Transcripts
 11.30 am

Bendigo Health
Dr Jason Fletcher, Bendigo Health Staff Intensivist, Advance Care Planning Clinical Lead

 pdfTranscript(PDF 35.2 KB)
12.00 noon 

Bendigo Health
Dr Jason Fletcher, Bendigo Health Staff Intensivist, Advance Care Planning Clinical Lead
Assoc. Prof. Marc Budge, Medical Director, Clinical rehabilitation and Geriatric Medicine

pdfTranscript(PDF 44.25 KB)

pdf Presentation(PDF 61.6 KB)

12.30 pm

Bendigo Community Palliative Care Service – Bendigo Health
Elizabeth Loughnan, Acting Manager, Loddon Mallee Regional Palliative Care Consultancy Service

 pdfTranscript(PDF 29.58 KB)
1.00 pm Swan Hill District Health

Catherine Kemp, Palliative Care Co-ordinator, Palliative Care

 pdfTranscript(PDF 30.97 KB)
2.00 pm

Strath-Haven Aged Care
Melissa Weaver, Care Manager
Marlene Connaughton, Manager Integrated Services

pdf Transcript(PDF 48.03 KB)
2.30 pm

Murray Primary Health Network
Dr Ewa Piejko, Medical Advisor, General Practitioner

 pdfTranscript(PDF 43.76 KB)
3.00 pm

La Trobe University, La Trobe Rural Health School, College of Science, Health and Engineering
Teresa Iacono, Professor of Rural and Regional Allied Health, and Researcher, Living with Disability Research Centre

 pdfTranscript(PDF 37.85 KB)
3.30 pm

Private capacity
Geoffrey Hookey
Diana Hookey

pdf Transcript(PDF 21.07 KB)
4.00 pm

Comments from the Floor
Cr Helen Leach
Andrew Huntley
John Carty

 pdfCr Helen Leach(PDF 12.6 KB)

pdfJohn Carty(PDF 9.85 KB)


Wednesday 5 August 2015 

Knight Kerr Room, Parliament House

 Time  Witness  Transcripts
7.00 pm

Austin Health
Associate Professor Daryl Jones 
Consultant Intensive Care Specialist
Medical Director, Critical Care Outreach

Monash University
Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, Department of Epidemiology and Preventative Medicine

University of Melbourne
Adjunct Associate Professor

Respecting Patient Choices Program, Austin Health
Dr Karen Detering
Respiratory Physician
Clinical Ethicist

pdfTranscript(PDF 173.03 KB) 

pdfPresentation(PDF 2.18 MB)

pdfPresentation(PDF 1.07 MB)


Wednesday 29 July 2015 - Regional Hearing

Geelong - McKellar Centre, Training Rooms 3 & 4
45-95 Ballarat Road, North Geelong
pdf29 JUL 2015 - Public Hearing Programme(PDF 375.69 KB)

Time Organisation Transcripts 

10.15 am

Barwon Health
Dr Peter Martin, Regional Director, Palliative Care
Dr Alistair Mah, Chief Medical Officer, Chief of Barwon Health End of Life Care Steering Committee
Jo Bourke, Director of Safety and Quality
Robyn Hayles, Chief Operating Officer of Community Health, Rehabilitation, Palliative and Aged Care

 pdfTranscript(PDF 51.25 KB)

pdfPresentation(PDF 71 KB)

10.45 am

Barwon Health
Jill Mann, Respecting Patient Choices Program Coordinator

 pdfTranscript(PDF 34.2 KB)

11.15 am

Barwon Health - Palliative Care Unit
Mark Arnold, Inpatient Rehabilitation Centre Nurse Manager
Christopher McCormick, Nurse Unit Manager

 pdfTranscript(PDF 33.3 KB)

pdfPresentation(PDF 140.11 KB)

11.45 am

Barwon Health - Intensive Care Unit
Dr Neil Orford, Medical Director

 pdfTranscript(PDF 37.28 KB)
12.45 am

Barwon Health
Jacqui White, Community Palliative Care Coordinator

Multicultural Aged Care Services Geelong
Joy Leggo, CEO
Lynn McCarter, Manager, Complete Care
Karen Bauer, Manager, Community Program

Geelong Hospice Foundation
Sue White, Chairperson

 pdfTranscript(PDF 56 KB)

pdfPresentation(PDF 194.02 KB)

1.30 pm

Western Victoria Primary Health Network
Jason Trethowan, Chief Executive Officer
Dr Ric Milner, General Practitioner, You Yang

 pdfTranscript(PDF 58.95 KB)
2.15 pm

Barwon South Western Region Palliative Care Consortium
Julie Jones, Chair
Dr Peter Martin, Regional Director
Karlie Keck, Coordinator Community Nursing and Support Program, Bellarine Palliative Care Services
Jane Robertson, Community Nurse Manager, Colac Palliative Care Services

 pdfTranscript(PDF 56.53 KB)

pdfPresentation(PDF 140.11 KB)

3.00 pm

Comments from the floor

 pdfHelen Hunter(PDF 13.06 KB)

pdfHelen Newell(PDF 11.52 KB)


Thursday 30 July 2015 - Regional Hearing

Warrnambool - Lady Bay Resort, Conference Area 1 and 2
2 Pertobe Road, Warrnambool

pdf30 JUL 2015 - Public Hearing Programme373.00 KB

Time Witness Transcripts

9.00 am

South West Healthcare
Andrea Janes, Project Worker Improving Care for Older Persons Initiative; Registered nurse 
John Quinlivan, Nurse Unit Manager Medical/Palliative Care Inpatient Unit 
Dr Emma Greenwood, Medical Director, Palliative Care
Sue Marsh, Paediatric Unit Manager

 pdfTranscript(PDF 115.1 KB)

 pdfPresentation(PDF 495.64 KB)

10.30 am

Warrnambool and District Community Hospice
Deidre Bidmade, Vice-President
Damian Goss, Board Member
Tam Vistarina, Hospice in the Home Manager

 pdfTranscript(PDF 58.57 KB)
11.15 am

Portland District Health Service 
Fiona Heenan, Director of Primary and Community Health
Jeanette Beauglehole, Community Palliative Care Volunteer
Lyn Smith, Community Palliative Care Volunteer

 pdfTranscript(PDF 40.47 KB)

 pdfPresentation(PDF 650.56 KB)

12.30 pm

Deakin University 
Associate Professor Tim Baker, Director of the Centre for Rural Emergency Medicine

 pdfTranscript(PDF 38.53 KB)
1.00 pm

Western District Health Service, Hamilton
Usha Naidoo, Manager, Care Co-ordination
Jacquie Page, Palliative Care Consultant
Judy Sommerville, Community Palliative Care Volunteer

 pdfTranscript(PDF 55.18 KB)
 1.45 pm

Comments from the floor


Thursday 23 July 2015

Legislative Council Committee Room, Parliament House
pdf23 JUL 2015 Public Hearing Programme (PDF 382.15 KB)

Time Organisation Transcripts 
9.30 am

Faculty of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences, Monash University
Professor Paul Komesaroff

Centre for Ethics in Medicine & Society

 pdfTranscript(PDF 74.43 KB)
10.30 am

Professor Hal Swerissen, College of Science, Health and Engineering

Grattan Institute
Fellow, Health Program

pdfTranscript(PDF 76.51 KB)
11.30 am

Faculty of Law, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, University of Melbourne
Professor Loane Skene
Director of Studies, Health and Medical Law

pdfTranscript(PDF 57.59 KB)
1.00 pm

Department of Health & Human Services, Victoria
Frances Diver, Deputy Secretary, Health Service Performance and Program
Jackie Kearney, Manager Continuing Care, Health Service Programs
Pauline Ireland, Director, Health Review and Regulation

pdfTranscript(PDF 119.17 KB)
2.30 pm

Palliative Care, Alfred Hospital
Dr Michelle Gold, Director

 pdfTranscript(PDF 55.21 KB)
3.30 pm

International Society of Advance Care Planning & End of Life Care
Associate Professor William Silvester, President

pdfTranscript(PDF 76.61 KB)


Transcripts of Evidence

Corrected transcripts of these hearings will also be published here when finalised by the Committee.