Inquiry into Services for People with Autism Spectrum Disorder


The final report was tabled in Parliament on 22 June 2017. The report is available for download in pdfPDF format(PDF 5.05 MB). The report is also available for download in docxWord format(PDF 2.72 MB).


Government Response

The Government response to this report was tabled in Parliament on 14 December 2017.

pdfGovernment Response(PDF 140.23 KB)


Media Releases

pdf22 JUN 2017 Better autism services and more inclusion recommended506.33 KB

pdf28 FEB 2017 Final hearing for autism services inquiry

pdf08 FEB 2017 Swan Hill hearing for autism services inquiry

pdf01 DEC 2016 Morwell hearing for autism services inquiry465.64 KB

pdf18 NOV 2016 Education focus for autism services hearing469.86 KB

pdf10 NOV 2016 Shepparton hearing for autism services inquiry(PDF 463.08 KB)

pdf03 NOV 2016 Health Department at next hearing on autism services(PDF 461.03 KB)

pdf14 OCT 2016 Bendigo hearing for autism services inquiry(PDF 321.92 KB)

pdf06 OCT 2016 Autism services inquiry hears from people living with autism(PDF 324.49 KB)

pdf14 SEP 2016 Geelong hearing for autism services inquiry(PDF 325.43 KB)

pdf08 SEP 2016 Support groups at next hearing on autism services(PDF 324.73 KB)

pdf25 AUG 2016 Hearings begin on autism services inquiry(PDF 325.04 KB)

pdf09 DEC 2015 Community views sought on services for autism spectrum disorder(PDF 326.13 KB)

Hearings and Transcripts

Transcripts of Evidence


Monday 6 March 2017
Meeting Room G7, 55 St Andrew Place, East Melbourne

Time Witness Transcript
9:30am Occupational Therapy Australia
Ms Kim Mestroni, Victorian Division Manager, Occupational Therapy Australia
Ms Lisa Vale, Paediatric Occupational Therapist and Clinical Services Manager, Splash Occupational Therapy
Ms Johanna Rouse, Occupational Therapist and Autism Spectrum Disorders Coordinator, Orygen Youth Health
pdfTranscript(PDF 172.54 KB)
10:15am Deakin University Child Centre
Professor Nicole Rinehart
Associate Professor David Austin
Mr Logan Whittaker, Inclusion (All Abilities) Manager, AFL
pdfTranscript(PDF 154.46 KB)
11:00am Mr Shane Pendergast pdfTranscript(PDF 111.07 KB)
11:30am The Brainary
Mr Hugh Kingsley, Educationalist
Mr Sam Kinglsey, NAO Robot Operator
NAO, Robot
pdfTranscript(PDF 136.49 KB)
12:15pm Monash University Centre for Developmental Psychiatry and Psyschology
Emeritus Professor Bruce Tonge
Dr Avril Brereton
pdfTranscript(PDF 198.97 KB)


Tuesday 14 February 2017
Meeting Room 2, Swan Hill Town Hall Performing Arts and Conference Centre, 53-57 McCallum Street, Swan Hill

Time Witness Transcript
9:00am Swan Hill District Health Service
Ms Leonie Baker, Chief Speech Pathologist
Ms Marisa Barbarioli, Acting Chief Occupational Therapist
pdfTranscript(PDF 133.23 KB)
9:30am Ms Rachel Blandthorn pdfTranscript(PDF 113.40 KB)
9:45am Mr Brenten Hogan
Ms Janelle Hogan
pdfTranscript(PDF 104.73 KB)
10:00am Ms Jane McLean pdfTranscript(PDF 95.73 KB)
10:15am Ms Amanda Neil
Mr Daryl Neil
pdfTranscript(PDF 98.42 KB)
10:30am Ms Ann Mafi pdfTranscript(PDF 100.29 KB)
11:00am Murray Human Services - Echuca
Mr Scott Alexander, CEO
Ms Nicole Doolan, Services Manager
pdfTranscript(PDF 125.87 KB)
11:30am Creating Connections Australia
Ms Sherri Cincotta, Director and Program Facilitator
Ms Elissa Plumridge, Director and Program Facilitator
pdfTranscript(PDF 125.72 KB)
12:00pm Echuca Regional Health and Kyabram District Health Services
Mrs Leah Williams, Occupational Therapist, Echuca Regional Health
Ms Denise Liddell, Manager of Campaspe Early Childhood Intervention Service, Kyabram District Health Services
pdfTranscript(PDF 114.32 KB)
12:30pm Swan Hill Specialist School
Mr Graeme Scoberg, former principal
pdfTranscript(PDF 118.83 KB)
  Mr Scott Morrison pdfTranscript(PDF 79.19 KB)


Monday 5 December 2016
Kernot Hall, Princes Drive and Monash Way, Morwell

Time Witness Transcript
9:30am Latrobe Community Health Service

Ms Denise Bromiley, Manager Disability and Carer Program

pdfTranscript(PDF 120.74 KB)
10:00am Interchange Gippsland

Mr Shilo Wilson, Manager Respite and Support

pdfTranscript(PDF 120.79 KB)
10:30am South Gippsland Autism Action Group

Ms Tona O’Connor
Ms Michelle Hackett
Ms Natalie Owens

pdfTranscript(PDF 147.22 KB)
11:15am Ms Carmel Murphy pdfTranscript(PDF 114.01 KB)
11:45am Gippsland Lakes Community Health

Ms Angela Ellis, Executive Manager Community Health Services
Ms Lyn Nicol, Speech Pathologist

pdfTranscript(PDF 129.92 KB)


Monday 21 November 2016
Meeting Room G7, 55 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne

Time Witness Transcripts
9:30am Autism Teaching Institute
Ms Mary Thomson, Principal, Western Autistic School, and CEO, Autism Teaching Institute
pdfTranscript(PDF 132.96 KB)
10:15am Extended Families Australia
Ms Julie Langdon, CEO
Ms Nga Do, Family and Volunteer Match and Program Coordinator
pdfTranscript(PDF 156.83 KB)
11:00am Ms Sheryl O'Connor
Ms Katherine Barling
Not available
11:30am ACSO
Mr Stan Pappos, Senior Manager, High Risk and Support Services
pdfTranscript(PDF 112.45 KB)
1:00pm Ms Lisa Carr pdfTranscript(PDF 134.89 KB)
2:00pm Ms Loretta and Mr Rob Krelle Not available
2:45pm Karen Burgess pdfTranscript559.97 KB
3:05pm Baltara Special School
Ms Nancy Sidoti, Principal
pdfTranscript(PDF 114.81 KB)


 Tuesday 15 November 2016
Best Western Plus The Carrington Function Room, 505 Wyndham St, Shepparton

Time Witness Transcripts

Mr David Tennant, CEO
Ms Karen Goodger, Practice Manager, Disability Support Services

pdfTranscript(PDF 137.09 KB)
9:30am Mr Ben Snow pdfTranscript(PDF 126.87 KB)
10:00am Ms Meaghan O'Brien
Ms Michaela O'Brien
pdfTranscript(PDF 104.08 KB)
10:45am Ms Sally Smith pdfTranscript(PDF 121.40 KB)
11:15am Ms De'arne Treacy
Ms Trudy Gribben
pdfTranscript(PDF 124.70 KB)
11:45am Ms Carole Trotter pdfTranscript(PDF 115.22 KB)


Monday 7 November 2016
Meeting Room G7, 55 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne

Time Witness Transcripts
3:00pm Department of Health and Human Services
Ms Amanda Cattermole, Deputy Secretary, Community Services Programs and Design Division
Mr James MacIsaac, Acting NDIS Project Director
Dr Neil Coventry, Chief Psychiatrist
pdfTranscript(PDF 199.49 KB)
4:00pm Kalianna School
Mr Peter Bush, Principal
Ms Britt Holmberg, Autism Connect and Inclusion Coordinator
pdfTranscript(PDF 157.88 KB)


Monday 17 October 2016
Reception Room, Bendigo Town Hall, Hargreaves St, Bendigo

Time Witness Transcripts
  Distinctive Options
Mr Murray Dawson-Smith, CEO
pdfTranscript(PDF 141.09 KB)
  Ms Susanna Flanagan
Mr Martin Flanagan
pdfTranscript(PDF 140.75 KB)
  Bendigo Autistic Advocacy and Support Service
Ms Rebecca Kelly
Ms Susanna Flanagan
pdfTranscript(PDF 169.52 KB)
  Ms Chloe Fitton pdfTranscript(PDF 142.26 KB)
  Macedon Ranges Autism Network
Ms Shantelle Grant
pdfTranscript(PDF 110.33 KB)


Monday 10 October 2016
Meeting Room G7, 55 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne

Time Witness Transcripts
10:30am ABA Parent Support Network
Ms Sarah Wilson, Convenor
pdfTranscript(PDF 135.55 KB)
11:00am Specialisterne Australia
Mr John Craven, Chair
Mr Jason White, Employment Services Manager
pdfTranscript(PDF 157.71 KB)
11:30am Dr Anna Middleton pdfTranscript(PDF 117.51 KB)
12:45pm Ms Susan Rees pdfTranscript(PDF 128.86 KB)
1:15pm Mr Steve Ager pdfTranscript(PDF 120.86 KB)
1:45pm Mr Dom Williams
Mr Stephen Williams
pdfTranscript(PDF 110.42 KB)
2:30pm Ms Karen Burgess pdfTranscript449.79 KB
3:15pm Department of Education and Training
Ms Katy Haire, Deputy Secretary
pdfTranscript(PDF 186.80 KB)


Monday 19 September 2016
City of Greater Geelong City Hall, 57 Little Malop Street, Geelong

Time Witness Transcripts
  National Disability Insurance Agency
Ms Louise Glanville, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Stakeholder Relations and Organisational Capability
Ms Chris Faulkner, Regional Manager, Victoria West
Mr Peter De Natris, Strategic Adviser
pdfTranscript(PDF 157.46 KB)
  City of Greater Geelong
Mr Geoff Barber, Acting Coordinator, Care Services, Aged and Disability
pdfTranscript(PDF 120.71 KB)
  Ms Jules Haddock pdfTranscript(PDF 126.38 KB)
Ms Lisa Hamling, Facilitator
Ms Michelle Anderson, Facilitator, Pink Musketeers,
pdfTranscript(PDF 132.67 KB)
  Mr Stephen Williams pdfTranscript(PDF 82.45 KB)
  Mr Gordon Portway pdfTranscript(PDF 87.45 KB)
  Ms Leah Thomson pdfTranscript(PDF 84.48 KB)
  Ms Sarah Hayden pdfTranscript(PDF 100.67 KB)
  Ms Deirdre Wirth pdfTranscript(PDF 89.2 KB)
  Ms Nicole Stephenson pdfTranscript(PDF 87 KB)
  Ms Stacey Smith pdfTranscript(PDF 105.42 KB)


Monday 12 September 2016
Meeting Room G7, 55 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne

Time Witness Transcripts
9:15am Asperger's Victoria
Ms Tamsin Jowett, President
Ms Bronwyn Carter, Volunteer Consultant to the Board
pdfTranscript(PDF 149.67 KB)
10:00am Ms Cathy Talia-Parker
Mr Liam Parker
pdfTranscript(PDF 114.22 KB)

Autism Family Support Association
Ms Catrina Mulderry, President
Mr Michael Tucker, Vice President
Ms Tracey Hayes, Committee Member
Mr Phil Lipshut, Committee Member

pdfTranscript(PDF 159.9 KB)
11:15am ICAN Network
Mr Chris Varney, Chief Enabling Officer & Founder
Ms Gabrielle Breheny, Chair
Mr Will Rosewarne, Stakeholders Director
Ms Jenna Gephart, Marymede Catholic College
Mr Bryce Pace, Brauer College
pdfTranscript(PDF 169.6 KB)
12:45pm Speech Pathology Australia
Ms Christine Lyons, Acting CEO
Ms Robyn Stephen, Acting President
pdfTranscript(PDF 145.52 KB) 
1:30pm Autism Behavioural Intervention Association (ABIA)
Ms Susan Pavey, General Manager
Dr Amanda Sampson 
pdfTranscript(PDF 143.07 KB)
2:15pm Ms Rosemary Doherty
Mr Chris Doherty
pdfTranscript(PDF 127.09 KB)
3:00pm Ms Florence McIver
Mr Mike McIver
pdfTranscript(PDF 110.6 KB)
3:30pm Mr Ryan Kennedy pdfTranscript(PDF 113.53 KB)
4:00pm Mr Christopher Reid pdfTranscript(PDF 106.63 KB)


Monday 29 August 2016
Meeting Room G7, 55 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne

Time Witness Transcripts

Ms Fiona Sharkie, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Braedan Hogan, Policy and Advocacy Manager

pdfTranscript(PDF 179.99 KB)

Mindful - Centre for Training and Research in Developmental Health
Dr Sandra Radovini, Director, Mindful - Centre for Training and Research in Developmental Health, Department of Psychiatry, The University of Melbourne
Ms Frances Saunders, Statewide Autism Spectrum Disorder Coordinator
Ms Liz Morkham, Autism Spectrum Disorder Coordinator, Austin Child and Mental Health Service

pdfTranscript(PDF 166.72 KB)
10:45am Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre, La Trobe University
Professor Cheryl Dissanayake, Founder and Director
pdfTranscript(PDF 133.57 KB)
11:30am Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne
Associate Professor Jill Sewell, Deputy Director, Centre for Community Child Health
Ms Charmaine Bernie, Senior Occupational Therapist
pdfTranscript(PDF 122.65 KB)
1:00pm Ms Narelle McCaffrey pdfTranscript(PDF 107.58 KB)
1:30pm Mr James Tucker pdfTranscript(PDF 114.58 KB)
2:00pm Ms Susan Pearce pdfTranscript(PDF 118.51 KB)
2:45pm Ms Dianna Lane pdfTranscript(PDF 117.32 KB)
3:15pm Yellow Ladybugs
Ms Katie Koullas, Founder
pdfTranscript(PDF 126.82 KB)