Inquiry into Fuel Drive Offs

Government Response

The Government response to this report was tabled in Parliament on 13 October 2016.

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Terms of Reference

Received from the Legislative Assembly on 5 May 2015:

To the Law Reform, Road and Community Safety Committee — for inquiry, consideration and report no later than 7 December 2015 on fuel ‘drive offs’, (that is, cases in which a person fills a vehicle with fuel at a petrol station and drives off without paying for the fuel) and, in particular, the inquiry will include, but not be limited to:

  1. a review of fuel drive offs in Victoria and other Australian and overseas jurisdictions to understand the extent and nature of the problem, and its cost to industry and the community;
  2. consideration of best practice approaches to preventing fuel drive offs in Australia and overseas, including educational and technological measures;
  3. examination of ‘loss prevention’ measures in other industry sectors in Victoria, and other jurisdictions, that may be relevant and capable of being adopted in relation to fuel drive offs;
  4. current civil and criminal remedies available to address fuel drive offs and theft, and the efficacy of those remedies;
  5. possible linkages between fuel drive offs and crime, such as number plate theft and vehicle theft;
  6. analysis of regulatory, technological or other interventions that could be adopted by industry (including peak bodies), in concert with Victorian government agencies, to support the availability and application of civil remedies to respond to fuel drive offs; and
  7. examine the feasibility of introducing co-regulatory approaches to enforcement, including use of technology such as CCTV, or practices such as pre-payment and pre-registration and implications of such approaches for privacy.


pdfTerms of Reference - Inquiry into Fuel Drive Offs(PDF 160.51 KB)

* Reporting date subsequently amended on 24 November 2015 from 7 December 2015 to 31 March 2016.