Inquiry into Portability of Long Service Leave Entitlements

Government Response

The Government response to this report was tabled in Parliament on 23 November 2016.

pdfGovernment Reponse(PDF 466.39 KB)

Terms of Reference

Received from the Legislative Assembly on 5 May 2015:

To the Economic, Education, Jobs and Skills Committee — for inquiry, consideration and report no later than 1 May 2016 on employer schemes that provide portability of long service leave entitlements for Victorian workers and —

  1. in particular, the Committee is requested to investigate employer schemes that provide portability of long service leave entitlements for workers as they move between jobs in the same or similar industry, including:
    1. the objectives of portable long service leave schemes;
    2. which sectors, industries or occupations may benefit from such schemes;
    3. the rationale for any difference in treatment between sectors or groups of employees;
    4. funding arrangements applying to existing portable long service leave schemes;
    5. governance, compliance and enforcement arrangements applying to existing portable long service leave schemes;
    6. the key components that should apply to any portable long service leave scheme for the community services sector including coverage, eligibility for and the calculation of long service leave benefits;
    7. whether alternative mechanisms or arrangements could better meet the objectives of a portable long service leave scheme for sectors of the workforce including the community services sector;
    8. the capacity to operate such schemes within or across jurisdictions, including recognition of service;
    9. the appropriate role for Government in facilitating portable long service leave schemes; and
    10. relevant implementation issues and options;

  2. in making its recommendations the Committee should have regard to:
    1. constitutional or other legal issues or impediments arising from interaction with the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth), agreements and awards operating under the fair work scheme;
    2. the distinction between schemes for portability of long service leave entitlements and legal structures underpinning other leave entitlements;
    3. the financial impacts or benefits of portable long service leave entitlements on employers, employees and taxpayers; and
    4. the economic impact on Victorian jobs, employment and investment and whether such schemes may disproportionately affect urban or regional areas.

 pdfTerms of Reference - Inquiry into Portability of Long Service Leave Entitlements


Submissions closed on 7 August 2015.

If you would like to make a late submission, please contact the Committee Secretariat.

List of submissions

Submissions will be published here as they are processed by the Committee. The following submissions have been accepted by the Committee:

  1. pdfThe McKell Institute(PDF 3.22 MB) 
    1. pdfAttachment A(PDF 918.13 KB)
  2. pdfMs Anne Archer(PDF 940.75 KB)
  3. pdfAustralian Nursing & Midwifery Federation (Victorian Branch)(PDF 894.3 KB) 
    1. pdfAttachment A(PDF 1.61 MB)
    2. pdfAttachment B(PDF 1.27 MB)
  4. pdfVictorian Employers' Chamber of Commerce and Industry(PDF 1.02 MB)
  5. pdfAged & Community Services Australia (Victoria)(PDF 919.11 KB)
  6. pdfTimber Merchants Association (Victoria)(PDF 772.27 KB)
  7. pdfCoINVEST Limited(PDF 2.75 MB)
    1. pdfSupplementary Submission(PDF 254.27 KB)
  8. pdfVictorian Transport Association(PDF 1.67 MB)
  9. pdfConstruction, Forestry, Mining & Energy Union, Construction & General Division - Victorian/Tasmanian Branch(PDF 1.06 MB)
  10. pdfARB Corporation Ltd(PDF 1.17 MB)
  11. pdfAustralian Services Union(PDF 1.12 MB) 
    1. pdfAttachment A Victorian and Tasmanian Authorities and Services Branch(PDF 952.82 KB)
    2. pdfAttachment B Victorian Private Sector Branch(PDF 661.12 KB)
  12. pdfMr Geoffrey Barker(PDF 857.91 KB)
  13. pdfAssociation of Neighbourhood Houses and Learning Centres(PDF 1.02 MB) 
    1. pdfAttachment A(PDF 4.64 MB)
  14. pdfMr Andrew Fox-Lane(PDF 1000.89 KB)
  15. pdfCommunity Information & Support Victoria(PDF 1.05 MB)
  16. pdfAustralian Education Union, Victorian Branch(PDF 1.34 MB)
  17. pdfNational Retail Association Ltd and Hardware Federation of Australia Incorporated(PDF 1.56 MB)
  18. pdfAustralian Security Industry Association Limited(PDF 1.13 MB)
  19. pdfProfessor Raymond Markey, Dr Joseph McIvor and Professor Louise Thornthwaite, Centre for Workforce Futures, Macquarie University(PDF 2.66 MB)
  20. pdfAmbulance Employees Australia Victoria(PDF 4.62 MB)
  21. pdfMeerkin & Apel(PDF 1.22 MB)
  22. pdfMessers Thomas Alomes, David Cragg, Jackson Hitchcock, Sunil Kemppi, Sam Popovski and Mike Symon(PDF 1.02 MB)
  23. pdfVictorian Trades Hall Council (PDF 1.41 MB) 
    1. pdfAttachment A(PDF 5.09 MB)
  24. pdfCentre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare Incorporated(PDF 1.08 MB)
  25. pdfAustralian Hotels Association (Victoria) (PDF 1.22 MB)
  26. pdfAustralian Industry Group(PDF 3.06 MB)
    1. pdfSupplementary submission(PDF 430.84 KB)
  27. pdfWomen's Health West(PDF 1.14 MB)
  28. pdfEthnic Communities' Council of Victoria Incorporated(PDF 1.21 MB)
  29. pdfVictorian Alcohol & Drug Association(PDF 1.11 MB)
  30. pdfHealth and Community Services Union (Victoria)(PDF 1.29 MB)
  31. pdfNational Disability Services(PDF 993.93 KB)
  32. pdfMedia, Entertainment & Arts Alliance(PDF 1.04 MB)
  33. pdfAustralian Public Transport Industrial Association(PDF 1.13 MB)
  34. pdfMr Barry Farmer, Managing Director, Visium Networks(PDF 1.35 MB)
  35. pdfVictorian Farmers Federation(PDF 1.18 MB)
  36. pdfVictorian Council of Social Service(PDF 1.36 MB)
  37. pdfAir Conditioning and Mechanical Contractors' Association(PDF 907.02 KB)
  38. pdfAustralian Council of Trade Unions (PDF 1.13 MB) 
    1. pdfAttachment A(PDF 2.94 MB)
  39. pdfMaster Grocers Australia(PDF 1.29 MB)
  40. pdfUnited Voice, Victoria(PDF 2.63 MB)
  41. pdfJobWatch Incorporated(PDF 1.72 MB)
    1. pdfSupplementary submission(PDF 163.29 KB)
  42. pdfAustralian Chamber of Commerce and Industry(PDF 1.43 MB)
  43. pdfVictorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce(PDF 1.26 MB)
  44. pdfACEVic(PDF 947.04 KB)
  45. pdfHousing Industry Association(PDF 1.19 MB)
  46. pdfRecruitment & Consulting Services Association Australia and New Zealand(PDF 1.13 MB)
  47. Confidential
  48. pdfTextile Clothing and Footwear Union of Australia(PDF 696.32 KB)
  49. pdfCommunity and Public Sector Union, SPSF Victorian Branch(PDF 1.33 MB)
  50. pdfAustralian Mines and Metal Association(PDF 1.66 MB)
  51. pdfUnited Firefighters Union, Victorian Branch(PDF 1010.95 KB)
  52. pdfHealth Workers Union - Victoria(PDF 989.63 KB)
  53. pdfAssociate Professor Steve Kates(PDF 90.84 KB)
    1. pdfSupplementary submission(PDF 134.02 KB)